75+ Pitbull Names You’ll Love

Finding Pitbull names can seem daunting. With so many ideas out there, where do you begin? 

Don’t stress. We’ve found plenty of ideas perfect for your adorable Pit. 

One interesting fact I found out while researching names: Pitbull is technically a type of dog, not a breed. Included in this category are the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The Pitbull was originally developed in the 1800s by breeding a bull-baiting dog and a Terrier. By combining the strength of a Bull Dog and the agility of the Terrier, the result was a tough, powerful and energetic animal used for bull-baiting and bear-baiting and then later for dog fighting. Luckily, these activities were soon outlawed.

Today the Pitbull is a common household pet, as I’m sure you know since you’re looking up Pitbull names. To help in your search, we’ve rounded up names that range from tough to cute to funny, and everything in between.

Pitbull Names

Strong Male Pitbull Names

There’s no denying that the Pitbull is a strong and powerful type of dog. I’ve seen many Pitbulls at the dog park and am continually impressed by their athleticism and strength.

Many people like to draw inspiration from this for Pitbull names, and if you fall into this category, you’ll love these ideas.

  • Ares – The Greek god of war, Ares embodied physical valor, which sounds a lot like a Pitbull.
  • Blade – This name is a both feisty and cool.
  • Blitz – Another strong name, Blitz is athletic, tenacious and perfect for a Pitbull.
  • Bruiser – If your Pitbull is really rough and tumble, the name Bruiser just might be fitting.
  • Bruno – Strong and masculine, Bruno is another great choice when it comes to Pitbull names.
  • Butch – Butch is a tough and old school name with just the right amount of charm.
  • Diesel – This revved up name certainly works for a Pitbull.
  • Dozer – A tough machinery name, or for a pup who just plows through everything!
  • Gage – A combination of trendy and tough, Gage is another great name option.
  • Hercules – In Greek mythology, Hercules is the son of god Zeus and a mortal woman, and as a result, he possesses superhuman strength. We love this name for a Pitbull.
  • Mack – As in Mack Truck, that strong, rugged vehicle.

Fun fact: My husband Kyle and I originally wanted to name our dog Mac, a name inspired by our love of Apple computers, but we didn’t realize just how tough it sounded until we said it out loud a few times.

Our new puppy was the beta of the pack and very sensitive, so that name just wasn’t a good fit. We went with Toby instead.

  • Maverick – The definition of Maverick is “a person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive, policies or ideas.” How perfect is that for an independent, spirited Pitbull?
  • Nitro – Short for nitroglycerin, the explosive yellow liquid used in dynamite and other dangerous things, Nitro is a cool, unique idea for Pitbull names.
  • Odin – In Germanic mythology, Odin is a widely revered god.
  • Rex  Rex just sounds like a strong dog name. Maybe it’s the connotation with dinosaurs and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Whatever it is, this is a favorite on our list of Pitbull names.
  • Rocky – A great tough pitbull name, like the classic boxing movie
  • Sampson – In the Bible, Sampson is a man of extraordinary strength.
  • Spike – Cute and charming, Spike is an adorable name for a Pitbull.
  • Sumo – As in sumo wrestler. How fun is that?
  • Tank – This name is especially perfect for a Pitbull with a super stocky build.
  • Thor – In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning and other kick-butt things.
  • Zeus – Last but certainly not least for tough male Pitbull names is Zeus, the ruling god of Mount Olympus in Greek mythology.

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Pit Bull Names

Strong Female Pitbull Names

Just because you have a female Pitbull doesn’t mean you can’t go with a strong name. These names are powerful and impactful but with a feminine touch.

  • Athena – As the goddess of wisdom and war, Athena was one of the strongest female characters in Greek mythology, which makes this a perfect name for a female Pitbull.
  • Attila – As in Attila the Hun, the tough tribal leader in the 400s. Although Attila was a male, we like this name for a girl pup.
  • Brawny – Pitbulls have a brawny build, which is why this name is so fitting.
  • Hera – In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera is one tough cookie.
  • Jezebel – The queen of Israel in the 9th century B.C., Jezebel was quite a character.
  • Kahuna – In Hawaii, the Kahuna is the person in charge. If you have a female Pitbull with a bit of sass and bossiness, this might be the perfect name for you.
  • Nova – A Nova is a momentous astronomical event that causes the appearance of a bright new star. It also makes a strong, beautiful choice for female Pitbull names.
  • Nyx – In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of night and possesses exceptional power. We’ve met a number of dogs at the dog park with this name and think it’s both tough and on trend.
  • Rogue – Rogue is defined as “a playfully mischievous person with an unpredictable nature.” If that sounds like your dog, you just might want to consider this name.
  • Scrappy – We love this cute and cuddly name for a rugged female furball.
  • Sheba – As in the Queen of Sheba.
  • Queenie – Speaking of the term queen, if your dog is the diva of the house, why not call her Queenie?
  • Vega – Vega is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra. If your dog has a certain sparkle to her, Vega is a strong, gorgeous name.
  • Vixen – We’ll wrap up our list of strong female Pitbull names with Vixen, which has a number of definitions including “a female fox,” “an ill-tempered or quarrelsome woman,” and “a woman considered to be attractive.”

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Sweet and Classic Pitbull Names

Pitbull names certainly don’t have to be tough. Cute and classic names work equally well for these charming canines. After all, Pitbulls make sweet, loyal pets who stay by your side and provide lots of love.

  • Bear – The name Bear has been topping the charts for boy dog names, and with good reason. It’s cute and charming.
  • Buddy – Buddy is another popular dog name these days, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.
  • Chance – A great sounding classic name for a Pit.
  • Gracie – So soft and sweet, Gracie is a lovely name for a female Pitbull.
  • Lucky – A complete classic, Lucky is still a go-to-name for new pup parents.
  • Maisy – Our good friend has a dog named Maisy, and it couldn’t be cuter.
  • Minnie – How darling and adorable is this name?
  • Olive/Oliver – These names are hot right now – Olive for a girl and Oliver for a boy – and the best part is they have a classic, nostalgic ring to them.
  • Rascal – A cute name for a pup that always finds trouble.
  • Scout – Scout is a classic and cool dog name you can’t pass up.
  • Spot – If your dog has spots on their coat, this is an exceptionally cute idea for Pitbull names.
  • Teddy – We love the name Teddy. It’s so cute and cuddly.
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Funny Pitbull Names

Anyone with a sense of humor will love these fun Pitbull names. Laughter is the best medicine, and these humorous names provide a heavy dose.

  • Baby – How funny is the name Baby for a strong, rugged Pitbull?
  • Biscuit – Likewise, the name Biscuit is a bit ironic for a tough and tumble dog.
  • Chomp – Great name for a dog that eats everything.
  • Cujo – Pitbulls have a certain stigma to them, although not completely deserved, so you could play on the perception with the name Cujo, the crazed dog from the Stephen King novel.
  • Cupid – This cute, romantic name is flat-out adorable.
  • Fabio – Remember that long-haired, muscled man on the cover of romance novels? The one who “can’t believe it’s not butter”? This name is flat-out hilarious for a Pitbull pup.
  • Flo – Just the thought of a Pitbull named Flo makes us giggle.
  • Genghis – As in Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol empire and overall badass.
  • Hank – Hank is such a cute, fun name that will bring a smile to many.
  • Peanut – Again, this is another cutie patootie name that can be used ironically for a big, strong Pitbull.
  • Rambo – The name of the iconic Sylvester Stallone character translates well to a Pitbull and makes for a good laugh.
  • Romeo – A fun name for your little lover.
  • Spud – Just picture a Pitbull named Spud and try not to laugh.
  • Tamale – The same goes for Tamale.
  • Tankerbell – There was a female Bulldog in our old neighborhood named Tankerbell, and boy did that name crack us up. The play on the feminine fairy Tinkerbell is too perfect for a squarely built female dog.
  • Xena – As in the warrior princess from the cheesy ’90s show.
  • Yoda – With their round, scrunched-up faces, Pitbulls look a lot like the iconic Star Wars character, don’t you think?
  • Whopper – Pitbulls can be big, brutish-looking dogs, which is why it’d be super funny to name your pup Whopper.
Pit Bull Names

Pitbull Names Inspired by Color

Pitbulls encompass a wide range of colors, including white, brown, black, tan and red. (Check out this awesome Pitbull color chart to see the full gamut.) The color of your dog’s coat can provide cool ideas for Pitbull names that are fitting for their fur.

  • Ebony – A lovely name for a dark-colored Pitty.
  • Fawn – Many Pitbulls have an interesting fawn-colored coat, and this name is downright adorable for those pups.
  • Ghost – A great name for Pitbulls with white fur.
  • Shadow – Pitbull coats can range from light gray to dark black, and this name is perfect for anything on that spectrum.
  • Tawny – A cute name for pups with a tawny-colored fur.
  • Blue – Many Pitbulls have a grayish coat that almost looks blue, and we have to say this makes a great name for those types of pups.
  • Red – On the other side of the color spectrum, Pitbulls can have a red or copper tone.
  • Brindi – Brindle is a crazy cool coloring that starts with a brownish or tawny color and includes streaks of other colors. If your dog has this color of coat, 1. consider yourself lucky, and 2. consider the name Brindi, a fun play on Brindle.
  • Coco – A sweet, cute name for brown-colored pups.
  • Ice – This is a cool name (no pun intended) for Pitbulls with white fur.
  • Ash – A lovely name for a silvery-gray Pit.
  • Jet – If your pup has jet black fur, why not call them Jet?
  • Amber – A beautiful name for a female Pitbull with orange or rust-colored fur.
  • Copper – If you have a male dog with this coloring, the name copper is super cute.

Famous Pitbull Names

  • Bud – Bud is famous for making the first trip across the US from NYC to San Francisco with his owner.
  • Champion – Three-legged pit bull of Andy & April from Parks and Recreation
  • Daddy – Cesar Millan’s right-hand dog
  • Grunt – Pit from the movie Flashdance
  • Jack Brutus – Served for Company K
  • Petey – The pit bull from The Little Rascals
  • Sergeant Stubby – The most decorated dog of World War I
  • Sir Thomas – Helen Keller’s dog

What do you think of these Pitbull names? Do you have any others we should add to the list?

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  1. Darlene

    My girls name is Ruby. I still have an SUV that I had 7 yrs before she came to me. Inside of it matches her, She is a 7 yr old American Bully, totally my Ruby Doo.

  2. Tanya Blackshear

    These are all cute, however, my dearly departed pup had THE best name- Chaos. Especially, because he was anything but and somehow every bit of his name. Man, we loved that dog.

  3. Krystal Johnson

    Aww my daughter and I are getting 2 pits 2 boys are blu and i think red and 2 girls are stormie and skye and boy and girl is blu and skye

  4. Savanna

    I have a amazing pitbull and I think he has the cutest name “Piglet”. Lol We gave him that because when he sleeps he snores and snorts when he is happy.😂

  5. j Frank

    before my 2 week old puppy had a sex change SHE was PITUNIA….then someone pointed out IT’S A BOY….so HE became Buddy-Sue (Johnny Cash’s famous song)

  6. Jada

    I have a white pit named baby gurl
    A reverse brindle named tiggy short for Tigger love
    And a black and white pit named Diva Mae

  7. Tanya Daniel

    I have a blue brindle bully that my husband and I named Sapphire due to the stone being a blue shade. For an extra bonus it is also my husband and my birthstone.

  8. Mindy L Stanley

    I just adopted 2 boxer/pit mixes one is reverse brindle his name is bane the other is brindle but I can’t decide on a name for him!

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