How to Teach a Dog its Name – Awesome Guide for Your New Dog

teach_dog_nameYou’ve just picked out the perfect name for your pooch and can’t wait to start using it. There’s just one problem: the dog doesn’t know it yet. So how do you teach your dog his or her name?

Positive reinforcement is the ticket to dog name recognition. To start, you should be in an environment without distractions so it’s easier for your dog to concentrate, and make sure you have treats on hand.

From there, say your dog’s name clearly and at a distinct volume. When they look at you immediately say “Yes!” and dole out a treat.

Repeat this process continually for a few minutes. Soon your dog will associate the name with a positive experience. Repeat this exercise throughout the day, in various settings. Each time your dog turns to you, get excited. This will indicate their behavior has pleased you. Before you know it, your dog will be responding to their name on a regular basis!

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t use your dog’s name so casually that it becomes background noise. Always make sure you have a reason to say it.

An important note: Situations will arise where getting your dog’s attention is critical, say if they’re wandering into oncoming traffic or starting to eat a hazardous substance. In these moments, you need your dog to recognize their name immediately. And don’t let your dog off the leash before you know they’ll respond to their name and return.

Also, make sure you don’t use a dog name for punishment. If you say his or her name only for reprimand, this will give a negative connotation to the name and cause behavioral issues.

So in summary, remember to continually repeat your dog’s name and always provide positive reinforcement. Your pup will catch on in no time!

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