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Car Names for Dogs – 111 Auto Inspired Ideas!

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car names for dogs - supercar

Cars are a big deal. They’re expensive, they’re beautiful, they have flashy logos, and they’re a symbol of success. So why not use them for inspiration for your dog’s name with one of these car names for dogs?

These name ideas come from race cars, luxury cars, consumer cars, and even car parts. We’ve also pulled some names from the top tracks and racers in NASCAR and F1 racing if you’re into those sports.

Here are some car names for dogs that will give your pup a nice boost in the style department, not to mention some awesome street cred.

Sports & Race Car Names for Dogs

These car names for dogs come from some of the most beautiful and impressive machines out there, sports cars! These cars turn heads everywhere they go, and so can your pup with an awesome name like these.

  • Aston – Aston Martin, British sports car manufacturer, famously James Bond’s car of choice
  • Boxster – Porsche model car
  • Bugatti – European car company know for high-performance race cars
  • Camaro – Chevrolet sports car
  • Delta – Delta Time is the about of time it takes for a pit-stop
  • Digger – dragster style car
  • Drift – racing term for sliding around corners
  • Eleanor – Shelby GT500 from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Enzo – name of the founder of Ferrari and also a car model
  • Lambo – Lamborghini, iconic Italian luxury sports cars
  • Launch – taking off from the line
  • Lotus – British race car brand
  • Marshal – person who signals track conditions
  • Martin – Aston Martin brand
  • Nitro – nitromethane or nitrous oxide to increase speed
  • Pacer – pace car for safety that other cars follow
  • Porsche – iconic race and luxury car brand
  • Ryder – Knight Ryder, classic tv car
  • Scuffs – tires that a partially worn
  • Shelby – American brand founded by former race car driver Carroll Shelby, famous for the Cobra and Mustang
  • Sprint – or sprinter, a single car race against time
  • Vette – classic Corvette sports car
red sports car

NASCAR Dog Names

NASCAR is an American favorite past-time for car lovers to gather and enjoy a race. We’ve pulled our NASCAR dog names from some of the top drivers of all-time and some famous race tracks.

  • Apex – part of a corner nearest the inside of the bend
  • Bobby – Bobby Allison, one of the favorite drivers of all time
  • Bristol – speedway in Bristol Tennessee
  • Bud – Budweiser a major beer sponsor
  • Busch – Kyle Busch, winning driver and beer brand
  • Cale – Cale Yarborough, driver who used to hold record for most consecutive wins
  • Dale – Dale Earnhardt, driver known as the Intimidator
  • Danica – Indy and NASCAR racing female driver
  • Daytona – speedway in Florida
  • Gordon – Jeff Gordon, driver who is one of the richest of all time
  • Indy – Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400
  • Jimmie – Jimmie Johnson, winning driver
  • Junior – Junior Johnson, racer and legendary car owner
  • Red – Red Byron, NASCAR’s first champion
  • Rusty – Rusty Wallace a top driver
  • Talladega – famous racetrack in Alabama
  • Watkins – Watkins Glen race track

Formula 1 Dog Names

Formula 1 dog names show you’ve got a passion for some of the finest tuned machines that racing has to offer. These names are sure to be familiar to any high performance race nut.

  • Fernando – Fernando Alonso, Ferrari world champion driver
  • Hamilton – Lewis Hamilton, one of the top F1 drivers
  • Juan – Juan Manuel Fangio, driver who one five championships in the 50’s
  • Kimi – Kimi Raikkonen, Finish driver
  • Lewis – Lewis Hamilton, driver
  • Mario – Mario Andretti, US / Italian born driver who competed in many forms of racing
  • Max – Max Verstappen, Belgian driver
  • McLaren – one of the top F1 brands
  • Monaco – famous Grand Prix location
  • Nico – Nico Rosberg, German driver
  • Nigel – Nigel Mansell, English driver
  • Niki – Niki Lauda, driver who was nearly killed but returned to race again
  • Prost – Alain Prost, thinking man’s driver
  • Sebastian – Sebastian Vettel, German driver
  • Senna – Ayrton Senna, Brazilian superstar driver
  • Stewart – Sir Jackie Stewart, driver who won 27 of 99 grands prix he raced
dog in luxury car

Luxury Car Names for Dogs

Maybe your dog needs a name that’s a bit more luxurious just like these car brands and models. For a pup who likes the finer things, look no further.

  • Audi – German luxury car manufacturer
  • Bavaria – region where BMW is from
  • Beamer – slang for German manufacturer BMW
  • Bentley – British car manufacture of luxury cars and SUVs
  • Cayenne – SUV designed by Porsche
  • Cayman – Porsche car
  • DeLorean – company famous for wing-like doors, featured in Back to the Future
  • Jaguar – luxury brand based in England
  • Lexus – luxury division of Japanese company Toyota
  • Maserati – Italian luxury manufacturer
  • Maybach – German luxury brand
  • Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz car brand
  • Phantom – Rolls-Royce model
  • Romeo – Alfa Romeo, Italian car brand
  • Rover – Land Rover brand vehicles
  • Royce – Rolls-Royce

Also, be sure to check out even more fancy dog names.

woman with dog in car

Consumer Car Names for Dogs

Finally, we’re wrapping up some of these great car names for dogs with some more common car brands and models that may have a special place in your heart.

  • Bug – Volkswagen model car
  • Cadillac – American General Motors brand car
  • Charger – Dodge brand muscle car
  • Cherokee – Jeep model
  • Chevy – American car manufacturer Chevrolet
  • Cooper – Mini Cooper automobile model
  • Dakota – a Dodge model vehicle
  • Dodge – American brand from Michigan
  • Fiat – Italian automobile manufacturer
  • Ford – American car brand founded by Henry Ford
  • Henry – founder of the Ford Motor Company
  • Honda – Japanese car brand known for reliability
  • Kia – South Korean car manufacturer
  • Lancer – Mitsubishi model
  • Lincoln – car brand
  • Milan – Ford model car
  • Mini – Mini car manufacturer, known for the Cooper
  • Monte – Chevrolet Monte Carlo
  • Mustang – American Ford muscle car
  • Pinto – old Ford model
  • Pontiac – Former car brand, but still a good name
  • Ranger – model of Ford truck
  • Rio – Kia model
  • Sierra – GM truck model
  • Tacoma – Toyota model truck
  • Tesla – American electric car company founded by Elon Musk
  • Willy – famous Jeep and military vehicle from WWII
dog with Volkswagen bug car

Car Names for Dogs – Parts & More

There are quite a few terms and parts that are unique to the auto world, and some of them even make great dog names. We’ve listed our favorites here:

  • Axle – rod that passes through the wheels of a car
  • Boot – the trunk of the car in the UK
  • Cam – short for a camshaft
  • Diesel – fuel type and a really great tough car name for dogs
  • Fender – frame around the wheel well
  • Gauge – dial on a car
  • Hemi – type of powerful engine
  • Jack – used to lift up a car
  • Kit – car reproduction of an original design
  • Piston – component of an internal combustion engine
  • Sparky – spark plugs provide an electric spark to start a car
  • Torque – the power that a car can generate in rotation
  • Vin – vehicle identification number
  • Woody – a car with wood paneling

More Dog Name Ideas

The dog name ideas don’t stop here. If you’re not inspired by any of the names above, try our online generator and find even more options. You can sort by your favorite styles and themes.

Popular categories include:

Learn How to Teach Your Dog Their Name

Hopefully, this list of name ideas has been a winner! If not try doing a dog name search from our site.

Once you’ve got your perfect name selected, it’s time to teach it to your dog. Just follow the simple instructions at that link, or watch the video below.

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