Sports Dog Names

As a sports fan it’s fun to name your dog after your favorite team, player, or field. You’ll probably want to make sure you go with a classic name as only the best players will be memorable 10 years from now. Think through the best player’s from your favorite team or sports history to see if anything works for you dog’s name. Here are a few suggestions to get you started…

dog with baseballBaseball Dog Names

There are a lot of classic baseball dog names that can be found. You could go with a player like Babe (Ruth), Bo (Jackson), Griffey (Ken), or Nolan (Ryan). Some classic ballparks are also great name opportunities like Fenway, Comiskey, or Wrigley.

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Football Dog Names

When you’re thinking football, think classic players. Some great names include: Barry or Deion (Sanders), Brady, Elway, and Montana. You could also try out a classic coach or field like Madden, Lambeau, or Ditka.

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Hockey Dog Names

There’s nothing tougher than a hockey player or a hockey named dog. Hockey dog names include: Brett, Gordie, Gretzky, and Hobey.

dog at golf courseHere are some more hockey dog names.

Golf Dog Names

I’m a big golfer, but never considered a golf name for my dog; after looking around there are actually a lot of good options for golf dog names. Golfers could name their dog Arnold, Bear, Byron, Mulligan or Rory. There are a bunch of golfers with interesting names, golf terms, and golf courses that could inspire your name.

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Female Sports Dog Names

There are also a lot of good sports names for female dogs including some listed above. Great female names include: Babe, Dallas, Dottie, Jackie, Nadia, Serena, and Venus.

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