Black Dog Names – The Ultimate List (150+ Fantastic Ideas!)

by Jessi Larson

If you’re getting a black-colored dog, you’ve come to the right place. We have over 150 awesome black dog names perfect for a dark dog.

Black dogs are beautiful creatures, with their shiny, lustrous coats and soulful eyes that are even more pronounced against their dark fur.

Inspiration for black dog names can come from many different places. Ideas range from dark-colored foods to “black” in other languages to animals of the same color and much more.

With so many different options on our guide to black dog names, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect name for your pup!

The Ultimate List of Black Dog Names

Let the list of black dog names begin! As we said before, inspiration is everywhere, and we’ve drawn ideas from some surprising places.

Take a look at these ideas and see if any are a good fit for your new four-legged friend.

Nature and Elements Black Dog Names

If you pause and look around, the Earth is actually full of inspiration for black dog names.

The following names are based on nature and other elements and make strong and sophisticated black dog names.

  • Ash
  • Asher
  • Carbon
  • Coal
  • Cole
  • Cinder
  • Dusty
  • Ebony
  • Ember
  • Graphite
  • Onyx
  • Opal
  • Pearl – Because pearls can also be black
  • Shadow
  • Shady
  • Slate
  • Slater
  • Smokey
  • Stormy
  • Tarmac
  • Thunder
  • Twilight

Food Black Dog Names

Another cool place for ideas for black dog names: Food and drinks!

Believe it or not, there are many edible items that are black in color, and these make for fun and playful dog names.

Check out these food-inspired ideas – one just might be right for your furbaby.

  • Bailey – Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Bean
  • Blackberry
  • Bock – Dark German malty beer
  • Bosco – Chocolate syrup
  • Brandy – Dark liquor
  • Brownie
  • Caviar – Delicacy consisting of salt-cured roe
  • Chip
  • Crisp
  • Coco
  • Cookie
  • Coffee
  • Cola
  • Espresso – Italian coffee
  • Fudge
  • Godiva – Chocolate brand
  • Guinness – Famous dark beer
  • Hershey – Chocolate brand
  • Jameson – Whiskey
  • Java – Coffee
  • Kahlua – Coffee liqueur
  • Kona – Coffee bean variety from Hawaii
  • Latte – Coffee and milk drink
  • Licorice – The sweet candy can also be black
  • Mocha – Chocolate espresso
  • Olive
  • Oreo
  • Pepper
  • Pepsi
  • Porter – Delicious dark beer
  • Raisin
  • Snickers
  • Stout – A variety of dark beer

Tough Black Dog Names

Black is a strong, robust color, so another option is to look at tough dog names. This is especially fitting if your dog is large or has a muscular build.

The following names exemplify strength and toughness. If your dog also exhibits these characteristics, you might just find the name you’ve been looking for.

  • Ali
  • Axel
  • Bandit
  • Beast
  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Bruiser
  • Bullet
  • Butch
  • Buzz
  • Captain
  • Chopper
  • Dozer
  • Dre
  • Duchess
  • Fang
  • Floyd
  • Frazier
  • Gunner
  • Harley
  • Hendrix
  • Jedi
  • Jinx
  • King
  • Nyx
  • Raider
  • Rebel
  • Riddick
  • Sarge
  • Spike
  • Sonny
  • Tank
  • Tyson
  • Vinnie

Get more male tough dog names and female tough dog names.

Black Animals

Dogs aren’t the only creatures that can be black in color. There are many other animals that sport a dark-colored coat.

We love the idea of naming your dog after another black member of the animal kingdom and think you will, too.

  • Bear
  • Beauty – As in the horse Black Beauty
  • Falcon
  • Jackal
  • Jaguar
  • Leopard
  • Mamba
  • Panda
  • Panther
  • Penguin
  • Puma
  • Raven
  • Spider
  • Stallion
  • Wolf

Black in Other Languages

If you’re looking for a name that’s a little more sophisticated and subtle, we have an idea: Translate black to another language.

This creates cool, cultured names that pay tribute to your dog’s dark coloring.

Here are popular options, or check out even more translations.

  • Kuro – Japanese
  • Nero – Italian
  • Noir – French
  • Pango – Maori
  • Preto – Portuguese
  • Schwarz – German
  • Zwart – Dutch


They say space is the final frontier, and it’s also a place for black dog names.

The vast expanse has many dark elements that also serve as cool dog names. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Cosmo
  • Galaxy
  • Eclipse
  • Moon
  • Nebula
  • Vortex

Characters That Wear Black

The black dog names just keep coming! There are many famous characters in film and television that wear all black, and it could be a cool idea to mine these for inspiration.

As you may recall, these well-known characters and personalities sport an all-black wardrobe similar in color to your canine, which is why they also make great black dog names.

See if any are the right pick for your pup!

  • Batman
  • Blackbeard
  • Blade
  • Bond – James Bond
  • Cash – Johnny Cash
  • Gomez – Addams Family
  • Jafar – Aladdin
  • John Wick
  • Jules – Pulp Fiction
  • Knight – Black Knight
  • Kylo – Star Wars
  • Maleficent
  • Morpheus – The Matrix
  • Morticia – Addams Family
  • Neo – The Matrix
  • Ninja
  • Poe
  • Pugsley – Addams Family
  • Selene – Underworld
  • Severus Snape – Harry Potter
  • Storm – X-Men
  • T’Challa – Black Panther
  • Tony Montana – Scarface
  • Toto – Wizard of Oz
  • Trinity – The Matrix
  • Vader – Star Wars
  • Vincent Vega – Pulp Fiction
  • Voldemort – Harry Potter
  • Warlock
  • Wednesday – Addams Family
  • Xena
  • Zorro
black puppy photo

Funny Black Dog Names

Everyone needs a good laugh, and funny dog names are always a humorous and fun option for a new pup.

Maybe one of these tickles your funny bone and stands out as the right name for your furry friend.

  • Agent
  • Angel
  • Black Jack
  • Boss
  • Devil
  • Diesel
  • Diva
  • Domino
  • Elvis
  • Foxy
  • Inky
  • Jet
  • Muddy
  • Spade
  • Suede
  • Tux
  • Velvet
  • Whitey

Spooky, Magic & More

And last but not least, we can’t end our guide to black dog names without including ideas based on magic and mystery.

These names are positively – or should we say paw-sitively? – spooky and fun.

  • Dracula
  • Elvira
  • Goth
  • Magic
  • Merlin
  • Midnight
  • Mystery
  • Mystique
  • Phantom
  • Rorschach

Final Thoughts: Black Dog Names

Hopefully this list of black dog names provides you with the perfect moniker for your pup!

At the very least, you’ll have solid inspiration to start your dog name search.

And don’t forget, if you have ideas for black dog names, we’d love to hear them. Comment below with any thoughts or feedback you may have.

More Dog Name Ideas

If you’re not inspired by any of these dog names, try our online generator and discover even more options. You can sort by your favorite styles and themes to discover the perfect name for your pup.

Our site helps over 15 million new dog owners each year and offers thousands of unique ideas. With this in mind, we’re confident you’ll find the name for your dog on our site.

Popular categories include:

Try it out and see what you think!

How Do You Pick the Right Name?

How do you know if you’ve picked the right name for your dog? That’s a question all new dog parents ask.

After years of helping new pup parents, here are some tips we’ve picked up when it comes to selecting a name for your dog:

  • Is it easy to say? Some names are great in theory but tough to pronounce in everyday life. Before you lock in on a name, make sure it rolls off the tongue.
  • Say it out loud. Can you imagine loudly calling for your dog with this name? If not, then it’s not the right name and you should move on.
  • Does it fit your dog? Check to see if the name matches your dog’s personality and appearance. This is important for both you and your pup.
  • And finally, trust your gut. When you find the right name, you’ll know it!

5 Easy Steps to Teach a Dog Their Name

Once you have a name, how do you teach it to your dog?

All pup parents go through this scenario. They’ve picked out a perfect name and can’t wait to start using it for their dog.

The only problem is their dog doesn’t recognize it yet.

If you’re in this situation, don’t fret. Teaching your dog their name is a lot easier than you think.

Here are five easy steps to take to teach your dog their name.

  • Get some small treats and put your dog on a leash in a location without any distractions.
  • Say your puppy’s name in a clear, happy, excited voice.
  • As soon as they look at you, say “yes” and give them a treat.
  • Wait until they look away and then repeat the process 3-5 times.
  • Play this name game several times a day and soon they’ll know and love responding to their name!

Want to learn more about how to teach a dog their name? We have an awesome guide that makes it easy

Final Thoughts

Last but certainly not least, we want to commend you for picking a black dog. For some odd reason, many shelters report that they have a harder time finding homes for black dogs, possibly because their features are tougher to see in photographs. (Read more on this issue.)

So not only do you have a wonderful, beautiful dog, you’re also supporting an important cause in the pet world.

Hopefully you found the right dog name, and we wish you many years of happiness with your new four-legged friend!

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  1. Karen Stewart

    I named my puppy Midnight. My parents bought her for me as a surprise gift days after my pomerian of 15 yrs. passed away. Her coloring and eyes instantly made me think of Midnight.

  2. Jasmine

    We had a farm cat named Buddy and then we adopted a black lab and my dad wanted to name him Buddy. It was kinda confusing, but he was the best dog we’ve ever had.

  3. Cassie Hartmo

    We adopted a black cat in October one year and named him Salem so when we got our Black lab this past October we decided to keep the Witch tradition going and named he Prudence.

  4. Sarah

    I had a black dog named Whimsical. I picked the name before the dog, actually. She fit her name perfectly. She absolutely was the most whimsical dog!

    Now I have a yellow dog named DeSoto. And while he’s definitely not the vicious attack beast he was named after (Oliver & Company the movie), it seems to suit him. All of my dogs have been shelter rescues, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. Lesli Mataya

    Our first lab was yellow and we named her Mazi and now we have a black lab named Elli. They are the very best dogs!

  6. Crystal

    I have a black cat & 2 black dogs & a black fist puppy who is going to be going to her forever home very soon 🥰.

  7. choppersicballs

    I had a black lab named Cash. After Johnny Cash. He was the “Man in Black”………well I had the “Dog in Black”.

    He was the best dog ever.

  8. Sadies Dad

    Very creative way to find dog names. Luckily I got my dog Sadie when she was 1 1/2 years old. I know I could have changed her name but she already knew it so I let it stay. It means princess so its very fitting.

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