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  1. puppy checklist thumb

    New Puppy Checklist

    Congrats on deciding to get a new puppy! Do you have everything you need? This new puppy checklist will help you on your way to getting ready. There are some things you’ll need to have for your puppy to take care of them and keep them fed. We’ll first cover those essentials you’ll want right away. […]

  2. 10 Things Your Dog Needs This Summer

    Summer is such a glorious time of year, especially for those of us who live in cold climates where we have to wait for warm weather for months on end. It means we get to spend more time outdoors with our beloved dogs, soaking up the sun and enjoying even more playtime together. Of course, […]

  3. 15 Crazy Cool Dog Beds

    Our dogs are one of the most important parts of our lives. They love us so much and are there for us unconditionally. In return, what better way to show how much you care than to provide them with a super comfy dog bed where they can get a good night’s sleep or enjoy some quiet resting time in […]

  4. Best Dog Puzzle Toys & Dog Games

    We all love our dogs and want them to be happy and challenged, both mentally and physically. And other times we need them to chill out, or at the very least, be occupied with something that gives us a little free time. Luckily there are some pretty sweet dog puzzle toys and games that achieve all of the […]

  5. 5 Must-Have Dog Toys to Keep Your Active Dog Busy

    You’re exhausted beyond belief and your lovable but very active dog keeps whining at you to play. You just went on a walk a little bit ago, however. How in the world do they have that much energy?, you’re wondering. And why can’t I have some? It’s times like these where you need a clever […]

  6. Dog Book

    The Dog Owner’s Budget Survival Guide – Free!

    Let’s face it: owning a dog isn’t cheap. When you factor in expenses like vet bills, buying new supplies, boarding and other costs, some months are downright ridiculous. To help our readers, we’ve created a free ebook with secrets to savings hundreds of dollars a month caring for your dog! Everyone knows – or at […]

  7. indestructible dog toys

    5 Indestructible Dog Toys

    Our dog Toby is a chewer. All that chewing means he tends to go through toys quickly and finding indestructible dog toys is really important.