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Best Dog Cave Bed – Our Top Pick + 7 Awesome Alternatives

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If you have a dog who loves to burrow under blankets, a dog cave bed might just be a dream come true for them.

Some dogs love to snuggle up under anything they can find. Pillows, blankets, even clothes and towels.

This means they’re looking for two things: A sense of security and a place for comfort.

With a dog cave bed, you can provide both. The tight space helps your dog feel safe and secure while also offering a soft space for them to snuggle up in.

Our Favorite Bed

Furhaven bed

Furhaven Dog Cave Bed

The variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials provide options for every type of dog and make this bed a top pick.

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Our pick for best dog cave bed is the Furhaven Dog Cave Bed. This bed offers more in terms of variety – more sizes, lots of color choices and even different types of mattress materials than our second pick.


  • The bed is available in four different sizes
  • You can choose from 10 different colors
  • The foam mattress has three options: cooling gel, memory or orthopedic
  • The cover is completely machine washable


  • It’s not suitable for dogs who like to chew
  • Some reviewers report that the canopy can droop

The Runner-up

snoozer cave bed

Snoozer Cozy Cave Ped Bed

This dog cave bed has a high user rating on Amazon, and we’re impressed by its quality, versatility and range of size options.

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Our second pick for best cave bed is the Snoozer Cozy Cave Ped Bed.

Users report that their dogs love to burrow in the bed when they’re feeling tired or anxious, and the high-quality materials stand up to their demands.


  • Highly rated bed
  • Sizes are available in small, large and xl
  • Made with quality materials


  • No medium size
  • The price is higher than other beds

Other Cool Cave Beds

In addition to the beds above, here are other dog cave beds that receive top marks from our team.

Pet tent

Plush Pet Tent

A great option for small dogs and puppies. It’s a comfy, safe space for dogs and includes a cuddly pillow inside.

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Cave Dog Bed

SPOT Faux Suede Cave Dog Bed

This bed is super cozy and the plush interior provides extra warmth. Best of all: The entire bed is machine washable.

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Shark bed

Shark Pet House Cave Bed

Take one look at this hilarious bed, and you’ll know exactly why it made our best dog cave bed list. It’s funny and functional.

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Dog house

Portable Indoor Pet House

Is it a dog bed? Is it a dog house? It’s both! Dogs love curling up inside this cute and cozy cave bed.

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Funny dog bed

Pineapple Pet Cave Bed

If you have a small dog or puppy, this pineapple-shaped cave bed makes a hilarious home.

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Pet bed

PLS Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed

A cozy, high-quality dog bed that’s easy to wash and has sizes for pups up to 60 lbs. More expensive but users say it’s worth it.

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Why Should You Get a Dog Cave Bed?

If you’re wondering if a cave bed is right for your dog, here are the most popular reasons why people choose to get such a bed for their pup.

Your dog is anxious and scared

If your dog is anxious, nervous or just more stressed out than other pups, a dog cave bed can provide relief.


A dog cave bed provides the feeling of protection. Dogs have a natural instinct to find some sort of a den, or a space where they can sleep and feel safe from danger.

A bed like this provides comfort and can ease their anxieties. It’s also a great solution if your dog has separation anxiety when you’re not around.

Your dog likes to burrow

Certain breeds love to burrow. For the most part, this comes down to their animal instincts.

Small-prey hunters like terriers and Dachshunds were bred to flush out small animals from tunnels and have an innate desire to burrow because of it.

And for breeds that hail from colder climates, like the Husky, they’re used to hunkering down for warmth. In that case, a dog cave bed is a perfect solution.

Or you dog could simply enjoy burrowing in blankets just because!

You live in a colder climate

Another reason to buy a dog cave bed: You live in a colder climate and your dog needs a warm place to cuddle up in.

Even when your house is heated, it gets a certain chill during colder months, and a dog cave bed can help keep your canine nice and warm.

Dog beds

What to Look for in a Dog Cave Bed

Not all dog beds are created equal. As you search for the right fit for your furbaby, it’s important to take the following criteria into consideration.

Examining these factors can help you find a bed that’s the right size and style for your pup. And you’ll ensure it’s the right bed for your budget.

1. Size

The first thing you should do is look at the size of the bed. This will ensure a comfortable fit for your dog.

You don’t want a bed that’s way too small and they can’t curl up comfortably inside it. And on the flip side, the bed shouldn’t be so big that they don’t feel cozy and secure.

To find the best size, take a look at the measurements and also see what the manufacturer recommends for weight limit.

Generally, you’ll find more cave bed options for small dogs. This makes sense since smaller dogs are more likely to burrow and have the need for a bed like this.

But there are still products for the big pups. Just double check the measurements to make sure it accommodates your canine.

2. Structure

Another factor to consider is the structure of the bed and how it’s built.

Is the entrance to the bed designed so it’s always open? Or does the top collapse onto the bed almost like a blanket?

It’s important to know which one your dog will prefer.

A cave bed with a supported opening may be easier for a dog to enter and curl up in. At the same time, certain dogs may prefer the close and cozy feel of a bed with a collapsed opening.

3. Materials

Before you buy, check out what the bed is made of. This includes the outer materials, the inside of the bed and even the mattress.

Materials can include fleece, cotton, plush poly fabric, microsuede, even faux lambswool or velvet.

What’s best for your dog?

Some pups prefer the warm feel of fleece, for example, while others could get overheated easily and need a cooler fabric.

4. Price

As always, price is a consideration. How much are you willing and able to pay for the bed?

If this is a bed your dog is going to use throughout the day, it makes sense to spend more since it’s a long-term investment that’s going to get a lot of use.

On the other hand, if the bed is more of a novelty, or you’re not sure if your dog will even like a cave bed, you may not want to spend as much.

5. Cleaning instructions

And finally, how easy is it to clean the bed? What are the washing instructions?

Let’s face it, dogs are messy. Drool, potty, poop, muddy paws, you name it.

Some beds allow you to remove the outer materials and throw them in the wash machine and dryer. If you’re lucky, you can even machine wash the entire bed.

Others only recommend spot cleaning due to their materials, shape and size.

It’s smart to factor in how messy your dog gets with how easy (or not easy) it is to wash the bed.

Best dog cave bed

Conclusion: Best Dog Cave Bed

A dog cave bed provides a safe and secure space for our precious pups. They’re great for dogs who love to burrow and provide a therapeutic sanctuary for animals with anxiety issues.

Questions to consider

Before you purchase such a bed, it’s a good idea to evaluate your dog’s size. Will they fit comfortably inside?

Also worth considering is their temperament. Do they like to chew everything in sight? Will they have the urge to tear apart their new bed?

Another good question question to think about is your dog’s heat tolerance. Some dogs are chilly by nature and need the extra warmth. If your dog gets easily overheated, however, this might not be the right bed for them.

And finally, it’s not a bad idea to ensure that the bed’s coloring and design matches your decor, if that’s important to you. (In the case of the pineapple and shark beds, we’re not sure what type of decor they’d match!)

Rating system

To find the best dog cave bed options, we looked primarily at ratings from users. All of the beds have at least a 4/5 rating on Amazon, and the majority of the overall reviews are positive.

We also took into account the design, materials, construction and availability of the product.

Other dog bed options

If you’re not 100 percent sure a dog cave bed is right for your dog, another option to consider is getting a regular dog bed and adding a blanket on top of your pooch.

We recently put together a guide to the best waterproof dog beds, which are always a good choice since they’re easy to clean and stand up to doggy dirt.

Or you could get an indoor dog house and add comfy blankets inside to create the feel of a cave bed. This list of the top indoor dog houses can help you in your search.

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