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5 Genius Tricks for Storing Dog Food

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Dog food is one of the biggest expenses for dog parents. It’s also an incredibly important aspect of keeping your dog healthy and happy.

To make sure your dog’s food is stored properly, easy to access and easy on the eyes, we’ve rounded up five awesome tricks you need to check out.

1. Keep it fresh

To keep your dog’s food fresh and unspoiled, follow these super easy tips. For starters, don’t store the food in sunlight. That elevates the temperature and humidity inside, causing the food to degrade faster and increasing the risk of salmonella.

When you open the bag for the first time, do so carefully so you can easily reseal the bag tightly again between uses. This is important because air exposure, like sunlight, can spoil the food faster. Always make sure the food is sealed tightly.

One tip: If you have extra dog food you know you won’t use before it goes bad, simply seal it tight and pop it in the freezer. This trick works just like it would for human food.


Dog Food Storage 2. Seal with a clip

A number of experts say you should keep your pup’s food in the original bag. The reason: the original packaging has a fat barrier that helps to keep it fresh.

That’s all well and good, but to make sure the package is really sealed tight, buy an extra large food storage clip (affectionately called a “chip clip” in my household) and clamp it on for an extra secure seal.

If you do keep the food in the original bag like this, always store it inside and away from places where critters like mice and bugs could get into it.


Dog Food Storage3. Store in a plastic container

Another option – and this is my personal favorite – is to pour the contents of the bag into a large airtight plastic container. I love this method because it looks tidy and makes it super easy to scoop out food at meal time.

Toby’s food comes in a gigantic bag, so it’s hard for me to cart it around. Pouring part of it into a plastic container is so much easier and more convenient.

If you do this, however, it’s not a bad idea to keep the bag’s expiration date somewhere so you know exactly how long it will last.


Dog Food Storage 4. Use a stylish launder hamper

I just saw this idea on Pinterest and am in love. If your kitchen and storage areas are already stuffed to the brim but you don’t want to have an unsightly dog food bag sitting out, buy a stylish laundry hamper that matches your decor! You can drop the bag in there and no one will be any wiser.

Just make sure you get one that has a top so the food is hidden out of sight for a cleaner look.

Oh, and also communicate to the family or roommates that this is for dog food only, not a place to drop dirty clothes.


Dog Food Storage5. Don’t forget the scoop

And finally, we highly recommend checking with your vet to see how much your dog should be eating at meal time and buying some sort of scoop or cup to ensure you pour that amount every time.

For a long time, we were eyeballing Toby’s meal measurements, and before you knew it, he was 10 pounds overweight. I didn’t realize I was majorly overserving him at mealtime!

A scoop or a cup that helps you measure the exact amount is truly the way to go, both as a way to stay organized and as a way to ensure your dog’s health.


Got ideas?

If you have ideas for good ways to store dog food, let us know! Write in the comments below.

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