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Roman Dog Names – 180+ Classic Ideas

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Are you looking for Roman dog names? You’re in luck because we have over 180 ideas!

Giving your dog a name with Roman origins opens the door for some original options with purposeful meanings.

Roman Dog Names

Whether you’re trying to pay homage to your background or you just like Roman culture, this list will explore some of the great Roman dog names you have to choose from.

Let’s look at classic names inspired by history, famous leaders, mythology, and more.

Male Roman Dog Names

According to stories or other historical accounts, these are names given to male dogs in Ancient Rome.

To give you a fuller picture of the origins, the meanings of the names are also included.

If you choose one of these cool, classic Roman dog names, it’s a guarantee no other dogs on the block will have the same name!

  • Argiodus – white tooth
  • Asbolus – soot
  • Celer – speedy
  • Cyprius – Cyprian
  • Dorceus – gazelle
  • Dromas – runner
  • Ferox – savage
  • Harpalos – grasper
  • Hylactor – barker
  • Hylaeus – Sylvan
  • Hyrcanus – from Hyrcania
  • Ichnobates – trail-follower
  • Labros – fury
  • Lakon – Spartan
  • Ladon – catcher
  • Laelaps – hurricane
  • Leucon – white
  • Melampus – black foot
  • Melanchaetes – black hair
  • Melaneus – black
  • Nebrophonos – fawnkiller
  • Oresitrophos – mountaineer
  • Oribasos – mountain ranger
  • Pamphagos – voracious
  • Patricus – noble
  • Perseus – derived from ‘to destroy’
  • Pterelas – winged
  • Pyrrhus – fire or flame-colored
  • Skylax – puppy
  • Theridamas – beastkiller
  • Theron – hunter
  • Thoos – swift
  • Tigris – tiger

Female Roman Dog Names

In history, these names were popular for female dogs. So, if you’re bringing home a girl puppy, you must check out these unique, classical ideas and see if any are a fit for your new furball.

  • Aello – whirlwind
  • Agre – hunter
  • Alke – might or valor
  • Canache – gnasher
  • Cerva – hind
  • Craugis – yapper
  • Harpyia – seizer
  • Issa – her little ladyship
  • Lachne – shaggy
  • Lupa – she-wolf
  • Lycisce – wolf
  • Lydia – from Lydia
  • Margarita – pearl
  • Myia – fly
  • Nape – glen
  • Poemenis – shepherd
  • Rome – strength
  • Spoude – zeal
  • Sticte – spot
  • Tigris – tigress
Strong dog

Dog Names Based on Roman Mythology

These Roman dog names are great options if your dog is a god or goddess in the making. They’re inspired by the rich mythology in ancient Rome and are truly divine.

Male Mythological Names

  • Aeolus – the divine keeper of the winds
  • Apollo – the god of the sun, healing, music and poetry
  • Bacchus – the divine liberator and the patron of wine
  • Caladrius – a pure white bird that lived in the home of kings and had mythical healing abilities
  • Cupid – the god of desire and love
  • Cyclops – the race of giants with a single eye in their foreheads
  • Faunus – a god of the wilderness who was also a musician that could see the future
  • Genius – a protective spirit
  • Honos – the god of chivalry, honor and military justice
  • Janus – the two-faced god that presided over beginnings and endings
  • Jupiter – the supreme Roman god that wielded lightning and thunder
  • Lare – ancestral spirits
  • Lemure – the wrathful or mischievous dead
  • Liber – the god of freedom, wine, viticulture and fertility
  • Mane – the collective dead in the afterlife
  • Mars – the god of war
  • Mercury – the god of travelers, merchants, trade and profit
  • Neptune – the god of the oceans and seas, known for his violent temperament
  • Numetor – mythological grandfather of Romulus and Remus
  • Orcus – a god of the underworld who punishes broken oaths
  • Pane – Roman household spirits of the pantry
  • Picus – a minor god of agriculture
  • Pluto – king of the underworld and the god that judged the dead
  • Remus – twin brother of Romulus
  • Romulus – mythological founder of Rome and twin brother to Remus
  • Sancus – the god of trust, honesty, and oaths
  • Saturn – the god of agriculture, sowing of seeds and time
  • Terminus – the god that lived in and protected boundary markers
  • Vulcan – the god of volcanoes, fires, metalworking and the forge

Check out more male mythical dog names.

Female Mythological Names

  • Aurora – the goddess of the dawn
  • Bellona – the goddess of war
  • Cardea – the goddess of spiritual and physical thresholds
  • Ceres – the goddess of agriculture, grain, and motherly love
  • Decima – a member of the three fates that measured the thread of life
  • Diana – the divine goddess of the moon, the hunt and birthing
  • Fauna – the goddess of fruitfulness and prophecy
  • Flora – the goddess of flowering and fruit-bearing plants
  • Fortuna – the goddess of luck that rules the wheel of fortune
  • Harpy – winged monsters of Roman mythology
  • Jana – the goddess of secrets, mysteries, and hidden things
  • Juno – the goddess of childbirth and protector of married women
  • Libera – the goddess of freedom, wine, viticulture and fertility
  • Luna – the goddess of the moon
  • Lupa – the she-wolf that fed Romulus and Remus
  • Maia – the goddess who embodies growth
  • Minerva – the goddess of wisdom, commerce, and medicine
  • Morta – a member of the three fates that cut the thread of life
  • Nona – a member of the three fates that spun the thread of life
  • Opis – a divinity of plenty and fertility
  • Pax – the goddess of peace
  • Pomona – the goddess presiding over fruit trees and orchards
  • Rhea – priestess who was the mother of Romulus and Remus
  • Strix – a bird that fed on human flesh
  • Terra – ancient goddess who governed the productivity and fertility of the Earth
  • Trivia – the goddess of crossroads and magic
  • Victoria – the goddess of victory

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Dog Names Based on Roman Emperors

Continuing our list of Roman dog names, these ideas are great if you’re looking for famous names in the Roman political arena.

Ancient Rome is known for its emperors, many of whom had larger-than-life personalities.

If you have a strong, commanding canine, one of these ideas may be the perfect fit.

  • Aurelian
  • Caligula
  • Caracalla
  • Claudius
  • Constantine
  • Diocletian
  • Heraclius
  • Lucius Verus
  • Marcus Aurelius
  • Maximinus Thrax
  • Septimius Severus
  • Tacitus
  • Vitellius
Italian Dog Names

Other Great Ancient Roman Names

Want more ideas? Don’t worry – the Roman dog names just keep coming.

Here are even more options that are classic, cultured, and completely unique.

Male Roman Dog Names

  • Aelianus
  • Aemilius
  • Aetius
  • Agrippa
  • Albinus
  • Albus
  • Balbus
  • Blasius
  • Brutus
  • Caecilius
  • Caius
  • Calpurnius
  • Calvus
  • Cassius
  • Celsus
  • Cnaeus
  • Decimus
  • Domitius
  • Ennius
  • Fabianus
  • Gaius
  • Gannus
  • Lucius
  • Nero
  • Octavius
  • Paulus
  • Pontius
  • Quinctius
  • Regulus
  • Sergius

More Female Roman Names

  • Aelia
  • Aemilia
  • Antonia
  • Augusta
  • Balbina
  • Caelia
  • Caelina
  • Calpurnia
  • Camilla
  • Cassia
  • Claudia
  • Cornelia
  • Domitia
  • Drusa
  • Drusilla
  • Fausta
  • Flavia
  • Galla
  • Junia
  • Laela
  • Lucia
  • Lucretia
  • Martina
  • Maxima
  • Nerva
  • Octavia
  • Paulina
  • Porcia
  • Sabina
  • Tatiana

Roman Dog Names: Which One’s Right for Your Dog?

When choosing from the Roman dog names on this list, it’s great to strike a balance between the name’s meaning and your dog’s personality.

If you’re not 100 percent sure what your dog’s personality is, start with some of the breed’s general characteristics or physical appearance.

You can also skip all that and choose a name with a nice ring. Trust your gut. You’ll know when you’ve found the right name!

More Dog Name Ideas

If any of these dog names does not inspire you, try our online generator and discover even more options. You can sort by your favorite styles and themes to find the perfect name for your pup.

Our site helps over 15 million new dog owners each year and offers thousands of unique ideas. With this in mind, we’re confident you’ll find the name for your dog on our site.

Try it out and see what you think!

Dog Names of the World

If you’re looking for more inspiration, another idea is to check out international dog names. We have plenty of other articles explicitly focused on certain regions of the world.

You may just find a cool and cultured name fitting for your four-legged friend.

How Do You Pick the Right Name?

How do you know if you’ve picked the right name for your dog? That’s a question all new dog parents ask.

After years of helping new pup parents, here are some tips we’ve picked up when it comes to selecting a name for your dog:

  • Is it easy to say? Some names are great in theory but tough to pronounce in everyday life. Before you lock in on a name, make sure it rolls off the tongue.
  • Say it out loud. Can you imagine loudly calling for your dog with this name? If not, then it’s not the right name and you should move on.
  • Does it fit your dog? Check to see if the name matches your dog’s personality and appearance. This is important for both you and your pup.
  • And finally, trust your gut. When you find the right name, you’ll know it!

5 Easy Steps to Teach a Dog Their Name

Once you have a name, how do you teach it to your dog?

All pup parents go through this scenario. They’ve picked out a perfect name and can’t wait to start using it for their dog.

The only problem is their dog doesn’t recognize it yet.

If you’re in this situation, don’t fret. Teaching your dog their name is a lot easier than you think.

Here are five easy steps to take to teach your dog their name.

  • Get some small treats and put your dog on a leash in a location without any distractions.
  • Say your puppy’s name in a clear, happy, excited voice.
  • As soon as they look at you, say “yes” and give them a treat.
  • Wait until they look away and then repeat the process 3-5 times.
  • Play this name game several times a day and soon they’ll know and love responding to their name!

Want to learn more about how to teach a dog their name? We have an awesome guide that makes it easy.

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