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Mythology Dog Names

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These mythology dog names are the perfect place to start naming your pup if you want totally unique ideas. We’ve gathered 117+ mythical names from Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, and other cultures.

mythology dog names

In ancient times, myths were used as a way for people to explain the world around them. The stories addressed good and evil, life and death, and many other aspects of the human experience.

Mythology features incredible characters with names that can be repurposed for your pup.

By picking one of these mythological dog names, you’ll be giving your dog a unique moniker that pays tribute to tales of bravery, love, pain, and glory told throughout history.

Myths occurred in cultures worldwide, and we’ve included the most notable names for you to choose from.

Greek God Names for Dogs

The Greeks are one of the most famous cultures for their rich mythology. These myths were passed down as stories about the gods and goddesses who created and controlled the world. These greek god dog names are fun and unique options for your male pup.

  • Adonis – The god of beauty and desire.
  • Apollo – The god of music, light, poetry, prophecy and medicine.
  • Ares – The god of war.
  • Chaos – A primordial greek god.
  • Dionysus – The god of wine and celebration.
  • Eros – The god of attraction.
  • Hades – The god of the dead and king of the underworld.
  • Helios – The god of the sun.
  • Hephaestus – The god of fire.
  • Hercules – The son of Zeus, half-man and half-god.
  • Hypnos – The god of sleep.
  • Kratos – The god of power and strength.
  • Magnus – A Greek demigod.
  • Morpheus – The god of dreams and sleep.
  • Poseidon – The god of the sea.
  • Triton – A demigod of the sea.
  • Zeus – The king of all the gods and men.

Greek Goddess Names for Dogs

Greek goddesses played an equally influential role in the stories of ancient Greece. These goddess names for female dogs are beautiful and powerful.

  • Aphrodite – The goddess of beauty and love.
  • Artemis – Apollo’s twin and goddess of wild animals and the hunt.
  • Calliope – The goddess of music.
  • Eos – The goddess of dawn.
  • Gaia – The goddess of the earth.
  • Galatea – The goddess of calm seas.
  • Hera – The queen of the gods and wife of Zeus
  • Iris – The goddess of the rainbow.
  • Nemesis – The goddess of revenge.
  • Nike – The goddess of victory.
  • Nyx – The goddess of the night.
  • Selene – The goddess of the moon.

More Greek Mythical Dog Names

In addition to the Greek gods and goddesses, there are many other excellent mythical dog name options from Greek mythology. We also have a complete article of Greek dog names that may provide inspiration.

  • Achilles – A hero of the Trojan War.
  • Ajax – Another hero of the Trojan War.
  • Ambrosia – The food of the gods.
  • Andromeda – A princess from Ethiopia.
  • Aries – A golden ram.
  • Atlas – A titan who holds up the heavens.
  • Callisto – A Greek nymph.
  • Calypso – The daughter of Atlas.
  • Clio – The muse of history.
  • Cyclops – A one-eyed giant.
  • Echo – A mountain nymph.
  • Hermes – The messenger of the gods.
  • Homer – A greek author and poet who wroe the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  • Luna – The divine moon.
  • Medusa – A woman with snakes for hair.
  • Odysseus – A ledgendary Greek hero.
  • Oracle – One who communicates with the gods.
  • Orion – A giant huntsman.
  • Pandora – The first woman.
  • Phoenix – A bird that resurrects itself.
  • Xena – A warrior princess.
cerberus mythical dog

Mythical Dog Creatures

These names come from the mythical dogs and wolves of various traditions.

  • Argos – The legendary hero Odysseus’ dog.
  • Cerberus – A three-headed dog that stood guard at the gates of the Greek Underworld.
  • Hati – A wolf that chases after the moon in Norse mythology.
  • Hoor – A blind and mysteerious dog from Norse mythology.
  • Fenrir – A giant wolf from Norse mythology.
  • Lupa – A she-wolf from Roman mythology that raised Romulus & Remus, the founders of Rome.
  • Sirius – A god or goddess of the dog-star. The dog-shaped constellation.

Roman Mythical Dog Names

The Romans used many similar gods to the Greeks, but with different names. Many of these names are best known to us by naming the planets. We have a complete list of ideas if you want even more Roman dog names.

  • Athena – The goddess of war, wisdom, and strategy.
  • Aurora – The goddess of dawn.
  • Baccus – The god of wine.
  • Belona – A minor goddess of war.
  • Camilla – A warrior and queen.
  • Ceres – The eternal mother.
  • Cupid – The god of love.
  • Diana – The goddess of hunting.
  • Fauna – The goddes of prophecy and fruitfulness.
  • Flora – The goddess of flowers.
  • Janus – The god of the beginning.
  • Juno – The queen of the gods.
  • Jupiter – The king of the gods.
  • Mars – The god of war.
  • Mercury – A messenger to the gods.
  • Minerva – Goddess of wisdom.
  • Neptune – The god of water.
  • Pax – The goddess of peace.
  • Pluto – The god of wealth and hell.
  • Saturn – The god of time.
  • Venus – The goddess of beauty, love, and fertility.
  • Vesta – The goddess of home.
  • Victoria – The goddess of triumph.
  • Vulcan – The god of fire.

Norse Mythology

The ancient Norse people had rich mythology, which is often told alongside stories of the Vikings. If you like this style, we’ve got a much more extensive list of Norse dog names as well.

  • Asgard – The home of the gods.
  • Baldur – The god of beauty.
  • Bragi – The god of wisdom.
  • Freya – The goddess of love.
  • Gandalf – A mythological dwarf.
  • Heimdall – The guard of the gods.
  • Hela – The guard of the dead.
  • Loki – The trickster god.
  • OdinThe god of wisdom, death, magic and more.
  • Ragnar – A legendary viking king.
  • Thor – The god of lightning and thunder.
  • Tyr – The god of war
  • Vali – The god of archers.
  • Valkyrie – A powerful female warrior.
  • Vallhala – The Norse version of heaven.

Egyptian Mythology

The ancient Egyptians recorded their mythology and their gods inside of their pyramids. Anubis, the god with a dog’s head, is a familiar hieroglyph to many people. Check out this complete list for more Egyptian dog names.

  • Anubis – The god of the dead which had the head of a dog.
  • Athyr – The goddess of the sky.
  • Geb – The god of the earth.
  • Horus – A god in the form of a falcon.
  • Isis – A goddess who was wife to Osiris.
  • Osiris – God of the Underworld.
  • Ra – The god of the sun.
  • Sobek – A crocodile god.
mythical wolf face

Native American Mythology

These names come from various Native American tribes, and for even more ideas, see the complete list of Native American dog names.

  • Chepi – A fairy or ghost.
  • Chindi – A ghost.
  • Goah – The wind spirit.
  • Heno – The thunder spirit.
  • Jenu – Giant
  • Nanook – Master of bears
  • Napi – Trickster
  • Piasa – Dragon

African Mythology

Africa has a wide variety of cultures over time, and we’ve gathered a number of the various gods and goddesses of their peoples that might make a good dog name. For even more African dog names, check out our complete list.

  • Adroa – The supreme god and creator.
  • Ala – Femal diety of crativity, earth, and morality.
  • Aja – Represents the sould of the woods and it’s creatures.
  • Anansi – A spider creature.
  • Bunzi – The goddess of rain.
  • Eshu – God of the Yoruba religion.
  • Funza – A water spirit.
  • Gleti – The moon goddess.
  • Jengu – A water spirit.
  • Kaan – Creator of the San people.
  • Mawu – Goddess of sun and the moon.
  • Oba – The goddess of lightning storms.
  • Oko – A supernatural being.
  • Roog – The supreme god.
  • Takhar – a demigod.

Other Dog Names from Mythology

Here are some additional mythological characters from other traditions that might be a good fit for your pup.

  • Arthur – Hero who led the Knights of Camelot.
  • Beowulf – A hero who fought monsters.
  • Bigfoot – The hairy creature said to roam the woods.
  • Griffin – A lion-eagle creature.
  • Kraken – A giant sea monster.
  • Merlin – A great magician.
  • Nessie – The Loch Ness lake monster.
  • Pecos – Pecos Bill was a cowboy who tamed the west.
  • Raiden – The god of thunder, storms, and lightning in Japanese mythology.
  • Yeti – The abominable snowman.
  • Zorro – A Mexican vigilante who wore a mask.

Finding More Ideas

To find even more excellent dog name ideas, you can try out our puppy name generator. Or you might like one of these ideas:

Teaching Your Dog Its Name

After picking a name, you can begin teaching it to your dog. Here are the basic steps:

  • Only use you dogs name in a positive way; don’t use it when they do something wrong.
  • When they acknowledge their name, give them a treat.
  • Don’t use nicknames of the primary name you’ll use to begin with, so you’re always calling them the same thing.
  • Repeat this process of rewarding until they respond without reward.
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