Hawaiian Dog Names – 150+ Beautiful, Unique Ideas!

Aloha! So you’re looking for Hawaiian dog names? You’ve come to the right place.

We love the idea of giving your dog a Hawaiian-themed moniker. These names are beautiful, breezy, tropical and unique.

If you have ties to Hawaii or have traveled there, you should definitely consider these names. Heck, even if you admire the Aloha state from far away and dream of going there one day, these are super fun. After all, Hawaii represents sunshine and happiness.

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Hawaiian Dog Names Based on Locations

Hawaii is a breathtaking locale full of lush greens, beautiful beaches and pristine water. The state is comprised of six major islands and within them are interesting cities and landmarks galore. This provides excellent inspiration for Hawaiian dog names!

Kauai – The oldest of the Hawaiian islands and the fourth largest.

Maui – The second largest island, Maui is a popular tourist destination.

Oahu – The third largest of the Hawaiian islands in terms of size, Oahu is home to two-thirds of the state’s population.

Molokai – Nicknamed “the friendly island,” Molokai is the fifth largest island in size.

Honolulu – The capital of Hawaii and the largest city.

Lanai – The smallest populated island, Lanai is also called the Pineapple Island.

Hilo – A large city in Hawaii county.

Pearl – Named after Pearl City, near Pearl Harbor.

Kailua – A city that serves as a center of tourism and commerce.

Waipahu – A former sugarcane plantation town near Honolulu.

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Popular Words & Phrases That Make Cool Hawaiian Dog Names

Traditional Hawaiian words can make pretty, unique names well as.

Aloha – Hello and goodbye

Mahalo – Thank you

Ilio – Dog

Mau Loa – Forever

Keiki – Child

Ohana – Family

Kahuna – Priest

Kanaka – Human

Kane – Man

Wahine – Woman

Paniolo – Cowboy

Anuenue – Rainbow

Honi – Kiss

Hoku – Star

Makana – Gift

Nohea – Handsome

Pupule – Crazy

Wiwi – Skinny

Kono – Invited

Hawaiian dog names

Male Hawaiian Dog Names

If you have a boy dog, consider these traditional male Hawaiian names. We’ve also include their meanings to get a full scope of the name.

Ailani – High chief

Aka – Shadow

Akamu – Red earth

Alemana – Warrior

Amana – Warrior

Amoka – Strong

Anakoni – Valuable

Analu – Manly

Asera – Lucky

Edega – Wealthy

Etana – Strong

Ezera – Help

Hae – to growl

Hiwa – Jet black

Kahoku –  Star

Kaipo – Sweetheart

Kalani – Royalty

Kale – Strong and manly

Kanuha – The sullen

Kapena –  Captain

Kapono – Goodness

Kealii – The Chief

Keanu – Cool mountain breeze

Kei – Dignified

Keiki – Child, boy

Kekipi  – The Rebel

Kekoa – The brave one

Kekona – Second

Keoki– George in Hawaiian

Kikokiko – Speckles

Kimo – James in Hawaiian

Koa –  Bold and brave

Kolohe – Little rascal

Liko – Bud

Lupo – Wolf

Malo – Winner

Mano – Shark

Meka – Eyes

Nahoa – bold and defiant

Nui – Imporant

Oke – Oscar in Hawaiian

Ole – Fang

Paul – The day is done

Palani – Free man

Pekelo – Stone

Pilikea – Trouble

Polo – Large and plump

Polupolu – Flabby

Pûkini – Pudding

Waha Nui – Big mouth

Weuweu – Fluffy

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Female Hawaiian Dog Names

And if you have a girl dog, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are super cool Hawaiian dog names for female pups.

Akela – Wisdom

Alamea –  Precious child

Alana – Awakening

Alani – Orange fruit tree

Alaula – Light of daybreak

Aliikai – Queen of the sea

Alika – Truthful

Aolani – Heavenly cloud

Eleu – Agile and lively

Ewalani – Heavenly woman

Haimi –  The seeker

Halia – Fond remembrance

Hanai – Lucky

Hoala – Agitate

Hula – Dance

Iniki – Famous Hawaiian hurricane

Inoki – Devoted

Iokina – God will develop

Iolana – Soaring like a hawk

Ipo – Sweetheart

Kahili – Feather

Kaia – The sea

Kaikala – Sea and the sun

Kaila – Stylish

Kailani – Sea and sky

Kaimana – Man of the sea

Kaiolohia – Calm of the sea

Kalama – The light

Kalani – The sky

Kalea – Bright

Kalei – Beloved

Kalena –  Brightest start

Kaloni – Sky

Kamea – the one and only

Kani – Sound

Kapua – Flower

Keala – Pathway

Kailana – Adored one

Keilani – Glorious Chief

Keona – God’s precious gift

Kiele – precious blossom

Kona – Lady

Lahela – Innocent lamb

Laka – Gentle

Laki – Lucky

Lalama – Daring

Lani – Sky

Lanikai – Heavenly sea

Leilani – Royal child

Lilo – Generous one

Lokelani – Red small rose

Lolo – Crazy

Loni – Heaven

Luana – Happy

Mahina – Moonlight

Makani – The wind

Malana – Light

Malia – Calm and peaceful

Malina – Calming, soothing

Mana – Power

Meli – Honey

Melia – Plumeria

Miki – Quick

Miliani – Gentle caress

Mirena – Beloved

Moana – Ocean

Nalani – Calm skies

Nani – Great beauty

Noe – Rainy

Noelani –  Girl from heaven

Nohea – Lovely

Okalani – Heaven

Oliana – Oleander

Olina – Joyous

Palila – Bird

Poluna – Chubby

Pualani – Heavenly flower

Pualena – Yellow

Puanani – Beautiful flower

Roselani – Rose

Uilani – Great beauty

Ululani – Inspiration

We love these names and think any one of them would make a cool dog name. But for other ideas, try our dog name generator.

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  1. Caroline

    11 years ago I named my Golden Kula aswell. Unfortunately she passed away last month. It’s a beautiful name. Trying to find a name in another language for Gold for when we get another Golden.

  2. Jody Brown

    @ Jeffrey King: Kula is a great choice for a name because it is so beautiful up there. I bike up there every weekend to smell the cool mountain air. Heavenly.

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