Native American Dog Names

Native American Dog NamesWhen searching for a name, Native American dog names can be a beautiful and powerful choice. The dogs that lived in the Americas before they were colonized were thought to be much like wolves. The Hare Indian breed was even said to be like a domesticated coyote.

These dogs were used as work dogs for many tasks including hunting, herding, retrieving, guarding, and as sled dogs. Mexica nobles even kept an ancestor breed of the Chihuahua as pets. While most original breeds that lived in the Americas have largely been bred with colonial dogs, but some of their essence still remains.

These specific breeds are thought to still contain a small amount of the Native American dog genetics:

  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Labrador Husky
  • Mackenzie River Husky
  • Xoloitzcuintli

You may choose one of these names because of your Native American heritage, because your dog has wolf-like qualities, or simply because you’re looking for a unique name.

Strong Native American Dog Names

  • Micco – Chief (Seminole)
  • Kitchi – Brave (Algonquin)
  • Kuruk – Bear (Pawnee)
  • Makwa – Bear (Algonquin)
  • Nokosi – Bear (Seminole)
  • Miwak – Growl of a Bear (Miwok)
  • Kohana – Swift (Sioux)
  • Kitchi – Brave (Algonquin)
  • Yansa – Buffalo (Cherokee)
  • Honi – Wolf (Arapaho)
  • Maikoh – Wolf (Navajo)
  • Yuma – Song of the Chief (Navajo)
  • Hanska – Tall (Sioux)

Cute Native American Dog Names

  • Miki – Little (Inuit)
  • Mansi – Plucked Flowers (Hopi)
  • Tiva – Dance (Hopi)
  • Nikan – My Friend (Potawatomi)
  • Takoda – Friend to Everyone (Sioux)
  • Sihu – Flower (Hopi)
  • Alawa – Pea (Algonquin)
  • Dakota – Friend (Sioux)
  • Nova – Chases Butterfly (Hopi)
  • Onida – The One Searched For (Sioux)
  • Winona – Giving (Sioux)

Native American Dog Names from Nature

  • Tallulah – Leaping Water (Choctaw)
  • Ama – Water (Cherokee)
  • Maka – Earth (Sioux)
  • Kele – Sparrow (Hopi)
  • Misu – Rippling Brook (Miwok)
  • Koko – Night (Blackfoot)
  • Lulu – Rabbit (Hopi)
  • Kai – Willow Tree (Navajo)

Famous Native Americans

  • Geronimo – Apache Leader
  • Cochise – Apache Chief
  • Pontiac – Ottawan Leader
  • Tecumseh – Shawnee Leader
  • Squanto – Saved the pilgrims
  • Sacajawea – Accompanied Lewis & Clark
  • Pocahontas
  • Hiawatha
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    love the names! very inspirational!
    Any who, we are thinking about getting some dogs soon and would like some native american names for them! we are thinking about ether a jack russle Tarrier(sorry if i spelled that wrong!) or a blue heeler. thank you!

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