Perfect Hunting Dog Names – 95 Names for Your Best Pal

hunting dog names

Hunting dog names are perfect if you plan on taking your pup hunting with you.

But how do you know which one to pick?

Out in the fields an owner will have to call the dog’s name many times so it’s important to choose wisely when picking hunting dog names.

When you think of a typical hunting dog, a few adjectives come to mind: loyal, disciplined, tough and smart. Great hunting dog names reflect these characteristics.

Classic Hunting Dog Names

Let’s start with some traditional hunting dog names that encompass the essence of the hunting experience.

  • Hunter/Huntress – After all, your dog is hunter, too.
  • Arrow – Some forgo guns and use arrows for hunting instead.
  • Trapper – The goal is to trap animals, and this is a unique, rugged name.
  • Ranger – Your dog helps you monitor the landscape and take care of business, just like a ranger.
  • Bud/Buddy – Hunters have a special bond with their dog in the fields. You become buds with your dog!
  • Scout – Your pup will help you scout the land. This is name is classic and cool.
  • Chase – It goes without saying: A hunting dog does a whole lot of chasing.
  • Ace – If you do your training right, you’ll have an ace hunting dog. Get a leg up by naming your dog Ace. 
  • Blaze – Like blaze orange! Or, how fast your dog will be running after prey.
  • Shadow – Your pup is like your shadow in the field.
  • Radar – Hopefully your dog is like a radar when you’re hunting together, monitoring everything that’s going on.
  • Liberty – There’s something about hunting that makes you feel free.

Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Ammunition

A critical part of the hunting experience is the ammunition. This provides fun ideas for hunting dog names!

  • Gunner – A term for a person who operates a gun or cannon.
  • Trigger – When firing a shot, you first pull the trigger…
  • Bullet – and then out goes the bullet! Both are strong hunting dog names.
  • Ammo – An abbreviation for ammunition and a unique name for your canine hunter.
  • Magnum – As in the Magnum gun.
  • Gauge – The gauge of a firearm is a unit of measurement used to express the diameter of the barrel. It’s also a tough, strong dog name.
  • Powder – The powder in a gun creates an explosion that propels the bullet and makes a softer hunting dog name.
  • Remington (Remmy) – Based in the United States, the Remington Arms Company is a leading manufacturer of firearms and ammunition.
  • Ruger – The Ruger company, also based in the United States, produces high-quality firearms as well.
  • Benelli – An Italian firearm manufacturer, Benelli is best known for shotguns used by military, law enforcement and civilians all over the world.
  • Hammer – The hammer is the part of a firearm that converts stored up energy into the initial source of energy to fire a projectile.
  • Musket – Looking for a super unique name? Musket  the muzzle-loaded, smoothbore firearm, fired from the shoulder – makes a cool moniker.
  • Tank – As in a tank gun.
  • Winchester  The Winchester Repeating Arms Company is a prominent American maker of repeating firearms. How regal is this name?
  • Colt – Colt’s Manufacturing Company has been making firearms in the United States since 1836.
  • Beretta – This Italian firearms company makes a cool name for a female hunting dog.
  • Glock – As in the Glock pistol.

Hunting dog namesAnimal-Inspired Hunting Dog Names

The names of animals – either hunters themselves or those commonly hunted – also make great hunting dog names.

  • Hawk – The hawk is an agile, strong hunter.
  • Bear – Bears are often hunted and are also hunters themselves. This is quite the popular dog name and frequently makes our top 20 list.
  • Buck – A buck is the the male of some antlered animals, which are commonly hunted.
  • Drake (male mallard) – Duck hunting is quite popular. By picking drake, the name of a male mallard, you’re recognizing the animal without being literal.
  • Wolf – A wolf is also a tough canine hunter!
  • Lynx – The lynx, a medium-sized wild cat, is a natural hunter. Like your dog, hopefully.
  • Fox – We love this name. Foxes are quick and lively, great qualities in a hunting dog.
  • Finch – This animal name is a little different. The finch isn’t hunted or a hunter, but we love this cute, lovely name for a hunting dog.
  • Tiger – Last but not least is tiger, a tough, strong animal!

Other Ideas For Hunting Dog Names

Gosh, there’s so much inspiration for hunting dog names, isn’t there? Here are dozens of more ideas that work perfectly for your strong, obedient pup.

  • Sarge – Love this tough, commanding name for a hunting dog.
  • Duke – Duke is also strong and powerful.
  • General – If your dog is smart and commanding, this is a great name.
  • Diesel – Diesel has just the right edge of toughness and rebellion.
  • Jag – This name is tough and to the point.
  • Justice – Righteous and strong, justice is a great way to describe a hunting dog.
  • Mack – Mack is a tenacious and tough name.
  • Maverick – A maverick is defined as someone who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.
  • Max – This name is quite a popular choice for male pups.
  • Outlaw – If you want a rebellious name, Outlaw is a daring choice.
  • Shiloh – This name is the quintessential classic dog name.
  • Cabela – This retail store is a mecca for hunters.
  • Wolverine – If you’re a sci-fi geek who also likes to hunt, Wolverine perfectly combines the two worlds.
  • Dakota – This name is great on a number of levels. The plains of North and South Dakota are prime hunting spots. And it also pays tribute to the Dakota tribe.
  • Spike – Cute and tough at the same time, Spike is a lovable hunting dog name.
  • Rebel – Great for kick-butt, daring pups.
  • Ryder – A strong and stylish moniker.
  • King/Kinsley – This regal name is fabulous for hunting dogs.
  • Dixie – The region of Dixie is considered the south and southeastern portion of the United States, where hunting is quite popular.
  • Porter – A hip, cool hunting dog name.
  • Rex – If you’re looking for a classic dog name that also works for hunting dogs, Rex is the way to go.
  • Beast – Tough? Check. Fun? Check Check.
  • Legend – This name is unique, fun and confident.
  • Blitz – This military term also serves as a cool hunting dog name.
  • Boomer – If we were to get a hunting dog, this would be our pick for the name.
  • Rocky – As in Rocky Balboa, the tough boxer played by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky is another name on our top 20 most popular choices.
  • Brutus – Tough and funny.
  • Dash – Hunting dogs are super fast, after all.
  • Rambo – Another iconic, tough Sylvester Stallone character.
  • Rogue – A rebellious, fun name.
  • Scooter – This just sounds like a hunting dog name, doesn’t?
  • Sparta/Spartan – Sparta was a warrior society in ancient Greece that defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War.
  • Walker – Like Walker Texas Ranger!
  • Bolt – A good hunting dog is quite speedy, which makes this a fitting name.

hunting dog namesHunting Dog names Based on Nature

You’ll spend a lot of time in nature if you like hunting. Recognize the great outdoors with these nature-inspired names.

  • Thunder – This name is strong and tough, perfect for a hunting dog.
  • Dawn – Hunting often starts at the crack of dawn!
  • Sunny – How cute is this dog name? It’s positive and bright.
  • Sky – You’ll be under the beautiful sky for hours upon hours on your hunting trip!
  • Aurora – As in Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.
  • Stormy – Hopefully your hunting trips are storm-free. But, we do love this strong name for hunting dogs.
  • River – Your hunting trip just might be near a river.
  • Meadow – Hunting usually takes place in fields and meadows. How pretty is this name?
  • Willow – Willow trees and shrubs are common in nature. This is a beautiful, natural name.

Names Inspired by Mythology

Hunting has been around since the beginning of humanity. As such, it’s no surprise that there are many hunters and warriors in ancient mythology.

  • Artemis – In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the hunt. How perfect is this name?
  • Athena – Athena was basically the gal who was good at everything, including war strategy. She was known for her wisdom, strength and athleticism.
  • Apollo – The god Apollo rocked at everything, too. One of his biggest strengths was archery.
  • Orion – Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion.
  • Zeus – Speaking of Zeus, his name makes a pretty sweet hunting dog name, too.
  • Hercules – Half god, half man, Hercules is recognized for his great strength. This makes a tough, unique hunting dog name!
  • Olympia – Around 1,000 b.c., Greeks prepared an athletic festival to honor Zeus. It took place in Olympia, and thus the Olympics were born. 
  • Nyx – The Greek goddess of night, Nyx is a shadowy figure with greek beauty.
  • Xena – As in the warrior princess.

If you’re liking this vibe, we’ve got plenty more mythical names for male dogs and female dogs.

Famous Hunters & Shooters

Last but not least, let’s take a look at real-life people known for their hunting and shooting prowess. These could make cool hunting dog names!

  • Annie Oakley – An American sharpshooter, Annie Oakley wowed exhibition crowds from the late 19th century to early 20th century.
  • Davy Crockett – This 19th century folk hero was the “king of the wild frontier.”
  • Daniel Boone – Daniel Boone is another American pioneer known for his hunting skills.
  • Jesse James – This famous outlaw knew his way around a gun.
  • Wyatt Earp – Perhaps the most famous sheriff in the old west, Wyatt Earp was the town marshal in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, who took part in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Fishing Dog Names

If you’re a fan of fishing as well as hunting you may find these fishing dog names make an excellent choice.

  • Berkley – fishing line
  • Brook – small stream
  • Captain
  • Cisco – fishing brand
  • Finn – part of a fish
  • Gill – fish openings for breathing
  • Keeper – a good one!
  • Kota – Minn Kota motors
  • Lindy – tackle brand
  • Lunker – huge fish
  • Oakley – sunglasses brand
  • Pike – species of carnivorous fish
  • Ranger – popular boat
  • Rigger – setting up sails / assembling tackle
  • Rip – fast pull on the rod
  • Sandy
  • Skipper / Skip
  • Spinner – fishing lure with a rotating blade
  • Sunny
  • Trout

More Ideas

If those 95 names weren’t enough for you, don’t worry, we have plenty more to consider. Try out these:

Advice for picking hunting dog names

Although you don’t have to shy away from cutesy dog names, be prepared for some teasing out in the field if you have to call a name like “Princess” for hours on end.

As a kid we got a dog – a female chocolate Labrador Retriever – with the intent that my dad would use her for hunting. My brother and I wanted to call her Lady, but my dad kiboshed that idea very quickly.

Looking back that was probably a wise idea considering his wise-cracking hunting buddies.

Good luck & happy hunting

Having a dog is an amazing experience, and the relationship between an owner and his dog deepens even more when you bond over an activity like hunting. You’re in store for happy times and many memories.

To help you in your search, take these names into consideration and  play around with our easy-to-use dog naming tool. We hope you find what you’re looking for.

Happy hunting!

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