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cool_dog_namesSo you just got a dog and want to give it a cool name. First off, congrats on your new bundle of fur and joy. What an exciting time in your life!

When it comes to names, “cool” is really a subjective term. What might be cool to you can differ from what others like. So, how do you start generating cool dog names ideas? Here are some tips.

  • Think about things you like. What are your hobbies? Do you like a certain type of music? Or do you root for a certain sports team? This is a great inspiration.
  • Go with geography. Do you have a favorite place to travel? A friend in college studied in Sydney, Australia, and had an amazing time, so when she got a dog she naturally chose the name Sydney.
  • Pay attention when watching TV and movies and reading books. You can find great inspiration.
  • See what’s trending. Check out lists of most popular dog names (here’s our 2014 top selections). Another great place to look is baby name websites. They have hundreds of ideas and stats on what’s cool these days.
  • Search through our list of great dog name options. Get started now.

Good luck finding cool dog names!

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