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Egyptian Dog Names

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In ancient Egypt, it was well known that cats were considered sacred, but dogs were also equally popular with high regard. This list of Egyptian dog names will give you some great ideas for unique dog names you won’t find anywhere else!

Egyptian dog names

In ancient Egypt, dogs were domesticated and served as hunters and companions, just like they do today. Dogs were mentioned in mortuary texts and found in imagery, including a man walking a dog on a leash. The dog breeds depicted seem to be the Basenji, Greyhound, Pharoah, Whippet, or Saluki.

Ancient Egyptians cared greatly about their dogs and believed they would reunite with them in the afterlife. They even named their dogs, and collars have been found with names inscribed on them.

Female Egyptian Dog Names

These Egyptian female dog names make excellent creative options for your girl puppy.

  • Aisha – peaceful
  • Ankhsi
  • Annipe – daughter of the Nile
  • Aziza – precious
  • Chione – mythical
  • Dalila – sweet
  • Femi – lover
  • Hasina – good
  • Hebony – black
  • Jamila – beauty
  • Kamilah – perfect
  • Kepi – tempestuous
  • Khepri – morning sun
  • Kiwu – obese
  • Kosey – word for lion
  • Lapis – blue semi-precious jewel
  • Layla
  • Maye – beloved of Amun
  • Nebit – leopard-like
  • Nubia – golden treasure
  • Phoenix – a mythological bird that rose from the ashes
  • Scarab – beetle & frequent symbol
  • Shani – wonderful woman
  • Tia – Princess during the 19th dynasty
golden retriever in egypt with the pyramids

Male Egyptian Dog Names

These Egyptian boy dog names come from various words with meanings.

  • Abasi – serious
  • Akil – smart
  • Ammon – mystery
  • Aten – sun
  • Azizi – precious
  • Imhotep – peace
  • Kahotep – peaceful
  • Khafra
  • Khalid – immortal
  • Khons – moon
  • Luxor – temple
  • Mihos – lion-headed son of Bastet
  • Mekal – fierce devourer
  • Mkhai – fighter
  • Montu – Falcon
  • Mshai – wanderer
  • Nephi – good son
  • Nomti – strong
  • Odion – yellow flower
  • Pharaoh – Egyptian leader
  • Sabra – patient
  • Sadiki – faithful
  • Skylar – sky
  • Sphinx – lion with a human head
  • Zoser – king

Egyptian Goddess Names for Dogs

These Egyptian names for dogs come from the ancient Goddesses of the country.

  • Amenti – goddess of the land of the west
  • Anat – goddess of fertility
  • Anukis – goddess of the Nile
  • Bau – dog-headed goddess of fertility
  • Hathor – goddess of love, music, dance and joy
  • Heset – goddess of food and drink
  • Isis – motherhood goddess
  • Ma’at – Goddess of truth, justice, and harmony
  • Menhit – Egyptian war goddess
  • Merit – goddess of music
  • Mut – the mother goddess
  • Neit – Goddess of war and hunting
  • Nephthys – Goddess of death and the afterlife
  • Nut – Goddess of the sky
  • Satet – the archer goddess
  • Sekhmet – warrior lioness goddess of light
drawing of dachsund with pyramids in background

Egyptian God Names for Dogs

The god & protector of the underworld, Anubis, was depicted with a dog’s head. This dog looks like one of these breeds, possibly a Basenji. This god was significant to Egyptians as it guided the dead souls to judgment in the afterlife. Dogs freely roamed through Anubis’ temple in Cynopolis (City of the Dog).

  • Aker – earth deity that guarded the dead
  • Amun – powerful chief of gods & fertility
  • Anubis – protector of the underworld, depicted with a dog’s head (or jackal head)
  • Bastet – Goddess represented as a cat, protector of hearth and home
  • Bes – Dwarf god, protector against evil spirits and misfortune
  • Geb – God of the earth
  • Hapi – The Nile god who represented the river’s annual flooding
  • Horus – the sky god
  • Khepri – God of the sunrise, renewal, and rebirth
  • Osiris – lord of life after death
  • Ptah – God of craftsmen and creation
  • Ra – the sun god
  • Seb – god of earth
  • Seth – god of chaos and god of the storm
  • Sobek – god with the body of a man and the head of a crocodile
  • Thoth – God of wisdom, writing, and magic

Egyptian Pharoah Dog Names

These Egyptian pet names are taken from the pharaohs, kings, and queens that ruled ancient Egypt.

  • Akhenaten – The pharaoh who temporarily converted Egypt to monotheism
  • Amenhotep – The pharaohs of the 18th dynasty, including Amenhotep III and IV (Akhenaten)
  • Cleopatra – The last active ruler of Egypt before Rome overtook it
  • Kaba – pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty
  • Khufu – The pharaoh who commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Hatshepsut – The successful female pharaoh who ruled for over 20 years
  • Horemheb – The last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty
  • Imhotep – The architect of the first pyramid, who was later worshiped as a god
  • Meritaten – Daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti
  • Narmer – For the pharaoh who unified Upper and Lower Egypt
  • Nefertiti – The influential queen and wife of Akhenaten
  • Pepi – For Pepi II, who had the longest reign in Egypt’s history
  • Piye – Nubian pharaoh Piye, who conquered Egypt and founded the 25th dynasty
  • Ptolemy – For the Macedonian dynasty of pharaohs that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great
  • Ramses – The great builder Ramses II, who ruled for over 60 years
  • Ramesses – For additional Ramesses pharaohs like Ramesses I, Ramesses III
  • Seti – For Seti I, the father of Ramses II
  • Thutmose – Thutmose III, who expanded Egypt’s empire
  • Tut – King Tutankhamun, the famous boy king
Border Collie by the Nile river

Names from Egyptian Cities and Locations

Egypt is a beautiful country with some of the most famous sites in the world, which makes for fun, unique name options.

  • Abu – Abu Simbel Site of temple complexes built by Ramses II
  • Abydos – an ancient Egyptian city
  • Alexandria – The port city founded by Alexander the Great
  • Aswan – A city along the Nile known for its dams
  • Cairo – The capital of modern Egypt
  • Delta – For the Nile River delta region
  • Giza – Home to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx
  • Isis – An island on the Nile and site of a temple complex
  • Karnak – vast temple complex dedicated to Amun-Ra near Luxor
  • Luxor – Site of ancient Thebes and the Valley of the Kings
  • Memphis – Ancient capital of Lower Egypt
  • Nile – For the famous river that was the lifeline of ancient Egypt
  • Sahara – The vast desert that covers much of Egypt
  • Sinai – The peninsula containing Mount Sinai
  • Thebes – Ancient name for Luxor, the capital during Egypt’s New Kingdom

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