20 Super Cute Girl Dog Names We Love

MP900262272Toby and I spend a lot of time at the dog park. A LOT. As a 100-pound Labrador with endless amounts of energy, Toby needs as much exercise he can get which usually translates to at least two trips to the dog park a day. But I don’t mind – it’s great exercise for me too, plus I get to interact with other dogs and find out the latest dog names trending.

As the owner of an energetic, strapping and sometimes stubborn male dog, I always enjoy the chance to play with sweet, lovable girl dogs at the park. It’s a nice change of pace and gives me great inspiration for girl dog names for this site. Many owners are opting for cute names these days, and here are our top 25 favorites.

20 Cute Girl Dog Names

A wonderfully sweet classic girl dog name.

A reliable, all-American name.

This is perhaps the most popular girl dog name currently. I’ve run into many girl dogs with this name in the past six months. Cute and dainty, it’s a beautiful name – but a heads up that you’ll meet many other pups with the same name if you choose this.

Another classic name, Daisy is still popular but not as much so as in years past, so now is the time to pick this one.


A slight spin on the uber-popular Bella.

Cute and easily rolls off the tongue.

We just heard this one at the dog park today. It’s a fun, playful name that’s easily recognizable but still unique. If we get a girl dog someday (fingers crossed!), this will be a strong candidate.

Another classic, super sweet name. You can’t help but smile when you hear it.

Beautiful and reminiscent of old Hollywood. This also happens to be the name of one of Toby’s “girlfriends” at the dog park.

Cute with a touch of tomboy, this is a great name for a sweet but active girl dog.

This is the name of the other yellow lab on our block, and it’s a beautiful, classic choice.

If Daisy is too common for you, consider this equally endearing but slightly more unique name.

An enchanting, beautiful name that’s easy to say.

The Big Bang Theory has re-popularized the adorable name Penny.

This name has also increased in popularity due to a TV show. Fans of Orange is the Color Black have taken to the name Piper, and it’s trending for both dog and baby names.

Prim yet playful, Poppy is an emerging girl dog name to watch.

My best friend’s sister used our site and found an adorable name for her girl dog: Ruby!

Sadie was the name of my childhood dog, a sensitive, smart chocolate lab. She was everything you could ever want in pet. The name became popular for dogs in the ‘90s and is still going strong today.

Have you ever met a Winnie that wasn’t cute? Winnie the Pooh, Winnie Cooper…nothing but cuteness!

Thanks to Zooey Deschanel, this name is gaining popularity for both dogs and children. She’s as cute as a button, just like her name.

So there you have it! A list of our favorite girl dog names that are as cute as your little fur ball.

If you’d like to look for more cute girl dog names, check them out here.

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