20 Super Cute Boy Dog Names

cute_dog_namesA few months ago we posted 20 super cute girl dog names we love. When you spend a lot of time in the dog park like I do, you hear many different puppy names and start to think about your favorites – just in case you want to get another dog some day.

After creating a list of cute girl dog names, we couldn’t leave the boys out! So here’s a list of 20 awesome boy names you’re sure to love:

Adorable and sweet, this creates a great nickname: Augie Doggy.

A cute and funny option. Just think of Barkley from Sesame Street!

When you hear Buddy, don’t you think of a loyal, loving pal?

This fun, spunky name belongs to do a dog with a lot of energy.

There’s so many great reasons to love this name. Maybe you’re a Star Wars fan and it’s an ode to Chewbacca. Or perhaps your dog likes to nibble on things (let’s just hope he grows out of it!) Either way, it’s a darn cute boy dog name!

Who can forget Clifford the Big Red Dog? This is a great name, especially for a gentle giant. In hindsight, Clifford would be perfect for our 100-pound yellow lab.

My friend’s mom named her dog Ernie, and it couldn’t be a more perfect name for the little guy.

How fun is this name? It just exudes character and spunk.

Another great option for a sci-fi fan. Frodo Baggins was an adorable, endearing creature, just like a puppy.

This was a popular name in Minnesota because of baseball great Kirby Puckett. It’s also the name of an adorable video game character.

A classic dog name that stands the test of time!

Think of that adorable little yellow puppy from “Marley & Me.” (Just forget about all the naughty things he did.)

Fun and spunky, Meeko is a unique option – you likely won’t hear any other dog with this name.

This is the name of my husband’s childhood dog, who was sweet, well-mannered and loved by everyone who met him.

As classic names come back in style, Oliver is becoming a popular option.

My pup loves playing with a Weimaraner named Sully who’s the sweetest (and fastest) little guy at the dog park.

A great name for a furry friend.

We couldn’t have a list of the cutest boy dog names without paying homage to our Toby! The name is cute, fun and classic.

Think back to “Wizard of Oz” and Dorothy’s adorable Cairn Terrier.

Last but not least is Ziggy, a cute, playful name!


Want more? Try our online generator of cute boy dog names.

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