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Spiritual Dog Names

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These spiritual dog names are perfect for those looking to capture the beauty of life in their companion’s name. You’ll find ideas that come from natural, mystical, and religious sources. They make for beautiful and unique dog name options.

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Top Spiritual Dog Names

These are the most popular spiritual dog names across a variety of categories.

  • Asher – happy, blessed, fortunate
  • Buddha – The awakened one or the enlightened one
  • Chakra – meaning wheel or cycle – is a part of the body’s energy
  • Charm – an object or saying with magical powers or used for good luck
  • Dharma – the nature of reality or correct behavior
  • Faith – having complete trust or confidence
  • Grace – simple elegance, divine assistance given to humans
  • Halo – radiance
  • Harmony – arrangements of parts (music or Gospels) in sync
  • Karma – Buddist law of cause and effect
  • Kismet – destiny or fate
  • Mojo – a magical charm or power
  • Nirvana – a transcendent state without suffering
  • Pax – the kiss of peace in Mass
  • Vida – life
  • Virtue – moral excellence
  • Yogi – a person proficient in yoga

Names From Gods & Goddesses

These options come from the gods and goddesses of various mythologies and traditions. For more of these ideas, see our complete guide to mythical dog names.

  • Apollo – the Greek god of music, light, and poetry
  • Atlas – Titan god who held the earth and sky
  • Aurora – The Roman goddess of the dawn
  • Chaos – a primordial Greek god
  • Cupid – the Roman god of love
  • Freya – the Norse goddess of love
  • Gaia – the goddess of earth
  • Hera – The queen of the ancient Greek gods
  • Horus – The Egyptian god of the sun and the sky
  • Juno – Latin, meaning the queen of heaven. Wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology.
  • Kali – The Hindu goddess of destruction and change
  • Lakshmi – the Hindi goddess of good fortune
  • Loki – A Norse trickster god
  • Nyx – the goddess of night
  • Odin – The premier god from Norse mythology (see more Norse dog names here)
  • Shiva – The Hindu god of creation and destruction
  • Uma – Hindu goddess of power and energy
  • Venus – The Roman goddess of love
  • Zeus – Leader of the gods in Greek mythology

Ideas from the Bible

Here are some of the most popular name ideas from the Bible. For even more ideas, look at our complete list of biblical dog names.

  • Angel – a messenger of god
  • Christian – a follower of Christ
  • Eli – a high priest who taught Samuel
  • Esther – Jewish heroine
  • Eve – the first woman
  • Gabriel – (Gabe), a messenger angel
  • Gideon – a warrior from the book of Judges
  • Goliath – a giant who fought David, a good option for large breeds
  • Heaven – the place where God resides
  • Kaleb – (Caleb) meaning wholehearted, dog, or faithful
  • Levi – the son of Jacob
  • Trinity – The father, son, and holy spirit
  • Zeke – (Ezekiel) God strengthens
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Mystical Dog Names

These mystical names come from many spiritual traditions. These dog name ideas represent a connection to the world and a greater power.

  • Aikido – is a Japanese martial art meaning “the way of unifying with life energy”
  • Aura – atmosphere surrounding a person, place, or thing
  • Chi – vital energy in martial arts and Chinese medicine
  • Cosmo – from cosmos (the universe) or cosmology (the study of it)
  • Crystal – a rock formation that is said to possess powers
  • Druid – a Celtic magician, priest, or soothsayer
  • Jinn – an intelligent spirit ranking below angels in Arabian mythology
  • Juju – a charm or supernatural power
  • Kami – a sacred power or force from Japanese Shinto belief
  • Koan – a Zen Buddist riddle to guide a student toward enlightenment
  • Lux – light
  • Magus – a sorcerer
  • Mantra – a word or sound repeated for concentration when meditating
  • Miracle – a divine, supernatural, or unexplainable occurrence
  • Namaste – greetings to you, originally used to salute a divinity
  • Nimbus – a cloud or halo around a supernatural being
  • Orion – a heavenly body
  • Serenity – a peaceful state
  • Sprite – an elf, fairy, or disembodied spirit
  • Sufi – a Muslim mystic
  • Taboo – something that is forbidden by society
  • Tiki – A Polynesian carving, typically a statue or necklace. They are used to mark sacred sites.
  • Voodoo – a type of magic
  • Warlock – a male magic user
  • Zen – Japanese tradition of Buddhism focused on meditation

Other Names from Religion

Here are some more religious dog names that are unique and fun. Consider your own beliefs to find even more possible options.

  • Abbot – the head of a group of monks
  • Ariel – an archangel who represents Israel
  • Bishop – a senior member of the Christian clergy
  • Brahma – the Hindu creator of the universe
  • Charity – one of the seven virtues
  • Cherub – a type of angel
  • Deacon – an ordained minister
  • Dina – an angel of knowledge
  • Jubilee – a Jewish year or restoration, occurring every fifty years
  • Miko – a shrine maiden in the Shinto religion
  • Monk – a man who has taken a vow for religious reasons
  • Pilgrim – one who travels to a sacred place
  • Rene – born again in French
  • Saint – an exceptionally virtuous person
  • Santo – a saint in Mexico
  • Torah – the first five books of the Old Testament
  • Vesper – evening prayer
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Names from Shrines, Objects, and Locations

Here are some spiritual dog names from places and objects that have a powerful essence or meaning to people worldwide.

  • Abbey – the dwelling of monks or nuns
  • Athos – Greece’s holy mountain
  • Basil – Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow represents the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Eden – the garden where life began in the Bible
  • Mandala – Hindu and Buddhist geometric design symbolizing the universe
  • Mecca – the Muslim holy city
  • Meru – The mountain where the gods live in Hindu and Buddhist traditions
  • Rune – a marking or letter with magical powers
  • Sedona – a point in Arizona where healing energies are said to converge
  • Shasta – Mount Shasta in California attracts both outdoor lovers and those seeking wellness
  • Tibet – the home of the Dalai Lama and roof of the world
  • Zion – Hebrew for the highest point

Patron Saints

Here is a list of patron saints that might make a good name for your pup. It lists the name followed by who they protect or advocate for.

  • Amand – innkeepers, vine growers
  • Anastasia – healers
  • Apollonia – dentists
  • Bede – writers and historians
  • Blaise – town criers and veterinarians
  • Bona – travelers
  • Brigid – nuns
  • Cecelia – musicians
  • Claude – sculptors
  • Clement – metal workers and stone workers
  • Crispin – tanners, cobblers, and curriers
  • Jude – children, police, and hospital workers
  • Lucy – laborers
  • Sebastian – soldiers
  • Vincent – volunteers

Spiritual Sanskrit Names

These spiritual ideas come from ancient Sanskrit names. As a result, they are genuinely uncommon options for naming your puppy.

  • Akasha – a universal field imprinted by past events
  • Amala – clean, pure
  • Amara – deathless or immortal, eternity
  • Arya – noble
  • Asha – wish, hope, desire
  • Bodhi – awakening or enlightenment
  • Chandra – moon
  • Gita – song of god or chanting
  • India – river
  • Japa – repetition of a mantra during meditation
  • Kali – black one
  • Kashi – shining
  • Kavi – sage
  • Maya – illusion
  • Mira – sea, ocean
  • Moksha – liberation from the cycle of life and death
  • Yana – the method of spiritual practice in Buddism

Selecting a Dog Name

Hopefully, you found some tremendous spiritual dog names for your pup! We recommend choosing several names and then saying them out loud to get an idea of how it’ll feel to say the name to your puppy and others you introduce them to.

Once you’ve selected a name, you can follow our guide to teach your dog its name.

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