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Protect your dog’s health with these tips and tricks. We’ve got loads of advice to help your dog feel great and look their best. Managing your dog’s health may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – this simple, straightforward info will help you raise a healthy and happy pup.

  1. What to Do When Your House Smells Like Dog

    Oh, the dreaded dog smell. Our furry friends are so cute and so cuddly, yet there is just a certain smell that their presence adds to your home. The challenging part is, the odor is often hard to pick up on when you’re living in the house day in and day out. It’s like your […]

  2. Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

    Have you ever looked at your pup and thought, “Why do dogs like squeaky toys so much?” Dogs seem to go absolutely crazy for these noisy novelties. And on the plus side, squeaky toys keep your dog engaged and occupied for quite some time, which is great especially when your pet has boundless energy. On […]

  3. Can dogs eat kale?

    Can Dogs Eat Kale?

    Kale is quite the trendy health food these days. But can dogs eat kale just like their human counterparts? As dog parents, we want to keep our pups healthy and happy. Everyone knows that kale is a superfood for people, so it makes sense to wonder if it’s true for dogs. If you’ve been asking, […]

  4. home grooming thumb

    10 Home Dog Grooming Tips You Should Know

    Grooming your dog is an essential part of being a dog parent. Not only does good grooming keep your dog looking and smelling good, it’s also essential to their health. At the same time, grooming isn’t easy. After years of practice, I’ve gathered up 10 tips you can use for home dog grooming that I […]

  5. poisonous plants thumb

    Beware! 21 Common Plants Poisonous to Dogs

    Dogs love to explore and chew things, especially when they’re younger. And for whatever reason, many dogs enjoy munching on grass and other vegetation. My dog Toby is obsessed with sneaking a bite of the long grass that pops up along our walking trails. For the most part, I let him grab a few bites […]

  6. puppy care tips

    Puppy Care Tips

    Taking care of puppy is both a lot of responsibility and a lot of fun. We’ve compiled a list of basic puppy care tips for you to make sure your pup stays in good health. Going to the Vet When you get a new puppy you’ll want to setup an appointment with a vet. Depending […]

  7. dog tick thumb

    5 Critical Ways to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

    Now is the time of the year where ticks start to come out, and unfortunately, those bloodsucking parasites love to attach to our poor pups. Once attached, those nasty little buggers bury their heads into your dog’s skin and gorge themselves on blood. This can transmit dangerous diseases, like Lyme Disease, or cause your furbaby […]

  8. dog bath thumb

    What to Do When Your Dog Hates Taking a Bath

    Oh, bath time. It can be such a struggle with dogs. And why is it that some dogs love jumping into the water and will gladly swim in a lake or romp around in ponds and puddles, but are absolutely terrified of getting into a bathtub? Toby hated baths as a puppy. He would sit […]

  9. dog health thumb

    8 Ways You’re Seriously Hurting Your Dog’s Health Without Realizing It

    We all want the best for our dogs. After all, you wouldn’t be on this site if you weren’t a devoted pup parent! Taking care of a pet isn’t easy, however, and sometimes, despite our best intentions, we accidentally do things that are detrimental to our dog’s health. If you do any of these on […]

  10. dog coat thumb

    4 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny and Healthy

    An important part of being a pup parent is making sure your dog is in good overall health. One highly noticeable way to gauge a dog’s well being is by their coat. Is it healthy and shiny or dull and lifeless? Unlike humans who might just be having a bad hair day, a dog’s coat […]

  11. dog toothbrush thumb

    Dog Dental Cleaning: Essential Info You Need to Know

    Dog dental cleaning – what is it and do our dogs need it? The short answer: Yes! Dogs absolutely need a lot of TLC when it comes to caring for their chompers. This topic came up a few weeks ago when I noticed that Toby’s teeth were not quite as pearly white as they used to be. […]

  12. dog paw winter thumb

    Easy Ways to Protect Your Poor Pup’s Paws in Winter

    The other day it was literally -25 degrees here in Minneapolis. No joke. If you threw a bucket of water off the deck, it would freeze before it hit the ground. Despite the cold, our dear old dogs still need to go outside to do their business and get some exercise, which can be super […]

  13. dog safe halloween thumb

    7 Tips to Keep your Dog Safe on Halloween

    Halloween is such a fun time for humans. Celebrating with family and friends. Dressing up in cool costumes. Lots of snacks and treats. But for dogs, it’s kind of a terrifying time – and not just because of the spooky decorations. All of a sudden there are dozens of kids running outside, yelling, trampling through your dog’s […]

  14. 7 Reasons Why Sharing Your Bed with Your Dog is Amazing

    Almost half of all dog owners today allow their pet to sleep in bed with them, according to Psychology Today. More and more people see a dog as part of their family, so it’s easy to understand why this number is so high. And for many people, myself included, sharing your bed with your dog […]

  15. Popular Dog Breeds & Their Health Issues

    In this infographic, we will cover the most popular dog breeds and their most common natural health problems. From active Huskies to sleepy Pugs, all of these loveable dogs tend to be at risk of their own typical health issues. You will see what the most prevalent problems are in our list of smaller dogs […]

  16. dog safe winter thumb

    9 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe in Winter

    The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting a little crisper. Before you know it, winter will be here for those of us living in cold climates. That means snow, ice and miserably cold temperatures, which can present a number of challenges and potential health risks for our four-legged companions. Don’t stress out, though. […]

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