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4 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny and Healthy

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An important part of being a pup parent is making sure your dog is in good health. One highly noticeable way to gauge a dog’s well being is by their coat. Is it healthy and shiny or dull and lifeless?

Unlike humans who might just be having a bad hair day, a dog’s coat reflects their overall health and is a little more complicated than you might think.

What can you do to keep your dog’s mane looking good?

Here are four easy tips that are easy to implement and make a huge difference in your dog’s appearance, and most importantly, their health. 

1. Bathe your dog regularly

What’s the magic number for how often you should bathe your dog? Generally, it’s about once a month.

Washing your dog more often than this strips the natural oils out of their coat and causes dryness, leading to a dull-looking appearance.

On the other hand, not bathing them enough adds build-up.

When giving your dog a bath, be sure to thoroughly rinse out the shampoo. If left in, it can irritate the skin and make the fur look lifeless.

Don’t have time to give your dog a bath? Use dry shampoo!

Dry dog shampoo is a great way to give your dog’s coat a quick boost in between baths. 

We know of a number busy pet owners who use this to keep their dog’s coat clean and fresh when they’re short on time. 

dog getting bath

2. Practice good grooming

Experts recommend grooming your dog’s coat every few days, no matter what fur type or length.

To get started, find a comb or brush that’s appropriate for your dog’s breed, size and fur type. Brushing gets rid of tangles, dander and old skin cells, which is so important.

For some dogs, however, a good ‘ol professional grooming session is needed from time to time. And that’s totally OK. Especially if your dog has a complicated coat. 

In addition to brushing, we also use a deshedding brush on our dog Toby. This strips out loose fur and leaves the coat nice and shiny. As a bonus, you’ll have less dog hair around the house!

We use this deshedding tool but any model will do.

dog being combed

3. Look at their diet

You know that saying, “We are what we eat”? That applies to dogs, too.

Nutritious, quality dog food is incredibly important to maintaining a shiny and healthy coat.

Always check out online reviews of food, read the labels and consult with your vet to get their opinion on your dog’s chow.

Here are some tips on what to feed a young dog, including the brand, how much and how often. 

With high-quality food, your dog will feel good AND look good. 

4. Add omega fatty acids

Another great way to add extra shine to your dog’s coat is by adding extra omega fatty acids to their diet, like omega-6 or even omega-3.

Without boring you too much, here’s a quick rundown on both, with info courtesy of 1800 Pet Meds:

  • Omega-6 is the go-to fatty acid for promoting healthy skin and achieving a shiny coat. Another benefit is that it helps to fight infection. Foods rich in omega-6 include vegetable oils like sunflower oil or safflower oil.
  • Omega-3 works to control inflammation, ease arthritis pain and boost your dog’s mood. It’s found in fish and fish oil as well as chia seeds, flaxseed and several other ingredients and can be a big benefit to your dog’s overall health.

You can give your dog these supplements in the form of either a soft chew tablet or a liquid. But just make sure you don’t add too much fatty acid to their diet, lest a tummy ache.

And don’t forget, always consult your veterinarian ahead of time. 

dog in the sun

What if your dog’s coat is looking dull?

Despite your best efforts, sometimes a dog’s coat just looks dull and dingy. According to Web MD, the most likely culprit in this scenario is diet – but not always. The answer could be more complicated.

If you’re doing all of the above and your dog still has issues with their coat, check to see if they are feeling unwell. Do they have any sores? Have they been acting strangely?

Another thing to look for is parasites, like fleas or ticks. Majorly gross, we know. But it can happen.

To check, run your fingers through your dog’s coat to look for black dots, aka flea droppings. If you find this, go to your vet right away.

These critters rob your dog of important nutrients and damage their coat, and must be removed asap.


Good grooming is a critical part of being a responsible pup parent. And a shiny, healthy coat is a sign of a happy, healthy dog!

Life gets busy, however, and it can seem like there are so many things to keep track of when it comes to a pet.

With these four quick and easy tips, however, your dog’s coat will look great and your pup will feel great, too!

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