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Twin Dog Names (Ideas for Dog Pairs)

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This is the complete list of twin dog names, perfect for a pair of pups. These name lists contain options for male, female, and combined gender duos. We’ve gathered twosomes from movies, tv, cartoons, music, and more!

two jack russell terriers running

Best Female Twin Dog Names

Here are some of the best names for female couples of dogs.

  • Anna and Elsa – The featured characters in Frozen
  • Betty and Wilma – The Flintstones
  • Daphne and Velma – Scooby Doo
  • Laverne and Shirley
  • Minnie and Daisy
  • Monica and Rachel – Friends
  • Moon and Stars
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Sansa and Arya – sisters from Game of Thrones
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Venus and Serena – Williams, tennis player sisters

Best Male Twin Dog Names

Here are some of the best options for a pair of male puppies.

  • Batman and Robin
  • Bert and Ernie – Sesame Street
  • Butch and Sundance – Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
  • Fred and Barney – The Flintstones
  • Han and Chewie – Star Wars
  • Mario and Luigi – The Mario Bros.
  • Scooby and Shaggy – Scooby Doo
  • Sherlock and Watson – Sherlock Holmes
  • Smokey and Bandit
  • Wayne and Garth – Wayne’s World
  • Woody and Buzz – Toy Story

Best Male and Female Dog Pairs

These names are perfect for a pairing of a male and a female dog.

  • Bart and Lisa – The Simpsons
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Clark and Lois – Superman
  • Donald and Daisy
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Homer and Marge – The Simpsons
  • Jack and Jill
  • Lady and Tramp
  • Luke and Leia – Star Wars
  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Pongo and Perdita – 101 Dalmatians
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Samson and Delilah – The Bible
  • Shrek and Fiona
two English Springer Spaniel dogs walking on leashes

Cartoon Pair Dog Names

These cartoon names are extra fun for naming a puppy. We also have a complete list of cartoon dog names.

  • Aladdin and Jasmine
  • Archie and Jughead
  • Ash and Pikachu
  • Boris and Natasha – The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
  • Bugs and Daffy – Looney Tunes
  • Bugs and Lola – Looney Tunes
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Chip and Dale – Disney chipmunks
  • He-Man and She-Ra
  • Huey and Louie – Donald Duck (or Dewey)
  • Itchy and Scratchy – The Simpsons
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Linus and Lucy – siblings from Charlie Brown
  • Mike and Sulley – Monsters Inc
  • Nemo and Dory – Finding Nemo
  • Phil and Lil – twins from Rugrats
  • Ren and Stimpy
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
  • Snoopy and Woodstock – Peanuts
  • Stewie and Brian – Family Guy
  • Sylvester and Tweety – Looney Tunes
  • Timon and Pumba – The Lion King
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Wallace and Gromitt

TV and Movie Duos

These famous characters come from a variety of tv shows and movies. Also be sure to check out our famous dog names list.

  • Abbot and Costello – classic comedy duo
  • Arnold and Danny – the movie twins starring Schwarzenegger and DeVito
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Chandler and Joey – from the show Friends
  • Charlie and Frank – roommates in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Cheech and Chong – comedy duo
  • Doc and Marty – Back to the Future
  • Dorothy and Toto – The Wizard of Oz
  • Fraiser and Niles – brothers in the show Fraiser
  • Fred and George – The Weasley twins in Harry Potter
  • Frodo and Sam – The Lord of the Rings
  • Gilligan and Skipper – Gilligan’s Island
  • Gomez and Morticia – The Addams Family
  • Groucho and Harpo – The Marx Brothers
  • Harry and Lloyd – Dumb & Dumber
  • Harry and Ron – Harry Potter (or Hermione)
  • Hulk and Thor – The Avengers
  • Jacob and Bella – Twilight
  • Jake and Elwood – The Blues Brothers
  • Jay and Silent Bob
  • Jerry and Kramer – Seinfeld (or George or Elaine)
  • Jim and Pam – The Office
  • Key and Peele – comedy duo
  • Kirk and Spock – Star Trek
  • Laurel and Hardy – comedy duo
  • Lucy and Ethel – I Love Lucy
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley – Full House twins
  • Moe and Larry – The Three Stooges
  • Moulder and Scully – The X-Files
  • Mork and Mindy
  • Phoebe and Ursula – from the show Friends
  • Ritchie and Fonzie – Happy Days
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Tango and Cash
  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Walter and Jessie – Breaking Bad
  • Will and Grace
  • Xena and Gabrielle

Sports Pair Names

Here are some dog names taken from athletic pairs.

  • Ali and Frazier – famous boxers
  • Babe and Lou – New York Yankees
  • Gretsky and Messier – New York Rangers
  • Magic and Kareem – LA Lakers
  • Mario and Jaromir – Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Michael and Scottie – Chicago Bulls
  • Palmer and Nicklaus – Golfers
  • Shaq and Kobe – LA Lakers
  • Tom and Rob – New England Patriots
  • Troy and Emmitt – Dallas Cowboys

Music Name Pairs

If you love music, check out these excellent name options. Also, check out our complete list of music inspired dog names.

  • AC and DC
  • Axl and Slash – Guns ‘n Roses
  • Baby and Ginger – The Spice Girls (you could also swap in Posh, Scary, or Sporty)
  • Biggie and Pac
  • Biggie and Puffy
  • Bono and Edge – U2
  • Brooks and Dunn
  • Donnie and Marie
  • Dre and Big Boi – Outkast
  • Dre and Snoop
  • Elvis and Priscilla
  • Hall and Oats
  • Jack and Meg – The White Stripes
  • Jay and Beyonce
  • Kurt and Courtney – Cobain (of Nirvana) and Love
  • Paul and Ringo – The Beatles (you could also use John or George)
  • Rock and Roll
  • Salt and Peppa
  • Sid and Nancy
  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • Sonny and Cher
  • Tegan and Sara

Food Duos

This list is made up of foods that pair well together. These are some fun and funny options for naming your pup. For more ideas like this see our food dog names.

  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Ben and Jerry – the ice cream duo
  • Biscuit and Gravy
  • Chip and Dip
  • Cinnamon and Sugar
  • Coffee and Cream
  • Fish and Chips
  • Gin and Tonic
  • Ginger and Snap
  • Ketchup and Mustard
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Mike and Ike
  • Milk and Cookies
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Spaghetti and Meatball
  • Tater and Tot

More Ideas

Here are some more ideas for names that go well together.

  • Abra and Cadabra
  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • Adam and Eve – the first couple in the Bible
  • Barbie and Ken
  • Barnum & Bailey – famous circus
  • Baron and Baroness
  • Cain and Abel – brothers from the Bible
  • David and Goliath
  • Dick and Jane
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Ebony and Ivory – Great for black and white pair
  • Fric and Frac
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Penn & Teller – magician duo
  • Polka and Dot
  • Raggedy Anne and Andy
  • Riff and Raff
  • Romulus and Remus – brothers in Roman mythology
  • Scratch and Sniff
  • Sonic and Tails – Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Summer and Winter
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 – Cat in the Hat
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum – Alice in Wonderland
  • War and Peace
  • Wilbur and Orville – the Wright brothers, airplane inventors
  • William and Kate – Royal family
  • Yin and Yang
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