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The Pekingese is a loyal and regal pup that doesn't need much exercise. They're a good companion but don't like the rough play of childen.

Average size and lifespan

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Height: 0ft 6in - 0ft 9in
Weight: 7-14lbs
Lifespan: 12 - 14 Years


  • Affection3/5
  • Kid-Friendly2/5
  • Stranger-Friendly2/5
  • Dog-Friendly2/5
  • Barking Amount2/5


  • Grooming Difficulty3/5
  • Shedding Amount3/5
  • Easy to Train2/5
  • Can Be Alone3/5
  • Exercise Need2/5


  • Cold Tolerance4/5
  • Heat Tolerance1/5
  • Apartment-Friendly5/5

Pekingese Information

As a pet, the Pekingese is elegant with a regal demeanor. He is affectionate and loyal to his owners, with a cute, scrunched-up face and beautiful fur that comes in many colors, from golden-red to darker shades.

For maintenance, note that his long fur does need extended brushing at least once a week to stay looking good. On the flip side, his energy level is low to moderate, so you won’t need to spend too much time exercising him.


The Pekingese has a long, fascinating history. The breed dates back to at least the 8th century during the Tang dynasty and gets its name from the ancient city of Peking, now Beijing. They were considered sacred – in fact; they could only be owned by royalty.

The breed later made its way to Europe in the 1800s when it was captured during the war. The seized dogs were brought back West, where one was given as a gift for Queen Victoria of England, who named it Looty. After that, the Pekingese became a favorite breed of the royal court.

Pekingese Training & Temperament

Pekes are relatively independent and can be stubborn about training. However, they are very friendly, loving, and intelligent. They bond with their owners and are okay with children but don’t appreciate the rough play.

Pekingese Exercise

Pekingese are charming and confident in their play but don’t need too much of it. Instead, this small toy breed enjoys a small amount of exercise at a slower pace.

Pekingese Grooming

The long, fluffy coat of the Pekingese requires quite a bit of maintenance. This breed does shed with the season, and brushing will help control the loose hairs and work out tangles. Professional grooming is recommended every 8-12 weeks.


Pekingese prefer colder temperatures, so it’s best to avoid the heat. Due to their short snouts, it’s essential to make sure they are breathing fine, and if they are breathing too heavily, stop the exercise and remove them from heat. Be careful around their eyes, as the short snout also offers little protection.

Sources: Wikipedia, AKC

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breed stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

Breed FAQs

Can Pekingeses be apartment dogs?

The Pekingese is an excellent apartment dog. They don't need as much space for activity and will be happy in a condo or apartment.

Can Pekingeses be left alone?

While Pekingeses prefer to be around their owners, they can do fairly well when left alone if necessary.

Are Pekingeses good with kids?

Pekingeses can be difficult to handle with the rowdy behavior of a child. They should be watched very closely.

Are Pekingeses friendly with strangers?

Pekingeses tend to be uncomfortable with strangers. They will require extra training effort to socialize them with those outside their family.

Do Pekingeses get along with other dogs?

Pekingeses aren't usually friendly with other dogs. They tend to not get along unless carefully socialized.

Do Pekingeses bark a lot?

A Pekingese will most often bark only when alerting about something. They likely need something or see a stranger if they're barking.

Do Pekingeses shed a lot?

Pekingeses shed a medium amount. They will have seasonal shedding, but aren't terrible to clean up after.

Do Pekingeses need a lot of grooming?

Although Pekingeses require a medium amount of maintenance to keep their coats healthy. Simple tasks like brushing and bathing will suit this breed.

Do Pekingeses need a lot of exercise?

Pekingeses don't need a ton of exercise. You'll just need to provide some basic activity to keep them healthy.

Are Pekingeses easy to train?

Most Pekingeses are stubborn and will take extra work to train. They can still learn trained behaviors, but will take more effort.

Can Pekingeses handle cold weather?

Pekingeses do well in cold weather. You may need to protect their paws, but they'll do well in colder climates.

Can Pekingeses handle hot weather?

It's best not to have a Pekingese in hot temperatures for long as it can be dangerous to their health.

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