Boxer Information

boxer breedThe Boxer is in the top 10 for most popular dogs, and it’s easy to see why. They’re loyal, fun-loving and affectionate friends. Their turned-up nose, pointed ears and sweet eyes are hard to resist. Characteristically, Boxers are muscular and strong with a smooth and graceful athleticism – like the athlete they’re named for.

The breed descends from a line of dogs found throughout Europe since the 1500s. Today they can have a brindle or fawn coat with white markings. Patient yet playful and easy to train, this dog is a perfect choice for those with families that include children and other pets.

Breed Stats

Average Size

chihuahua silouette
great dane silouette

Height: 1ft 9in - 2ft 1in     Weight: 60-77lbs
Lifespan: 10 - 12 Years


  • Affection
  • Children
  • Strangers
  • Other Dogs
  • Barking


  • Grooming
  • Shedding
  • Easy to Train
  • Time Alone
  • Exercise Need


  • Apartments
  • Cold Tolerance
  • Heat Tolerance

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breeds stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

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