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Bulldog BreedQuickly rising in the ranks of the most selected dogs, the Bulldog is becoming quite the popular choice for new dog owners. With a large, pushed-in face, turned-up nose and loose skin, the Bulldog’s face is easily recognizable. Their body is strong and muscular with a stocky shape.

It is believed that the Bulldog originated in the British Isles. “Bull” was added for the breed’s use in bull baiting, a cruel practice that has thankfully been discontinued.

People today are choosing the Bulldog for his cute, wrinkly face and easy-going, friendly nature. It also helps that they don’t require much exercise.

Breed Stats

Average Size

chihuahua silouette
great dane silouette

Height: 1ft 0in - 1ft 3in     Weight: 40-55lbs
Lifespan: 8 - 12 Years


  • Affection
  • Children
  • Strangers
  • Other Dogs
  • Barking


  • Grooming
  • Shedding
  • Easy to Train
  • Time Alone
  • Exercise Need


  • Apartments
  • Cold Tolerance
  • Heat Tolerance

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breeds stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

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