Norfolk Terrier Information

Norfolk TerrierWeighing in at only 10-12 pounds, the Norfolk Terrier is a tiny little bundle of joy and attitude. This hardy breed was used by hunters and farmers in the field for its even temperament, fearless nature and adaptable attitude.

Affectionate and loyal, the Norfolk is more social than other Terriers and loves being part of a family. His folded-over ears, button nose, deep eyes and wiry fur (which can be black and tan, grizzle, red or wheaten) are hard to resist! Just make sure he gets lots of exercise and play time – this breed is active.

Breed Stats

Average Size

chihuahua silouette
great dane silouette

Height: 0ft 9in - 0ft 10in     Weight: 11-12lbs
Lifespan: 11 - 15 Years


  • Affection
  • Children
  • Strangers
  • Other Dogs
  • Barking


  • Grooming
  • Shedding
  • Easy to Train
  • Time Alone
  • Exercise Need


  • Apartments
  • Cold Tolerance
  • Heat Tolerance

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breeds stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

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