American Eskimo Dog Information

American Eskimo DogA loving companion, the American Eskimo is a playful, smart dog ranging in size from small to medium. The breed’s distinguishing features are its bright white coat, perky ears and jet-black lips and nose. Once used a circus dog, American Eskimos are obedient, agile and easy to train. They are great with children and other dogs, too.

Believe it or not, this dog actually originated in Germany and is a descendant of the European spitzes. Their voluminous coat requires regular brushing and bathing – it’s not easy to look that good! Make sure this breed gets enough exercise; they’re quick and curious and need stimulation.

Breed Stats

Average Size

chihuahua silouette
great dane silouette

Height: 1ft 3in - 1ft 7in     Weight: 18-35lbs
Lifespan: 12 - 15 Years


  • Affection
  • Children
  • Strangers
  • Other Dogs
  • Barking


  • Grooming
  • Shedding
  • Easy to Train
  • Time Alone
  • Exercise Need


  • Apartments
  • Cold Tolerance
  • Heat Tolerance

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breeds stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

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