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Marvel Dog Names

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Are you welcoming a new furry family member and a die-hard Marvel fan? You’ve arrived at the perfect spot! We’ve gathered the ultimate collection of Marvel dog names inspired by your favorite heroes, villains, and sidekicks to ensure you find the perfect fit. Don’t miss out on giving your canine companion a name worth saving the world for!

Marvel comics style dog illustration

Top Male Marvel Dog Names

We will start with the most popular options to kick off our list of Marvel dog names. These names are some of our visitors’ favorite dog names, even outside the comic book category.

  1. Thor
  2. Hulk
  3. Loki
  4. Groot
  5. Thanos
  6. Beast
  7. Cosmo
  8. Drax
  9. Rocket
  10. Thanos

Top Female Marvel Dog Names

Here are our favorite options for female Marvel dog names.

  1. Wanda
  2. Natasha
  3. Pepper
  4. Storm
  5. Scarlet
  6. Aurora
  7. Domino
  8. Jubilee
  9. Rogue
  10. Elektra
armored comic book dog

Avengers Dog Names

This list includes the primary characters from the Avengers series from the comics and movies (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, and Wasp) as well as their comics, shows, and movies.

  • Aldrich (Aldrich Killian, main antagonist of Iron Man 3)
  • Arnim (Arnim Zola, villain from Captain America)
  • Bruce (Bruce Banner, aka Hulk)
  • Bucky (Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier)
  • Carter (Peggy Carter, a founder of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Cassie (Cassie Lang, Scott Lang / Ant-Man’s daughter)
  • Clint (Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye)
  • Corvus (Corvus Glaive, member of Thanos’ Black Order)
  • Coulson (Phil Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)
  • Cull (Cull Obsidian, member of Thanos’ Black Order)
  • Ebony (Ebony Maw, member of Thanos’ Black Order)
  • Edwin (Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark’s butler and Peggy Carter’s ally)
  • Falcon (from Captain America, the first Black American superhero)
  • Foster (Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest in the comics and Thor 1 & 2)
  • Frigga (mother of Thor)
  • Fury (Nick Fury, leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Ghost (Ava Starr, aka Ghost, from Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • Glenn (Glenn Talbot, character from The Incredible Hulk)
  • Hammer (Justin Hammer, villain in Iron Man 2)
  • Happy (Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s friend)
  • Harley (Harley Keener, Tony Stark’s young friend in Iron Man 3)
  • Heimdall (Asgardian gatekeeper)
  • Hela (Thor’s sister)
  • Hope (Hope van Dyne, aka Wasp)
  • Hopper (Bill Foster, aka Goliath from Ant-Man and The Wasp)
  • Janet (Janet van Dyne, original Wasp)
  • Jarvis (J.A.R.V.I.S., Iron Man’s A.I.)
  • Korg (ally of Thor)
  • Loki (Trickster Brother of Thor)
  • Luis (Scott Lang’s friend in Ant-Man)
  • Natasha (Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow)
  • Odin (father of Thor)
  • Peggy (Peggy Carter, Steve’s / Captain America’s love interest)
  • Pepper (Pepper Potts)
  • Red (Red Skull)
  • Rumlow (Brock Rumlow, aka Crossbones, antagonist in Captain America)
  • Sam (Sam Wilson, aka Falcon)
  • Scott (Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man)
  • Selvig (Erik Selvig, scientist from Thor and The Avengers)
  • Sif (Lady Sif, Asgardian warrior)
  • Skurge (Skurge the Executioner, from Thor: Ragnarok)
  • Starlord (Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord)
  • Steve (Steve Rogers, aka Captain America)
  • Surtur (fire demon from Thor: Ragnarok)
  • Thanos (the ultimate supervillain)
  • Thor (Thor Odinson)
  • Tony (Tony Stark, aka Iron Man)
  • Trevor (Trevor Slattery, the fake Mandarin in Iron Man 3)
  • Ultron
  • Wanda (Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch)
  • Proxima (Proxima Midnight, member of Thanos’ Black Order)
  • Rhodes (James Rhodes, aka War Machine)
  • Valkyrie (shield-maiden of Asgard)
  • Vision
  • Yelena (Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s sister)
  • Zemo (Baron Helmut Zemo, antagonist)

Guardians of the Galaxy Dog Names

Are you a fan of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” film franchise? In this list, we’ve rounded up the most popular Guardians of the Galaxy dog names to give your new pup an extra touch of attitude and charm.

  • Drax (Drax the Destroyer)
  • Ego (Star-Lord’s father)
  • Gamora (Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan)
  • Groot (I am Groot)
  • Mantis
  • Nebula (adopted daughter of Thanos)
  • Rocket (Rocket Raccoon)
  • Ronan (Ronan the Accuser, antagonist)
  • Yondu (Yondu, original Guardian of the Galaxy)
black panther dog

Black Panther Dog Names

From fierce warriors to wise leaders, Marvel’s “Black Panther” characters offer plenty of unique and powerful name options for your furry friend. Check out our list of the best “Black Panther” dog names for inspiration.

  • Ayo (member of the Dora Milaje)
  • Killmonger (Erik Killmonger, antagonist from Black Panther)
  • Klaue (Ulysses Klaue, antagonist from Age of Ultron and Black Panther)
  • M’Baku (leader of the Jabari tribe)
  • Nakia (T’Challa’s love interest)
  • Okoye (leader of the Dora Milaje)
  • Ramonda (Black Panther’s mother)
  • Shuri (sister of T’Challa)
  • T’Challa (aka Black Panther)
  • Wakanda
  • W’Kabi (warrior and advisor to the King)
  • Zuri (chief advisor to the King)

X-Men Names

If you’re a fan of X-Men and looking for a quirky and fitting name for your pup, look no further! In this list, we’ve compiled some of the top ideas inspired by the “X-Men” franchise to give your pet an extra touch of superhero status.

  • Angel (Warren Worthington III)
  • Archangel (Angel’s alternate form)
  • Banshee (Sean Cassidy)
  • Beast (Hank McCoy)
  • Bishop (Lucas Bishop)
  • Blink (Clarice Ferguson)
  • Cable (Nathan Summers)
  • Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)
  • Cyclops (Scott Summers)
  • Dazzler (Alison Blaire)
  • Domino (Neena Thurman)
  • Forge (Jonathon Silvercloud)
  • Gambit (Remy LeBeau)
  • Havok (Alex Summers)
  • Iceman (Bobby Drake)
  • Jubilee (Jubilation Lee)
  • Logan (Wolverine)
  • Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)
  • Mystique (Raven Darkholme)
  • Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner)
  • Phoenix (Jean Grey)
  • Polaris (Lorna Dane)
  • Psylocke (Betsy Braddock)
  • Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)
  • Rogue (Anna Marie)
  • Sabretooth (Victor Creed)
  • Scarlet (Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff)
  • Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
  • Storm (Ororo Munroe)
  • Xavier (Charles Xavier)
red comic book dog

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If your dog is a cool secret agent, check out these character names from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • A.I.D.A. (A.I.)
  • Bobbi (Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird)
  • Daisy (Daisy Johnson, aka Quake)
  • Deathlok
  • Fitz (Leo Fitz, scientist)
  • Flint
  • Gideon (Gideon Malick)
  • Hive
  • Hunter (Lance Hunter)
  • Lincoln (Lincoln Campbell)
  • Maria (Maria Hill)
  • Melinda (Melinda May)
  • Patriot (Jeffrey Mace, aka Patriot)
  • Robbie (Robbie Reyes, aka Ghost Rider)
  • Simmons (Jemma Simmons, a scientist)
  • Yo-Yo (Elena Rodriguez, aka Yo-Yo)

Name Ideas from Other Marvel Comics

Here’s a round-up of dog name ideas from other Marvel Comics T.V. shows, movies, and comic books.

  • Agatha (Agatha Harkness, WandaVision)
  • Ajax (Eternals)
  • Ancient (Ancient One, mentor of Doctor Strange)
  • Blade (vampire hunter from Marvel comics)
  • Carol (Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel)
  • Crystal (Inhumans T.V. show)
  • Darcy (Darcy Lewis, from Thor and WandaVision)
  • Dormammu (the villain in Doctor Strange)
  • Druig (Eternals)
  • Elektra (Elektra Natchios, character from Daredevil and The Defenders)
  • Gilgamesh (Eternals)
  • Goose (Goose, the Flerken/cat from Captain Marvel)
  • Gorgon (Inhumans)
  • Icarus (Eternals)
  • Jeri (Jeri Hogarth, from Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil)
  • Karl (Karl Malus, a character from Jessica Jones)
  • Karli (Karli Morgenthau, antagonist from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier)
  • Karnak (Inhumans)
  • Kilgrave (the antagonist from Jessica Jones)
  • Kingo (Eternals)
  • Makkari (Eternals)
  • Mar-Vell (Kree hero from Captain Marvel)
  • Maximus (the antagonist from Inhumans)
  • Medusa (Inhumans)
  • Monica (Monica Rambeau, from WandaVision and Captain Marvel)
  • Moon (Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight from Marvel comics)
  • Morbius (Michael Morbius, vampire anti-hero from the Spider-Man comics)
  • Mordo (Karl Mordo, Doctor Strange ally turned antagonist)
  • Peter (Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man)
  • Phastos (Eternals)
  • Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s twin brother)
  • Sersi (Sersi, character from Eternals)
  • Sharon (Sharon Carter, granddaughter of Peggy Carter)
  • Sprite (Sprite, character from Eternals)
  • Stick (from Daredevil and The Defenders)
  • Strange (Doctor Stephen Strange)
  • Talos (Skrull leader)
  • Thena (Eternals)
  • Trish (Trish Walker from Jessica Jones)
  • Triton (Inhumans T.V. show)
  • Wong (an ally of Doctor Strange)

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