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Batman Dog Names

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If you love the Dark Knight comics, these Batman dog names may perfectly match your puppy. We’ve gathered the best name ideas from the Batman movies, comics, games, and animated series.

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The first issue of Batman, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, was published in 1939, and since then, the character has become a cultural icon. Over the years, the comics have undergone numerous transformations, reflecting society’s changing values and attitudes. From the campy Batman of the 1960s to the darker, grittier version of the 1980s and beyond, the character has consistently adapted to the current era.

However, despite the many changes, the core of the Batman comics remains constant: a tragic hero, motivated by a desire for justice, who employs his intellect and physical prowess to combat the corruption and crime that plagues his city. If you love this character and his universe, you’ll love these awesome dog-naming ideas.

Male Batman Dog Names

Here are some male characters from the comics and shows to begin our list. We’ve narrowed our list to names that could make a good dog name. You’ll want something short, and easy to say, and you won’t be embarrassed to tell strangers.

  • Ace – Ace The Bat-Hound was a dog who helped Batman and Robin find his owner. He eventually became Batman’s dog and occasionally appeared in the comics.
  • Alfred – Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusty butler
  • Azrael – An assassin who replaced Batman when he was injured
  • Batarang – a thrown projectile
  • Batman – The Dark Knight of Gotham and hero of the comic book series
  • Bruce – the man behind the mask
  • Damian – Bruce Wayne’s son
  • DC – DC Comics
  • Drake – Tim Drake, aka Red Robin
  • Duke – Duke Thomas, Batman’s partner The Signal
  • Ghost – Ghost-Maker, a crimefighter who also works in Gotham
  • Gordon – Jim Gordon, the police commissioner
  • Gotham – The city setting for the comic series
  • Grayson – Dick Grayson, the original Robin’s secret identity
  • Jace – Timothy “Jace” Fox, son of Lucian Fox who briefly took up the helm of Batman
  • Jarro – A Star Conqueror created by Batman to assist the Justice League
  • Kane – Bob Kane was the co-creator of Batman
  • Knight – The Dark Knight
  • Lucius – Lucius Fox, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises
  • Matches Malone – An alter ego for Bruce Wayne to infiltrate the criminal underworld
  • Robin – Batman’s famous sidekick
  • Ryder – Jack Ryder, a reporter and the Creeper
  • Titus – Bruce Wayne gave this dog to his son Damian. It’s named after Titus Andronicus from Shakespeare.
  • Wayne – Bruce Wayne, whose alter ego was Batman

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Female Batman Dog Names

While there aren’t as many female characters in the Batman series, here’s a selection of great ideas for your pup. You’ll also find some female villains listed below.

  • Batgirl – aka Barbara Gordon
  • Cassandra – Cassandra Cain, the fourth Batgirl
  • Harper – Harper Row, aka Bluebird
  • Huntress – a vigilante who fills in as Batgirl
  • Silver – Silver St. Cloud, a wealthy socialite who dated Bruce Wayne
  • Talia – Talia al Ghul married Batman and had his son, sometimes she’s also an enemy
  • Vesper – Vesper Fairchild, a reporter who dated Bruce Wayne
dog in a bat wings costume

Batman Villain Dog Names

Here are some of Batman’s greatest foes that also might make an excellent name for your dog.

  • Bane – a masked, brutal foe
  • Bruno – Bruno Mannheim, the leader of crime syndicate
  • Freeze – Mr. Freeze a cold-wielding villain
  • Harley – Harley Quinn, Joker’s female accomplice
  • Harvey – Harvey Dent, the District Attorney who became Two-Face
  • Ivy – Poison Ivy supervillain who controls plants
  • Joker – The original supervillain and prankster
  • Karlo – Basil Karlo, Clayface was a formal villain who joined Batman’s team
  • Oswald – Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin
  • Ra’s – Ra’s Al Gul, a villain who also helped train Batman
  • Riddler – A villain who works in puzzles
  • Selina – Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman
  • Sensei – a martial arts master
  • Talon – an assassin in the Court of Owls
  • Zsasz – (pronounced Zaz) a frightening villain who tallies his victims

Batman Actor Names

These Batman dog names come from the various actors that have taken on the role of Batman or other characters. Who is your favorite Batman?

  • Affleck – Ben Affleck
  • Bale – Christian Bale
  • Burt – Burt Ward played Robin in the 60s series
  • Caine – Michael Caine, who played Alfred
  • Cesar – Cesar Romero, Joker in the 60s Batman
  • Clooney – George Clooney starred in 1997’s Batman & Robin
  • Frank – Frank Gorshin, the Riddler from the 60s series
  • Halle – Halle Berry starred in the 2004 film Catwoman
  • Hamill – Mark Hamill may be best known for Star Wars, but he also voiced the animated Joker
  • Heath – Heath Ledger, who played the Joker
  • Keaton – Michael Keaton, from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and Batman Returns
  • Kilmer – Val Kilmer from 1995’s Batman Forever
  • Kitt – Eartha Kitt, the actress who played Catwoman in the 60s
  • Westie – for 60s Batman actor Adam West
  • Zoe – Zoe Kravitz, who played Catwoman

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