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Korean Dog Names – 230+ Beautiful Ideas

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Korean dog names are cool and cultured options for a new pup. And you’re in luck because we have lots of ideas!

You could pick a popular name like Bella, Max, Charlie or Daisy. But if you want something more unique, check out these 230+ awesome Korean dog names.

Korean dog names

Why Pick a Korean Name for Your Pup?

Located on the northeast side of China, Korea today is divided into two distinct territories: North Korea and South Korea. The area boasts an amazing history and is home to unique cultures, sweeping landscapes and much more.

If you have Korean heritage or are simply inspired by the region, you should definitely check out these great ideas for Korean dog names.

Let’s start by looking at names inspired by the Korean words for this amazing animal.

  • Gae – dog
  • Gang-aji – puppy
  • Sanyang-gae – hound

Affectionate Korean Names

Another great idea for Korean dog names is to explore terms of endearment used in the area. These words are affectionately used by Koreans for their loved ones, and you could extend the sweetness to your precious pup.

  • Jagiya – honey or baby
  • Yeobo – honey or darling
  • Aein – sweetheart
  • Aegiya – baby
  • Naekkeo – my sweetheart
  • Gwiyomi – cutie
  • Nae sarang – my love
  • Wangjanim – prince
  • Gongjunim – princess
  • Oppa – older brother
  • Yeojachingu – girlfriend
  • Namjachingu – boyfriend

Sources: 90 Day Korean and TripZilla

Best Unisex Korean Dog Names

Many Korean names are considered unisex and can fit both males and females. No matter what the gender, these names will work perfectly for your pup.

  • Chin – precious
  • Cho – beautiful/handsome
  • Chun – spring
  • Dae – greatness
  • Dong – east
  • Gi – brave
  • Haneul – heaven/sky
  • Hee – brightness
  • Hei – grace and wisdom
  • Ho – goodness
  • Hyun – virtuous
  • Iseul – dew
  • Ja – attractive
  • Ji – wisdom
  • Jin – jewel
  • Jung – righteous
  • Kyong – brightness
  • Min – clever
  • Moon – learned
  • Myung – brightness
  • Ryung – the light
  • Sang – forever
  • Shin – belief
  • Soo – excellence
  • Woong – magnificence
  • Yon – blossom
  • Yong – brave
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Best Male Korean Dog Names

If your new dog is a boy, here are the top male Korean dog names along with their traditional meanings.

For these names, we drew inspiration from the most popular male names in the region.

  • Dak-Ho – deep lake
  • Geon – strength
  • Ho-Seok – strong, heaven
  • Hwan – shining and bright
  • Jae-Hee – shining
  • Jong-Seok – great, eminent
  • Kyu – standard
  • Min-ho – brave and heroic
  • Seo-Jin – omen
  • Seulgi – wisdom
  • Seung – winning
  • Suk – rock, stone
  • Su-won – defend, protect
  • Tae-Hui – big, great
  • U-Yeong – glory, honor
  • Yeo – mildness
  • Yu-Jin – precious, valuable

Best Female Korean Dog Names

Korean dog names are beautiful, unique and reflect a storied culture. What more could you ask for in a girl dog name?

The following list reflects popular female names in Korea that can also be used for your pup. You can even combine two names to create a creative and unique name made especially for your new bundle of fur.

  • Ae-Cha – loving daughter
  • Bae – inspiration
  • Bo-mi – beautiful, pretty
  • Bong Cha – ultimate girl
  • Choon-Hee – spring girl
  • Danbi – welcome rain
  • Eui – righteousness
  • Eun – silver
  • Gaeul – fall, autumn
  • Hae – ocean
  • Ha-eun – kindness, mercy
  • Hea – grace
  • Hye – intelligent
  • In-na – graceful and delicate
  • Ji-a – wisdom and knowledge
  • Kwan – strong
  • Mee – beauty
  • Nam-Sun – pure and honest
  • Seok-Yeong – petal, flower
  • So-Hui – splendid, glorious
  • Sung – successor
  • Ye-Jin – precious and valuable
  • Yu-na – to endure

Source: Behind the Name

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Dog Names Inspired by Korean Geography

Korea is home to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and offers bustling cities, beautiful beaches and towering mountains.

The names of these locations provide inspiration for Korean dog names that are distinct and unique – a perfect combination.

  • Korea – This is an obvious idea, but we’re just throwing it out there: You could name your dog Korea after the land of the morning sun.
  • Seoul – The capital of South Korea, Seoul is a booming metropolis with 10 million people.
  • Busan – The second most popular city is South Korea, the beautiful Busan is located at the southeastern-most tip of South Korea.
  • Incheon – Meaning “kind river,” Incheon is a city in the northwestern part of South Korea with 3 million inhabitants.
  • Daegu – Another large city in South Korea, Daegu provides great inspiration for a Korean dog name.
  • Suwon – This metropolis has a long, storied history.
  • Ulsan – The seventh largest city in South Korea, Ulsan is considered an industrial powerhouse.
  • Daejeon – Another large metropolis, Daejeon is located in the central region of South Korea.
  • Ggotji – This stunning beach is a must-see attraction.
  • Darangee – The Darangee Village is known for its beautiful rice terraces.
  • Upo – Upo Wetland is a complex of natural wetlands located near the Nakdong River.
  • Jeju – The Jeju Island in the Korea Strait is known for its beach resorts and volcanic landscape of craters and cavelike lava tubes.
Laughing dog

Dog Names Inspired By Korean Foods and Drinks

As a fun option for Korean dog names, why not explore popular foods and drinks in the region? You can turn these words into a cool canine name that’s unique and memorable.

These dishes and drinks are quite popular in Korea, and you may have even tried a few yourself.

  • Kimchi – fermented vegetables
  • Bibimbap – mixed rice
  • Soju – clear alcoholic beverage
  • Bulgogi – marinated beef barbecue
  • Japchae – stir-fried noodles
  • Makgeolli – raw rice wine
  • Hobakjuk – pumpkin porridge
  • Seolleongtang – ox bone soup
  • Soondae – blood sausage
  • Hoeddeok – sweet syrupy pancakes
  • Samgyeopsal – pork strips
  • Ddukbokki – spicy rice cake
  • Samgyetang – ginseng chicken soup
  • Naengmyeon – cold buckwheat noodles
Skinny dog

Beautiful Male Korean Dog Names

Continuing the list of Korean dog names, let’s look at more popular names from this part of the world. The following are gorgeous names with meanings that are equally as beautiful.

If you’re getting a male dog, you must check out these ideas.

  • Ahnjong – tranquility
  • A-jun – pretty, lovely, beautiful
  • Bada – sea, ocean
  • Bo-bae – treasure
  • Bong-ju – symbol of joy
  • Chanho – to fill
  • Chanwoo – vivid, illuminating; bright
  • Daehee – big, great, vast
  • Deokha – ethics, morality, virtue”
  • Eun-jae – kindness, mercy, charity
  • Garam – river
  • Gyu-ri – star
  • Hangil – one way
  • Haru – daytime
  • Him – strength, force
  • Honja – alone
  • Hun – meritorious deed
  • Inho – humaneness, benevolence, kindness
  • Jaechang – talent, ability
  • Jarang – pride, boast
  • Jiho – wisdom, intelligence
  • Jintae – gold, money
  • Jun-su – talented, handsome
  • Keun – near, close
  • Laon – joyful
  • Min-gi – people, sujbects
  • Mir – dragon
  • Moonik – letters
  • Namu – tree, wood
  • Nuri – world
  • Param – blue, green
  • Sa-do – think, ponder
  • Saem – spring, fountain
  • Saja – lion
  • Seon – good, nice
  • Sori – sound, voice
  • Won – first, origin
  • Woojoo – space, universe
  • Yu-bin – young child
  • Yun-gi – faith, belief

Beautiful Female Korean Dog Names

And if you’re bringing home a beautiful female dog, you will definitely want to take a look at these incredible ideas. They sound stunning and have a magnificent meaning behind them.

  • Aeji – love, affection
  • Ae-ra – love
  • A-min – pretty, lovely
  • Baram – wind, air
  • Binna – to shine
  • Bom – springtime
  • Byeol – star
  • Chae-ha – color
  • Cho-a – beautiful, good
  • Daechu – date
  • Dambi – deep pool
  • Danchu – button
  • Doja – peach
  • Eun-bi – kindness, mercy
  • Goun – beautiful, soft
  • Guseul – precious gem
  • Haehwa – sea, ocean
  • Hyeri – charming, witty
  • Ideun – great, beautiful
  • Jang-mi – rose
  • Ji-hui – wisdom, knowledge
  • Jinji – precious, valuable
  • Juah – jewel, pearl
  • Kkum – dream
  • Malli – jasmine
  • Mi-ho – beauty
  • Minha – fast, quick
  • Miyun – clouds
  • Nabi – butterfly
  • Okja – stone, gem
  • Onyu – whole, entire
  • Saehae – new year
  • Saerok – new
  • Seoli – frost
  • Seowoo – divine intervention
  • Seukja – great, eminent
  • Sieun – excellent, beautiful
  • So-ha – small
  • Tae-ha – superior
  • Yeori – beautiful, elegant
  • Yuo – lotus flower
Brown puppy

Unique Male Korean Names

By choosing a Korean name, you’re already creating a unique moniker for your dog. But you could take it to the next level with these ultra-unique Korean dog names.

Soulful and strong, these male names are awesome options if you truly want a distinct dog name.

  • Ahnjong – tranquility
  • Baek-hyeon – older brother
  • Beodeul – willow
  • Bo-gyeong – man, father
  • Changbok – light of sun
  • Chawoong – hero, manly
  • Deokman – virtuous, worthy
  • Eunchang – mercy, charity
  • Gangdam – fortress
  • Gyuseok – star
  • Heebeom – bright, splended
  • In-jeong – benevolence
  • Jangyoung – flower decoration
  • Jungsik – virtous
  • Kanghyun – river
  • Minseong – jade, gem
  • Onnuri – whole wide world
  • Sandeul – gentle wind
  • Seongbin – star, planet
  • Unmeong – destiny

Unique Female Korean Names

Next up are unique female Korean dog names. If you select one of these names, it’s a guarantee no one else will pick the same name for their pup.

  • Aesook – love
  • Bitnara – light, glow
  • Chun-hwa – flowery, illustrious
  • Daseul – take care
  • Ga-yeong – beautiful flower
  • Geumhee – bright, splendor
  • Haebinna – sun
  • Jeongseul – virtuous, pure
  • Kkossaem – cold, windy
  • Kyungri – respect, honor
  • Mae-hui – rose, gemstone
  • Mi-jeong – pretty, pleasing
  • Nam-sun – south
  • Noonsol – pine tree
  • Saebyeok – dawn, daybreak
  • Sakula – cherry blossom
  • Seong-mi – beautiful, pretty
  • Sinjeong – god, spirit
  • Tae-hui – big, great
  • Ye-dasom – pretty, lovely
  • Yoonmin – soft, sleek

Just one word of warning for these longer dog names: You may want to find a shorter nickname.


If you need to get your dog’s attention quickly, say if a car is coming or they’re getting into something dangerous, you’ll need to say the name fast.

And keep in mind that not everyone may be able to pronounce the name. In this case, it’s kind to offer up a simpler nickname for their use.

Shiba Inu

Final Thoughts

What do you think of the ideas above? Do any stand out as a favorite?

With so many options, trying to decide can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

We recommend you take note of any dog names that sound interesting. From there, remove any ideas you don’t absolutely love.

Soon you’ll have just a few names remaining. Say them out loud and see if any sound right.

When you pick the right one, you’ll know it in your gut!

And when you do select a Korean name for your dog, let us know in the comments below. Tell us about your new dog and how you decided on a name.

Good luck with your new puppy!

More Dog Name Ideas

Looking for even more name options? For more Asian dog names, also check out our Japanese dog names and Chinese dog names lists.

Then check out our online dog name generator. It can help you find the exact name you’re looking for.

To start, select the styles and themes you prefer. Click on “Find a Name,” and sit back and watch the awesome ideas unfold.

We have lots of name styles in our generator, like tough, elegant, cute, sporty, and international. The tool also includes name themes like movies, TV, books, comics, music, history, food, and more.

How Do You Pick The Right Dog Name?

So how exactly do you know if you’ve selected the right name for your new furry friend? Here are a few pointers that’ll help you.

After helping millions of new pup parents, here is a foolproof way to find just the right name for your dog:

  1. Is it easy to say? Some names are great on paper but may be hard to say in real life. Before you finalize the name, say it out loud a few times to make sure it rolls off the tongue.

    This is especially important for Korean dog names. Some Korean names are longer and more difficult to say, so make sure you can call them quickly in case you need to get your dog’s attention immediately.
  2. Does it fit your dog? Before you finalize a name, make sure it matches your dog’s personality and appearance. This is important for both you and your dog.
  3. Call out the name. Can you imagine calling for your dog with this name? If it’s too confusing, move on to something that’s easier to say – for the sake of both you and your dog.
  4. And finally, trust your gut in the decision. You’ll know when you’ve found the right name. We guarantee it.
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