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Chinese Dog Names

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Are you exploring Chinese dog names for your new furry family member? Then, dive into our comprehensive list to find beautiful and unique names and ones that celebrate the richness and diversity of Chinese culture and history.

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You may want a Chinese name to reflect your heritage, a love of culture, or for one of these Chinese dog breeds:

  • Pekingese
  • Shar-Pei
  • Shih Tzu
  • Chinese Crested
  • Chow Chow
  • Pug
  • Xiasi Dog
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Tibetan Spaniel
  • Tibetan Terrier
  • Kunming Wolfdog
  • Lhasa Apso

Top Male Chinese Dog Names

These Chinese male dog names incorporate various elements of Chinese culture, language, and symbolism, making them appealing choices for pet owners with a connection to or admiration for Chinese traditions.

  • Bao (宝) – Meaning “treasure” or “precious” in Chinese
  • Long (龙) – Representing “dragon” in Chinese culture, symbolizing strength and good fortune
  • Xiong (雄) – “heroic,” this name suits a brave and strong canine companion
  • Le (乐) – A happy and uplifting name that means “joy” or “happiness” in Chinese
  • Li (力) – Signifying “strength” or “power”
  • Hu (虎) – Meaning “tiger,” this name represents bravery
  • Huan (欢) – A cheerful and joyful name that means “happy”
  • Wei (威) – Representing “might” or “power,” this name suits a strong and confident male dog
  • Feng (风) – Meaning “wind” in Chinese, ideal for a fast and agile pet
  • Jian (剑) – “sword,” a name fitting for a brave and loyal dog
  • An (安) – A gentle and calming name that means “peaceful”
  • Bo (波) – Meaning “wave,” this name is perfect for water-loving puppies
  • (意) – A name representing “meaning” or “purpose”
  • Chéng (成) – “accomplishment” or “success”
  • Shi (石) – Meaning “stone” or “rock”
  • Chen – “great”
  • Jun – “handsome”
  • Hui – “splendor”
  • Bai – “pure”
  • Jiaozi – “dumpling”
  • Nao Nao – “naughty”

Top Female Chinese Dog Names

These female Chinese dog names incorporate various elements of Chinese culture, language, and symbolism, making them meaningful and appealing choices for pet owners with a connection to or an admiration for Chinese traditions.

  • Mei (美) – Meaning “beautiful” or “pretty” in Chinese, a lovely name for a graceful pet
  • Ling (灵) – Signifying “spirit” or “soul,” this name is perfect for an intuitive and sensitive dog
  • Hua (华) – Meaning “flower,” a classic and feminine name for a gentle canine companion
  • Xue (雪) – Representing “snow,” this name is ideal for a pure and elegant pet
  • Xiao (晓) – A sweet name meaning “morning” or “dawn,” perfect for a bright and lively dog
  • Qi (琪) – Signifying “fine jade” or “precious stone,” a beautiful and elegant name
  • Fei (飞) – Meaning “to fly” or “soar,” for a free-spirited and energetic dog
  • Lian (莲) – Representing “delicate” or “lotus,” a name symbolizing purity and grace
  • Jing (静) – A serene and calming name that means “peaceful” or “quiet”
  • Yun (云) – Signifying “cloud,” an ethereal and dreamy name for a gentle pet
  • Fang (芳) – Meaning “fragrant” or “sweet-smelling,” ideal for a delightful canine friend
  • Ai (爱) – Representing “love” or “affection,” a name embodying warmth and tenderness
  • Dan (丹) – Signifying “red” or “cinnabar,” perfect for a lively and spirited dog
  • Ming (明) – A bright and cheerful name meaning “bright” or “clear”
  • Xing (星) – Meaning “star,” a beautiful and celestial name for a radiant companion
  • Jiao – “charming”
  • Tao – “peach”
  • Nuwa – “mother goddess”
  • Boba – “tea”
  • MulanDisney character
  • Yang – “sun”

Nature-Inspired Chinese Dog Names

Incorporating various aspects of nature, these Chinese dog names offer unique and evocative choices for pet owners seeking meaningful and harmonious names inspired by nature’s elements.

  • Shan (山) – “mountain”
  • He (河) – “river”
  • Yue (月) – “moon”
  • Ri (日) – “sun” or “day”
  • Hai (海) – “sea” or “ocean”
  • Lan (兰) – “orchid”
  • Ju (菊) – “chrysanthemum”
  • Feng (枫) – “maple”
  • Song (松) – “pine”
  • Yun (云) – “cloud”
  • Xing (星) – “star”
  • Ya (崖) – meaning “cliff” or “ledge”
  • Shu (树) – “tree”
  • Xiao (霄) – “sky” or “heaven”
  • Lin (林) – meaning “forest” or “woods”

Names from Chinese Landmarks

Inspired by Chinese landmarks and cities, these dog names offer a unique and fascinating connection to the country’s diverse geography, history, and culture.

  • Beijing (北京) – The capital city of China, known for its rich history and iconic landmarks
  • Shanghai (上海) – China’s largest city, renowned for its stunning skyline and modern architecture
  • Xi’an (西安) – Home to the famous Terracotta Army and a city with a long, storied history
  • Huangshan (黄山) – Inspired by the captivating Yellow Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Suzhou (苏州) – Known as the “Venice of the East” for its beautiful canals and classical gardens
  • Guilin (桂林) – A charming city famous for its breathtaking karst landscapes and the Li River
  • Lhasa (拉萨) – The spiritual and political heart of Tibet, home to the magnificent Potala Palace
  • Hangzhou (杭州) – A picturesque city known for its scenic West Lake and rich cultural heritage
  • Shenzhen (深圳) – A vibrant and modern metropolis symbolizing China’s rapid growth and innovation
  • Yunnan (云南) – Named after the diverse and colorful province, noted for its natural beauty and cultural tapestry.
  • Qingdao (青岛) – A coastal city famous for its beaches, beer, and European architecture
  • Harbin (哈尔滨) – Recognized for its frigid winters and impressive ice and snow festival
  • Sichuan (四川) – Home to the lovable pandas and known for its spicy cuisine
  • Wuhan (武汉) – A historic city in China’s heart, highlighting its cultural significance.
  • Dunhuang (敦煌) – A desert city with a rich Silk Road history, home to the Mogao Caves
shih tzu laying in the grass with pig tails

Chinese Zodiac Animals

Here’s a list of dog names inspired by the Chinese zodiac, composed of 12 animal signs. These names add a fascinating cultural and astrological touch to your pet:

  • Rat (鼠) – Shǔ
  • Ox (牛) – Niú
  • Tiger (虎) –
  • Rabbit (兔) –
  • Dragon (龙) – Lóng
  • Snake (蛇) – Shé
  • Horse (马) –
  • Sheep (羊) – Yáng
  • Monkey (猴) – Hóu
  • Rooster (鸡) –
  • Dog (狗) – Gǒu
  • Pig (猪) – Zhū

Feel free to get creative with these names by combining them with other meaningful words or ideas. For example, you could use:

  • BaiShu (白鼠) – “White Rat,” a unique combination for a clever and adorable pet
  • JinLong (金龙) – “Golden Dragon,” representing strength and good fortune

These Chinese zodiac-inspired dog names offer a distinctive and engaging blend of astrology and cultural symbolism, making them appealing and meaningful choices for pet owners with an affinity for Chinese traditions.

Mandarin Dog Names

These Mandarin dog names provide a rich selection of meaningful choices for pet owners, with each name carrying a unique meaning that relates closely to your beloved pet’s personality, characteristics, or traits.

  • Anjing (安静) – “peaceful” or “quiet”
  • Bao (宝) – “treasure,” “jewel,” or “precious”
  • Cong (聪) – “clever” or “intelligent”
  • Dao (导) – “guide” or “leader”
  • En (恩) – “grace” or “favor”
  • Fu (福) – “good fortune” or “happiness”
  • Gui (贵) – “noble” or “valuable”
  • Huo (活) – “lively” or “active”
  • Jia (嘉) – “beautiful” or “praiseworthy”
  • Keai (可爱) – “cute” or “adorable”
  • Le (乐) – “joy” or “happiness”
  • Ming (明) – “bright” or “shining”
  • Ning (宁) – “peace” or “tranquility”
  • Qi (奇) – “wonderful” or “extraordinary”
  • Ru (如) – “gentle” or “kind”

Cantonese Dog Names

These Cantonese dog names offer unique choices for pet owners seeking a connection to the culture of southern China and Hong Kong. With each name inspired by different aspects of daily life, personality traits, or the natural world, you can find a meaningful name for your beloved dog.

  • Ping An (平安) – Meaning “peace” or “safety”
  • Fai Lok (快樂) – Signifying “happy” or “joyful”
  • Sik Jai (食仔) – Meaning “food lover” or “little eater”
  • Bo Lo (菠蘿) – Representing “pineapple”
  • Meihau (美好) – Meaning “beautiful” or “lovely”
  • Ngaam Ngaam (岩岩) – Signifying “perfect” or “just right”
  • Wai Hoi (威海) – Representing “mighty ocean”
  • See Mui (西梅) – Meaning “plum”
  • Yeung Ching (陽晶) – Signifying “sun crystal” or “sunshine”
  • Chiu Jih (超日) – Meaning “ultra sun” or “extraordinary day”
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