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20 Fastest Dog Breeds in The World

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Do you know the fastest dog breeds in the world? When people think of fast animals, their minds are typically filled with cheetahs, horses, and other speedy creatures. Dogs, however, can also reach some serious miles per hour.

fastest dog breeds

We’ve rounded up the 15 fastest dog breeds you need to meet. The list may surprise you!

15 Fastest Dog Breeds

As we kick off our guide to the fastest dog breeds, it should be no surprise that the Greyhound is at the front of the pack. But plenty of other pups can catch some serious speed, too.

With each breed topping out at 30 miles per hour (MPH) or faster, this list is full of canines that can run like the wind.

Dog BreedTop Speed
Greyhound45 mph
Saluki45 mph
Ibizan Hound43 mph
Afghan Hound40 mph
Vizsla40 mph
Dalmatian37 mph
Borzoi36 mph
Weimaraner35 mph
Pharoah Hound35 mph
Whippet34 mph
German Pinscher33 mph
Doberman Pinscher32 mph
Jack Russell Terrier30 mph
Border Collie30 mph
German Shepherd30 mph
Standard Poodle30 mph
Australian Shepherd30 mph
Great Dane30 mph
Italian Greyhound30 mph
Siberian Husky28 mph

1. Greyhound

Fastest dog breeds - greyhound

With their aerodynamic bodies and padded feet used to absorb shock, Greyhounds are built for speed. They can sprint up to 45 miles per hour!

Despite their athleticism, Greyhounds are content to lie around the house so long as they are given enough exercise time throughout the day.

These gentle and calm canines make great companions and live 10-13 years on average.

2. Saluki

Fastest dog breeds - Saluki

One of the lesser-known breeds on this list, Salukis are recognizable by their slim build, deep chest, and long ears with draping hair.

They are high-energy dogs that require plenty of exercise and would do well with a fenced-in yard to play in. (The breed is known as an escape artist, so you have to be sure any enclosure you place them in is secure!)

Among the oldest dog breeds in the world, the Saluki is known for its gentle, dignified personality and graceful demeanor.

3. Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound

Another lesser-known canine, the Ibizan Hound, was initially bred in Spain and was used to hunt rabbits.

These family-oriented dogs require regular exercise to burn off their energy. And in addition to their speed, Ibizan Hounds can jump more than 5 feet in the air! So make sure you have a high fence in your yard.

While this may pose some issues with keeping them in a yard, these deer-like hounds make great partners for people who like to run or jog.

4. Afghan Hound

Fastest dog breeds - Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are most notable for their long, flowing coats. Amazingly, however, they can also reach upward of 40 MPH, making them one of the fastest dog breeds!

A bit aloof at times, these canines are incredibly loyal to those that earn their trust.

As one might expect, adult Afghan Hounds require regular grooming and should be bathed more often than other dog breeds.

5. Vizsla


The Vizsla is quickly rising the ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. You’ll understand why if you’ve ever met one of these pups.

Affectionate and gentle, the breed is loved for its kind personality, beautiful rust-colored coat, medium size, and adorable face.

The Vizsla was bred with hunting in mind and remains a popular gundog to this day.

The breed requires a lot of attention, as they don’t like to be left alone and are known for their high energy levels. However, Vizslas make gentle and affectionate companions when their needs are met.

6. Dalmatian


One of the most easily recognizable breeds, the Dalmatian, is most known for its beautiful spotted coat. They’ve been famous for both the 101 Dalmatians and being firehouse dogs.

This breed is often described as intelligent, outgoing, and fiercely loyal to the humans caring for it.

This is another very active breed, so they often do best with people who like hiking or running. They even used to run alongside horse-drawn carriages for protection.

7. Borzoi

Fastest dog breeds - Borzoi

Once known as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi breed is known for its elegant and athletic appearance. They had been bred to chase large prey. They are loyal and affectionate dogs who love their families dearly.

These canines are quiet but can have a catlike stubbornness, so proper training is encouraged.

Borzois do best in homes with fenced-in running spaces where they can get plenty of exercise.

8. Weimaraner


Weimaraners are most recognizable by their silvery-gray coat and striking blue or hazel eyes.

They offer a friendly, obedient demeanor and are happiest when they are active, spend time with their loved ones, or work as hunters.

This breed is excellent with children and can be trained as a loyal hunting dog.

9. Pharaoh Hound

Fastest Dog Breeds - Pharaoh Hound

Originally bred to maneuver rocky terrain quickly, the Pharaoh Hound makes a bright and friendly companion.

This breed’s large ears, amber eyes, and rust-colored coat make them easily recognizable among other breeds. Their appearance is genuinely something to behold!

With their elegant and affectionate demeanor, the Pharaoh Hound is a great pet and a wonderful family dog.

10. Whippet

Fastest Dog Breeds - Whippet

Similar in appearance to the Greyhound, Whippets are notably smaller, weighing 25-40 pounds on average.

They share the same athletic body as their larger counterpart, but because of their lessened stature, they have been known to do well in apartment living as long as their exercise needs are met through daily walks.

In addition to needing less space than the Greyhound, Whippets are also very quiet. Most rarely bark at all!

Everything considered Whippets are calm, low-maintenance pets who make a great addition to a home.

11. German Pinscher

german pinscher face close up

The German Pinscher was developed as a farming work breed in Germany. It was used as a watchdog, and its speed allowed it to chase off predators and hunt vermin.

These pups still make excellent guard dogs today and are descendants of our next breed, the Doberman Pinscher.

12. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are commonly used as guard dogs due to their muscular and intimidating appearance. They also can run at speeds of over 30 MPH, proving to be a dog you don’t want to mess with.

Conversely, the Doberman has a softer side and can serve as an excellent family guardian and companion. You’ll have to socialize them properly to be comfortable around new people.

Weighing up to 100 pounds, Dobermans are tall and sleek with a smooth coat of fur that can be rust, black, fawn, red, or blue.

13. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Despite their small stature, Jack Russell Terriers are among the fastest dog breeds, with a top speed of 30 MPH.

Bred for fox hunting, this breed requires a lot of physical activity and will do best in a setting that caters to that need.

With expressive eyes and V-shaped ears, Jack Russell Terriers are often tan, black, white, or some combination of all three colors. This alert and lively breed would fit in nicely with an active family.

14. Border Collie

Fastest Dog Breeds - Border Collie

It is no surprise that the Border Collie is a fast mover.

Originally bred to herd animals, these canines are incredibly intelligent and trainable. However, because of their smarts, they can get bored quickly, so they require owners that can challenge them regularly.

Also, Border Collies are a go-to breed for agility competitions. They move with speed and agility that’s unparalleled.

15. German Shepherd

German Shepherd standing in a field of grass

The German Shepherd is well known as a police, military, and guard dog. They’re extremely intelligent and can be trained for various purposes, including detecting illicit materials and tracking.

These dogs are also favorite family dogs as they’re much more kid-friendly than most guard dogs.

16. Standard Poodle


The Standard Poodle is at least 15 inches tall, making them the largest variety of poodle.

Intelligent and active, Poodles are another smart breed that requires stimulation to keep them from getting bored. As a result, they make a great companion dog for those that can keep up with them.

There is a stereotype that Poodles are a pretentious, fragile dog breed. In reality, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Poodles are pretty athletic and love to play and have fun.

17. Australian Shepherd

Multi-color Australian Shepherd laying in the grass

The Australian Shepherd is well known as a herding breed and a competitor in canine agility sports. With their speed of up to 30 miles per hour, it’s no wonder they’re great athletes.

They are a hearing breed, used to chasing livestock, so be sure to train out the instinct to bite and herd humans.

18. Great Dane

Great Dane

Despite their large and somewhat clumsy appearance, Great Danes can run as fast as 30 MPH!

Despite their large, lean, and somewhat gangly appearance, this gentle giant moves with elegance and smoothness and projects an air of nobility.

This breed is described as a people pleaser, known for being dependable and friendly.

19. Italian Greyhound

four italian greyhound puppies

The Italian Greyhound is the smaller version of the full-sized Greyhound that ranks at the top of our list. With shorter legs, they’re not quite as fast, but 30 miles per hour is still impressive for a medium-sized dog!

This puppy has a history that dates back over 2000 years. These dogs take a bit of work to train and lots of extra energy, but they have a loyal nature and are very affectionate.

20. Siberian Husky

siberian husky in the grass

Siberian Huskies are best known for being sled dogs. They use their power and speed to run up to 28 miles per hour but do so with tons of stamina.

They require some extra work to train but make a wonderful companion. They’re also excellent family dogs who show lots of affection.

Conclusion: Fastest Dog Breeds

The fastest dog breeds worldwide can reach whopping speeds that will make your head spin.

Some require constant exercise to maintain their energy levels, while others are couch potatoes.

Either way, when they decide to run at full speed, it’s certainly a sight to be seen!

Fastest Dog Breeds Bonus Tip: How to Pick the Right Dog

When you’re looking for a dog but don’t know what breed to get, these nine easy questions can help quickly narrow your search and find a four-legged friend who perfectly fits your lifestyle.

1. Why Do You Want a Dog?

First things first, let’s talk about why you want a dog. This will guide you more than you realize!

For example, do you love cuddling up on the couch and want a tiny furball to curl up in your lap and keep you company? Or do you want an energetic and enthusiastic dog who fits your active lifestyle?

Stop for a minute, close your eyes, and think about it.

2. What Type of Dog Did You Have Growing up?

Believe it or not, the dog (or dogs) you grew up with often impacts what type of dog you want when you’re older.

That’s certainly not to say you couldn’t pick a different type of dog by any means. It’s just that people often have a comfort level with the kind of canine they were conditioned to growing up.

3. Do You Have Any Allergies?

Dogs can be awful for allergies. But fortunately, many hypoallergenic dog breeds make it easier for allergy sufferers.

If you’re looking at the fastest dog breeds and have allergies, always learn more about the breed before bringing it into your home.

4. Who’s in Your Household?

Another essential thing to think about is who is in your household.

Is it just you? Or do you have a partner? Roommates? Children?

This is incredibly important, especially if you have little ones.

5. Where Do You Live?

Considering which dog breed is right for you and where you live is incredibly important.

Certain breeds just aren’t cut out for small spaces. For example, a Great Dane in a tiny apartment would be a disaster!

Also, certain dogs need space and a yard to run and exercise – like almost all of the pups on this list of the fastest dog breeds.

6. How Much Time and Energy Do You Have?

Dogs are A LOT of work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But some dogs require much more effort than others.

Potential pup parents should always ensure they have the time, energy, and resources to care for a dog, no matter the breed. But that level of care can increase depending on the dog.

Before committing to one of these fastest dog breeds, understand the breed’s instincts and how much mental and physical stimulation they’ll require.

7. What is the Dog’s Temperament?

Just like appearance, a pup’s temperament can vary greatly by breed. And it’s critical to find out how a dog will act based on their breed instincts.

The fastest dog breeds can vary greatly. Some have easy-going, pleasant personalities, while others are more aloof. Ultimately, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

8. How Much Does the Breed Cost?

Owning a dog isn’t cheap, but some breeds are more expensive than others, especially for some of the rarer canines among these fastest dog breeds.

Cost is a consideration, and understanding the whole picture before committing is always a good idea.

Consider the initial expense, vet bills, food, grooming, and other costs like daycare or boarding.

9. Breed Finder

And finally, try out our online breed selector and get a list of the best breeds for you and your lifestyle.

It allows you to enter details like where you live, who’s in your house, your climate, what size of dog you’re looking for, and more. You’ll receive a list of breeds that will work for you.

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