Discover the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix combines two smart, hard-working breeds to create a unique and stunning hybrid.

The German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd are both confident canines with keen athleticism. Key differences exist, however, that we will explore below.

With all cross mixes, there is no way to tell the exact proportions and traits they’ll pick up from their parents. But we have a solid idea of what you can expect with the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is relatively new, but the history of the parent breeds goes back much further.

The German Shepherd descends from the family of German herding dogs. In the late 1800s, a cavalry officer named Captain Max von Stephanitz set out to develop the ideal German herder and spent 35 years promoting and refining the breed to what it is today.

Ultimately, German Shepherd owners have von Stephanitz to thank for creating this confident and courageous canine, which is the second most popular dog today according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

As for the Australian Shepherd, the breed originally descended from herding dogs in the Basques region of Europe, located between France and Spain. The Basques people immigrated to Australia in the 1800s and used their trusted dogs to help herd sheep.

Eventually, the Basques set sail for California, where ranchers admired their herding dogs and assumed they were an Australian breed, thus leading to the name. Ever since, the breed has been a huge part of the culture in the American West. Today the Australian Shepherd is the 16th most popular breed according to the AKC.

What happens when you combine these two popular breeds? Find out below.


For size, the male German Shepherd weighs 65-90 pounds and the female weighs 50-70 pounds. The breed stands between 22-26 inches.

Strong and sturdy, the German Shepherd has an intimidating stature and is perhaps best known for its erect, large ears and long muzzle.

Most commonly, German Shepherds are either tan and black or red and black. Their thick double layer coat provides plenty of warmth!

As for the Australian Shepherd, the male weighs 50-65 pounds and the female weighs 40-55 pounds. The breed stands between 18-23 inches.

Lean and strong, the Australian Shepherd has a medium-length coat that plumes around their neck and feathers out around their legs. Colors include merle, red merle, blue merle, tan, black and tricolor.

Australian Shepherds also stand out for their stunning eye colors, which can be any combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber or green.

With the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix, your pup will likely be between 50-65 pounds, depending on the parents.

The mix could retain the German Shepherd’s pointy ears or they could be pointed downward ever so slightly.

Black and tan are the most common color combinations, although again, it depends on the parents.

Without a doubt, however, the hybrid will have an agile and athletic build. And lots of hair!

As mentioned before, the look of a mixed breed pup can vary greatly. The dog could end up looking more like a German Shepherd or more like an Australian Shepherd. No matter what, it is sure to be beautiful!


The German Shepherd is a stoic and loyal breed designed to protect its family. The Australian Shepherd is a smart, hardworking dog with a natural impulse to herd.

Both the breeds were bred as working dogs and have an enormous amount of energy, so it’s a guarantee that the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix will also possess those traits. They are happiest when they have a job to do and get lots of physical activity.

Additionally, both parent breeds are exceptionally smart, so the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix will be very intelligent.

The German Shepherd is considered one of the most loyal breeds out there and forms a deep attachment to its owner. Unlike breeds like the Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, the German Shepherd doesn’t give its affection to just anyone. The breed can be a bit aloof and you have to earn its trust!

As for the Australian Shepherd, it is also loyal to its family but can be standoffish with strangers. You can expect the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix to be the same.

Bred to work, the Australian Shepherd is flush with energy and won’t be happy just sitting on the couch. They want to work!

The best solution for the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is to provide lots of exercise and solid training upfront (more on that below) to ensure they are mentally stimulated and at their best.


Most German Shepherds are healthy dogs. The most common health conditions include degenerative myelopathy and elbow and hip dysplasia. They can also experience bloat, a sudden and life-threatening swelling of the abdomen.

As for the Australian Shepherd, it is generally considered a healthy, sturdy dog as well. Potential health concerns include elbow and hip dysplasia, eye conditions and epilepsy.

Like its parent breeds, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix will be a strapping, athletic dog.

For lifespan, the German Shepherd lives an average of 7-10 years and the Australian Shepherd lives between 12-15 years. With these numbers, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is likely to live somewhere between 9-13 years.


The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix will no doubt have a bountiful coat. To keep their luscious locks looking good, regular brushings are recommended. It’s also smart to invest in a good vacuum to keep your house tidy!

To keep your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix looking good and in good health, get it on a solid grooming regime that includes regular baths and brushings, cleaning their ears, trimming their nails and brushing their teeth.

Training & Exercise Needs

Like its parent breeds, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix has a whole lot of energy and needs lots of exercise, training and mental stimulation to keep it at its best.

Expect to spend several hours a day exercising your pup. This is especially important when you take into account the Australian Shepherd in the mix. This breeds absolutely needs to be mentally and physically stimulated, otherwise it will become destructive.

Training is also important for this dog. Both parent breeds are considered easy to train, although the Australian Shepherd has been known to use its intelligence to outwit its owners at times. You will definitely want to invest in obedience classes and spend plenty of time on training with this mix!

Taking all of this into account, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is not a great fit for first-time dog owners or those who don’t have the time to devote to this enthusiastic hybrid. It will need a strong, experienced owner who can channel their protective instincts and keep it on its best behavior.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix: Is It Right For You?

The German Shepherd Australian mix is an athletic, super smart dog with boundless energy.

This mix may not be a great fit for first-time dog owners, as it does require strong training and lots of attention.

If you’re an experienced dog owner with a lot of energy of your own, however, this could be the right fit your you. The dog is ready to serve as a loyal pet and be by your side for life’s adventures!

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  1. Michael Sidaway

    This article is spot on! We adopted a German/Aussie mix that is 2 yrs. old and still thinks he’s a puppy. He is great with our other 3 dogs and his affection is over the top. He needs at least an hour worth of outside playtime per day and is super athletic. Be careful leaving food out where they can get to it because they are great goody thieves. He’s loyal to a T, easy to train, and craves attention.

  2. Claire

    Definitely spot on energy level. Had someone tell me today, He gets his smarts from the German Shepard and his hyper activity from the Australian half. I have found he needs at least an hour run in the field to wear the top off his energy level. I love Waylon but hope he out grows some of his energy. He’s only 8 months old right now.

  3. Misty

    We have a German Shepherd/ Australian Shepherd mix. She is by far the smartest dog we have ever had. Learns commands so easily and is eager to please. She has high energy and is extremely protective which cuts both ways depending on the situation. She does not do well when people approach us, but is better if we approach them so she knows it is okay.

  4. Mike

    Absolutely spot on, I recently got an 8 month old German/aussie shepherd mix. I have owned 5 great danes, and this is my first shepherd. His energy is over the top, definitely the smartest dog I’ve owned, if people approach me he is very protective and makes sure that whoever is approaching knows it. He is much more receptive to meeting people if I approach them. I was wondering if he was going to be able to fill the void left by my last Great Dane of 11 years. He has already shown me that he will and then some.

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