8 Reasons Why German Shepherds are the Best Dogs Ever

Any German Shepherd owner will tell you just how awesome their dog is. And there must be something special about this type of dog since it’s currently the second most popular breed in the United States.

So, what’s so special about these pups? These 8 traits stand out.


  1. They’re Smarty Pants

    German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs. In fact, they’re the third most intelligent dog of all the breeds in the world, according to the AKC.

    With their intelligence and sense of duty, it’s no wonder why the German Shepherd is a popular choice for police and military service.

  2. Loyal is Their Middle Name

    This breed is known for its devotion and loyalty. They love their families unconditionally and make the ultimate companion.

  3. You Get Pup Protection

    German Shepherds are proud protectors. Their purpose is to serve their people! As such, they can be standoffish with strangers, but as long as they’re not aggressive, there’s nothing to worry about.

  4. No One Will Mess With You

    Let’s face it: German Shepherds look intimidating. Standing up to 26″ tall on average and weighing up to 100 pounds, these dogs are large in stature. Combine that with a stoic, steadfast personality and steely gaze, and it’s no wonder why no one wants to mess with a German Shepherd.

  5. A Great Family Dog

    With a calm nature, caring temperament and strong desire to protect their loved ones, German Shepherds are without a doubt a wonderful family dog.

  6. They’re Handsome Devils

    In the words of the great Derek Zoolander, German Shepherds are “really, really good looking.” Their alert, elongated ears. Deep, soulful eyes. A thick, beautiful coat in cool colors. Simply gorgeous!

  7. German Shepherds = Movie Stars

    German Shepherds are quite a popular choice for movies. They’ve starred in dozens of flicks since the dawn of film, including these 10 popular films.

  8. There’s Never a Dull Moment

    Life is never dull with a German Shepherd. They need a healthy amount of exercise – at least 30 minutes a day – so you’ll enjoy lots of time outside playing, walking and moving around.

    They’re also smart cookies who love a good challenge and will look to you for daily mental stimulation.


71njbgp5aal-_sl1500_Do you have a German Shepherd? If so, we want to hear what you love most about your dog! Let us know below.

Also, how cute is this German Shepherd dog mom mug? Such a cool (yet practical!) way to show your pup pride.

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    this was really helpful for my report i am in grade 4 and i feel this is sure to get my class a german shepherd for a class pet

  2. Dog lover

    Thank you my friends like labs and they want a new dog and I suggested German shepherd and she said no and I am like THERE SO CUUUTE and I showed her this and kinda convinced her but she wants a bull

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