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Australian Shepherd Lab Mix – Meet the Aussiedor

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Want to learn more about the Australian Shepherd Lab mix? Consider this your guide to the hybrid affectionately called the “Aussiedor.”

The mix combines two beloved breeds – the Australian Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever – to create an intelligent, active and oh-so adorable dog.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

With all cross mixes, there is no way to tell the exact proportions and traits they’ll pick up from their parents. But we have a solid idea of what you can expect with the Australian Shepherd Lab mix.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

A lovable and carefree dog for families, the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is a pet that offers many benefits.

To start, it’s a dog that will cuddle with you on the couch or watch the front door if you need protection.

Also, while a purebred is sometimes desired by those who want a specific appearance or temperament, a combination of multiple breeds can often deliver a friendly pet that has the same temperament and appearance as one that is purebred.

You usually won’t be able to predict the exact outcome of your Australian Shepherd Lab mix puppy, but you can see a few of the characteristics regarding the appearance to better determine which genes were received by which parent from the time the dog is a puppy.

As the puppy gets older, you’ll begin to notice the demeanor of the animal. Before introducing the dog to your home, you should do a little research about the exercise and training involved with the mixed breed as well as some of the health issues that could arise.


The Australian Shepherd Lab mix combines two athletic, beloved breeds to create adorable and active hybrid pup.

The Shepherd is known for its herding capabilities and instincts while the Lab is known for its gentle behavior. It’s also a dog that is often suitable for children, however, you should always train both your dog and your children to respect each other while they are in the same area.

Your dog will likely be of a medium size weighing about 50 pounds and standing about 23 inches tall.

Many Labs have coats that are solid colors, and Australian Shepherd can have a solid or multi-colored, speckled coat. The Australian Shepherd Lab mix will most likely result in mixed colors or a solid coat with a different color on the feet, tail, or chest. Common colors seen on these dogs are black, gray, and brown.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix


The parent dogs of the Australian Shepherd Lab mix are work animals. Both the Australian Shepherd and Lab are active and enjoy being at the center of attention. They also like to play and are eager to please their owners.

An Australian Shepherd can sometimes be a bit more active and jumpy than a Lab, which is something that you want to keep in mind if you have young children in your home.

If your dog is more like a Lab, on the other hand, then you might notice that the personality is a bit more laid back. A Lab does have a few more guarding instincts, making it a better dog for watching over the home.

Labs are social dogs and very happy overall. Australian Shepherds, however, can be on the shy side when meeting new people. It’s important to begin socializing your dog when it’s a puppy or when you first bring the dog into your home so that it can get accustomed to its surroundings and the people who it will be in contact with each day.


The health issues of your Australian Shepherd Lab mix will vary greatly depending on the issues that are present in the parents. However, many mixed breed dogs have stronger health lines because they get the immunity from their parents.

Since both breeds are very active, you are likely to notice issues with the bones and joints, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. A vet should check your dog at each visit to ensure that the bones and joints of the hips and elbows are healthy.

A diet that is high in protein to support active muscles and bones is ideal. Thyroid concerns are also prominent in both breeds but more often seen in Australian Shepherds. Lymphoma is another common disease seen in this mix of dogs.


A Lab usually has a short coat while an Australian Shepherd has hair that is a bit longer. Your dog could inherit a mix of the two hair types or one that is specific to a parent.

If your dog has longer hair, then you will need to groom it on a regular basis. (The Australian Shepherd tends to get tangled in its hair!) A slick brush is an option to prevent the hair from matting together and tangling.

If your dog enjoys playing outside, you should try to groom a little more often to get rid of any leaves or other debris that can collect in the long hair.

Your mixed breed will shed since both parent breeds are avid shedders as well. A weekly brushing can usually tame the loose hair so that it doesn’t collect on your furniture.

Training & Exercise Needs

You will need to be able to devote plenty of time to training and exercise with your Australian Shepherd Lab mix. After all, they are energetic and need a large space to run around and play.

Interaction with toys is also recommended because they like to focus on one thing compared to being off on their own.

If you’re not able to stay home during the day or if someone isn’t there to take the dog outside to play or to go on a walk, then you might want to consider getting a dog that doesn’t have high energy levels.

A yard with a fence works well with these dogs so that they have a safe area to run when you’re not at home and if you don’t plan on your pet being inside all the time.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix: Is It Right For You?

One thing is clear with the Australian Shepherd Lab mix: This hybrid breed is quite active and needs a lot of exercise.

This dog has many wonderful qualities, including a great personality, a deep devotion to its family, and a unique and striking appearance. If you are able to provide the Australian Shepherd Lab mix with the exercise, training and attention it needs, then we say go for it!

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  1. Judith

    Best dog I ever had. Still miss her so much. It was an accidental breeding so we only paid $50. I don’t think the breeder knew what she had as this designer dog wasn’t popular then.

  2. Dawn

    I had an Aussiedor many years ago, when no one knew what they were. her name was Honey and she was the best dog ever, and I still cry because I miss her so much! I have been trying to find another aussiedor to welcome to the family, but have had no luck.

  3. Jeffrey Juchniewicz

    If you live in Pa. or close by. I may have one for you. 11 week old pup. Dewey Oliver.

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