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10 Christmas Dog Toys We Absolutely Adore

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The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to find Christmas dog toys your pup will love.

We have everyone covered from the cute, cuddly toys for smaller pups to the tough and durable options for the big dogs.

Although the toys on this list are very different, they all have one thing in common: lots and lots of holiday cheer. At first glance, it’s clear these toys are created for Christmas.

10 Cool Christmas Dog Toys

At My Dog’s Name, we spend hours researching the best dog products. Finding cool Christmas dog toys is a fun assignment because who doesn’t love the holidays and all the joy they bring? Then couple that with all the fun a dog will have with a new toy. It doesn’t get much better than this.

So, after searching high and low, here is a list of Christmas dog toys we adore and think you will, too.

1. ZippyPaws Holiday Squeakie Buddies

If you’re looking at Christmas dog toys for a small or medium-sized dog, this collection is quite adorable. You get three squeaky plush toys in the shapes of classic Christmas characters: Santa, a reindeer, and a snowman.

In addition to the super cute design, we also love that these toys contain no stuffing, which, as many of us pup parents know, is something pups absolutely love to rip out.

Overall, this is a classic, straightforward Christmas gift for that special dog in our lives.


2. ZippyPaws Holiday Hedgehog Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Another great toy is the Holiday Hedgehog Squeaky Plush Toy, also from Zippy Paws. It’s simple yet adorable.

The super cute Santa hat is removable, so once the holiday season is over, remove the cap and you have a year-round toy.

Fun and festive, the toy comes in sizes from small up to extra large, so there’s an option for dogs of every weight class.


3. Dog Plush Snowballs

These plush snowballs are perfect for the winter season. They come with six balls with squeakers that your pup is sure to love!

These are perfect for playing fetch with your dog; just don’t eat the yellow snow!

dog plush snowballs

4. Naughty or Nice Tennis Balls (12 Pack)

Since we’re on the topic of dog balls, this gift is a fun, holiday-infused take on the classic tennis ball. The set includes four tennis balls with red and green coloring and the saying naughty or nice.

They also make noise to keep your pup entertained!

When searching for Christmas dog toys, a big question is whether the dog will like them. With this gift, however, there’s no doubt your dog will love this tried-and-true classic.

naughty and nice tennis  balls

5. ZippyPaws Holiday Reindeer Hide and Seek Plush Toy

Christmas dog toys don’t get much cuter than this. How it works is that you stuff the adorable, squeaky reindeers inside the festive holiday box and challenge your dog to borough inside and find them. You can also throw some dog treats in the mix for added fun.

Once the dog finds the toys, they’ll enjoy chewing, chomping, and making a squeaky noise.

Keep in mind that this set is designed for small and medium dogs. This isn’t the best option if you have a large dog who loves to chew. But, we have other Christmas dog toys on the list that are a better fit for the big pups. Like the next item.


6. Time For Joy Christmas Lights on a Rope Dog Toy

Pup parents with large-sized dogs know what a godsend rope toys are. These big beasts seem to tear apart just about every other toy, but ropes seem to last a whole lot longer.

With this in mind, we were quite happy to find this XL holiday-themed rope toy at Petco. Not only does it have a green and red festive rope, but the toy also includes multicolored plush dog toy light bulbs with squeakers to make it look like a strand of Christmas lights.

Just when it seems like all the Christmas dog toys are delicate and geared toward small dogs, this fantastic XL-sized toy comes around, and we couldn’t be happier.


7. Cookies and Milk Plush Dog Toy

This toy has exactly what Santa needs this Christmas. It includes three adorable cookies that can be dug out of their milk carton home!
cookies milk toy

8. Squeaky Plush Dog Toys Pack

This set includes not one, not two, but THREE Christmas dog toys. You get plush toys in the shapes of a snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Santa Claus.

Dogs love the squeakers inside of toys, and these will really entice our furry friends.

christmas squeaky toys pack

9. Nylabone® 3-Pack Holiday Bone Dog Toy

Most dog owners have heard of Nylabone, the creator of super tough, non-edible dog chews. And if you haven’t, you should check them out! They keep dogs busy and last FOREVER.

So imagine our delight when we found out that Nylabone offers a holiday chew set with bones colored red, green, and white.

And, not only do they look like Christmas dog toys, but they also TASTE like the holidays. Mind blown.

The red is turkey and cranberry flavored, green tastes like peppermint, and the white has a chicken taste.

We’re in love.


10. Starbarks Coffee Plush Dog Toy

First off, this coffee plush is totally adorable. If you or your gifted pup owner love your holiday coffee treats, this is the perfect thing for your pup!

But wait – there’s more. The toys include a squeaker that your dog will love.

dog coffee toy

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