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funny_dog_names_1When my cousin was in college, he and his roommates adopted a dog from a local shelter, and being a group of college-age males they of course had to give him a funny name.  After brainstorming ideas (over a few beers I’m sure), they found the perfect dog name: Little Dude.

The name never gets old. Every time my cousin tells us stories about Little Dude, we crack up from the name alone. And it’s especially hilarious when my Grandma is over and has to call out “Little Dude!” to get his attention.

Funny dog names certainly aren’t for everyone. But if you have a good sense of humor and want to have a little fun, funny dog names are a great choice.

So what makes a name funny? There’s always the straight-up funny names like Little Dude. Or you could try an ironic funny approach like a naming a Great Dane a cute little name like Tiny.

Our neighbor put a funny twist on her French bulldog’s name that makes everyone crack up. Her name? Tankerbell.

Just a word of warning – not everyone may get the name and why it’s funny. Also, if the reference is popular in our culture today, it might not be relevant down the road when your dog is older. For example, last year it would have been funny to name your dog “The Situation,” ala the Jersey Shore, but the show has quickly faded and certainly won’t be relevant 10 years from now.

So, let’s take a look at some funny names:

Funny Male Dog Names
Ricky Bobby
Sir-Barks-A lot
Mr. Muggles
Billy the Kid
Pee Wee
Chuck Norris

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Funny Female Dog Names
Miss Havisham
Mai Tai
Lady Rover
Joan of Bark
Lucy Lu

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