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9 Dog DIY Projects to Stay Uber Organized

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Everyone starts out the new year with big plans for personal improvement. Lose 10 pounds. Read more. Take a class. Spend less money.

This year, my goal is to be more organized. Plain and simple. I’m sick of clutter and of making space for things I’ll never use. Instead, I want to purposefully make room for only the items we frequently need and arrange everything in a way that feels organized and cohesive.

A trouble spot for us: dog supplies. We have stuff for our dog, Toby, everywhere in the house.

So that got us thinking about how we can solve these problems. Turns out there are plenty of brilliant dog DIY projects designed to help better organize your life.

Here are our favorite nine projects, including one tip from us that has helped immensely.

  1. Basket for Toys

    dog toy basket

    When we got our dog, Toby, the woman we adopted him from recommended that we get a basket to store all his toys. This would signal to him that he could play with these items (and hopefully not destroy other things!) and also keep our living room more organized.

    Let me tell you, this tip has been a lifesaver. It’s so simple yet so effective. We found a basket that matches our decor so it blends right in with the room. You’d never know it was full of slobbery toys, chewed up bones and pulled-apart ropes unless you were standing right over it.

    If we’re being technical, this might not quite count as DIY since we didn’t really do much to it other than take off the tag. But, you can always decorate the basket and make it more your style.

  2. Dog Food Canister

    dog food container

    Found at Tidy Mom

    For sure you’ve gotten one of those giant tins of popcorn before. The ones that are especially popular around Christmas time and often contain a mixture of regular, cheddar and caramel popcorn. (My mom used to remove the divider and mix it all up, which drove me craaaaaazy.)

    Anyway, these tins come in handy when you’re trying to figure out where in the heck to store your bags of dog food. Tidy Mom had the brilliant idea of taking spray paint to the can and creating a unique, sophisticated container for only a few bucks. Check out their website for full instructions.

  3.  Easy Food Organizer

    dog food drawers

    Found at The Real Thing With The Coake Family 

    If you have more than one pet, this is a perfect way to keep their food straight. The first step is to find a plastic drawer organizer that you like. Amazon has some good options, otherwise, your local Target or Walmart will have plenty to choose from.

    To personalize, simply use stencils to add your pet’s name to the appropriate drawer. (Instructions found at The Real Thing With The Coake Family.) Voila! You’ve got a snazzy dog food holder that is much more aesthetically pleasing than plain food bags, and it’s much easier to access, too.

  4. Food Station with Extra Storage

    dog bowls

    Found at Addicted2DIY

    Disclaimer: This project is not for the faint of heart. Power tools are required! But, that’s to be expected for such a nice, fully functional, custom-made piece.

    We love the clean lines and versatile nature of this project. Not only is it a great way to put out your dog’s dishes (which always seem to get slobbery on the floor), it’s also an easy way to add more storage to your home. Preferably for dog supplies, of course.

    Addicted2DIY has full patterns available to walk you through the process. Boom!

  5. Dog Leash and Treat Holder

    dog leash holder

    Found at Budget Savvy Diva

    Toby is not very patient when he wants to go for a walk. He usually sits by the door and makes this heartbreaking crying noise, then excitedly follows me everywhere I go as I frantically try to get ready – which usually takes a while because I can’t find anything.

    My overall goal in 2017 is to get more organized. MUCH more organized. And one major area for improvement is getting out the door quicker for walks.

    Which brings me to this DIY project. Budget Savvy Diva has come up with an easy, stylish way to store all the supplies needed for your dog’s walk. And you can do it all for under $10.

  6. Custom Pet Gate

    diy dog gate

    Found at Little Victorian

    Finding a pet gate that fits your house is such a hassle. Sure, it’s easy if you’re looking to sequester off the stairs or a regular-size doorway. But anything else, and it’s so tough to find the right size.

    Little Victorian has come up with a great solution: building a simple pet gate.

    And this custom gate will be a godsend when you need to keep your pets contained or out of a certain room.

  7. Furniture Stand with Pet Bed

    dog bed furniture

    Found at Hometalk

    Pet beds either get gross and slobbery or are always awkwardly in the way. Or both.

    As a solution, Hometalk has created a DIY furniture stand that perfectly integrates a pet bed. Your pup will love the cozy, safe space, and your house will look a lot more organized.

  8. Grooming Caddy

    dog grooming tools

    Found at I Heart Organizing

    If you’re a less-than-organized pup parent like me, you’ve got dog supplies all over the place. Literally. Toby’s medicine, brush, and eardrops are downstairs; his shampoo and de-shedder are in the hall closet; and his toothbrush, toothpaste, and first aid supplies are in the bathroom. It’s a mess. No wonder my husband can’t find anything.

    I Heart Organizing offers up a brilliant solution. Find a caddy of some sort (Amazon has lots of options) and commit to keeping all your pet supplies in there. You can also have fun and decorate with custom decals, stenciling, etc. to make it personalized for your pup. 

  9. Pup Storage Station

    dog storage drawers

    Found at Organization by the Ocean

    We’ve talked about organizing small parts of your dog’s life, but what about one big ‘ol case to store everything?

    If you have the room, this full-fledged doggie station from Organization by the Ocean keeps all your dog supplies perfectly organized. Simply label each drawer, and you’ll never have to wonder where to find things again.

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