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7 Amazing Ways to Memorialize Your Departed Dog

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Losing a dog is one of the hardest things we have to go through as dog parents. Your life is never quite the same afterward. The house is quieter. Your routine of meals, play time, walks, treats and snuggles is suddenly gone. It’s like you lost a family member…and really, you did.

Even though your dog is gone, they’re certainly not forgotten. Life will keep going, but to keep your pup forever close to your heart, here are 7 ways to memorialize your dearly departed dog.

  1. Purchase a memorial stone

    We love this idea for a couple of reasons. First, if you do bury your dog’s remains in your yard or elsewhere, this serves as a headstone to mark the site.

    Or you can get a stone just because. And it can go anywhere – next to a tree your dog loved sitting under, in your garden, wherever.

    Our favorites include:

    Personalized Pet Memorial Step Stone
    dog memorial stone

    Paw Print Pet Memorial Stone
    Pet Memorial Stone

    Personalized Pet Stone Memorial Marker in Granite

    Personalized Dog Pet Memorial River Stone

    Personalized Pet Stone Memorial Marker

  2. Create a commemorative book or slideshow

    One way to keep your dog’s memory alive is with a photo book or slideshow. You’ve likely taken many pictures of your dog throughout their life, so why not compile them into a photo book that sits on your coffee table or bookshelf. (Sifting through photos can also be therapeutic in your time of grief.)

    Or, you can make a photo slideshow to watch the highlights of your dog’s life whenever you miss them. Best of all, it’s something you’ll have forever.

  3. Write a letter to your dog

    Therapists often recommend journaling or writing a letter to the deceased as a way of healing. This can – and should – be applied to the death of a beloved dog.

    Sure, this may seem a little silly, but trust us, it works. Write from the heart. Write what your dog meant to you. How they changed you. You’ll feel better afterward.

  4. Frame their photo

    Yes, your dog won’t be bouncing around the house anymore. But that doesn’t mean they have to be gone from your home. A simple, wonderful way to commemorate your devoted dog is with a framed photo.

    Here are our favorites:

    Pet Memorial Ceramic Picture Frame

    Paw Prints On My Heart Pet Memorial Picture Frame

    61emgsze6yl-_sl1000_Always Remembered – Forever Loved Memorial Frame

  5. Donate to a charity

    Without a doubt, the loss of a loved one leaves us reeling. The brain struggles to make sense of it all, and in this powerless time, you feel the need to do something. Anything.

    A great way to take action and memorialize your dog is with a donation to a pet charity in your dog’s name. This helps other dogs and keeps your pup’s memory alive.

  6. Wear a memorial necklace

    Your dog will always be close to your heart, in a figurative sense. With a memorial necklace, you can literally keep your dog close to your heart at all times.

    Some cool ideas:

    Hand Stamped Personalized Pet Memorial Necklace 
    Personalized Paw Print Necklace with Birthstone 

    No Longer by My Side but Forever in My Heart Necklace
    dog necklace

  7. Create a mini shrine

    And finally, if you have space, we love the idea of a mini-shrine devoted to your dog. For example, you can take a small bookshelf and fill it with a framed photo of your dog and the things they loved – their collar and leash, their favorite toy, etc.

    Or, if you don’t have the room, buy a shadow box and add smaller belongings that fit inside.

The death of a beloved pet is never easy. We are so sorry for your loss. Please know that we at My Dog’s Name are sending lots of love your way.

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