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Short & Sweet: Meet the Corgi Beagle Mix

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Corgi Beagle Mix

A combination of two adorable dogs, the Corgi Beagle mix – affectionately called the Beagi – is a sweet, spirited pup with a distinct appearance.

The mix is created by crossing the Beagle and either a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Although not as popular as other breed combinations like the Cockapoo or Labradoodle, the Beagi is gaining popularity, with many owners appreciating the unique traits of this cute canine.

Along with the many pros of owning a Corgi Beagle mix, there are also a few challenges to mention, so if you’re thinking about getting this designer dog, here’s everything you need to know beforehand.


Purebred Beagles generally range in size from 18-35 lbs and stand out for their square muzzle, gumdrop nose and floppy ears. Beagle colors often include a combination of white, black and tan or similar tints.

With the Corgi, the most notable physical traits are their short, squat bodies and pointy ears. The Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis look very similar but with a few distinct differences. First off, the Pembroke’s tail is docked while the Cardigan’s is not. Another difference is the feet. The Pembroke has oval feet that point straight ahead or inward, whereas the Cardigan’s feet are round and curve outward.

With the Corgi Beagle mix, your pup is most likely going to be 15-30 lbs. As with all mixed breeds, the appearance can vary widely, but as a whole, the following traits are a safe bet.

For starters, you can count on this mix to have an elongated body. The legs will be longer than a regular Corgi, however, giving the pup a more balanced look.

With the Corgi Beagle mix, a big question is whether the dog will get the pointy ears of a Corgi or the floppy ears of a Beagle. Floppy ears tend to be more common, but it’s not out of the question to get a Beagi with pointy ears.

The mix will also have a longer tail and soulful dark eyes that melt your heart. As far as colors go, the range includes tricolor tan, fawn, red, black, yellow, white, sable and even orange.

Corgi Beagle Mix


Both the Corgi and Beagle are friendly, affectionate and alert, so it’s no surprise that the Corgi Beagle mix is the same.

Likewise, both breeds are intelligent and inquisitive. The Corgi Beagle mix is a curious canine who will keep you on your toes.

Unlike breeds like Labrador Retrievers who give their affection away freely, the Corgi Beagle mix is a bit more reserved and can be cautious around people they don’t know. This makes it so important to socialize this pup right away.

Even so, they absolutely love to be around their masters and seldom like to be left alone, so just be aware that they’ll need plenty of time with you.

Overall, the Corgi Beagle mix makes a great addition to any family and does well with other pets, kids and adults alike.


The Corgi Beagle mix is generally a strong and sturdy dog, but there are some health concerns to look out for.

For starters, it’s important to watch their weight. Both the Corgi and Beagle are prone to obesity issues, so the best thing you can do is watch what your Beagi eats and give it plenty of exercise.

With the Corgi, eye problems like progressive retinal atrophy and canine glaucoma are a major concern. As for the Beagle, you have to watch for hypothyroidism, a disorder where the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, as well as chondrodystrophy, a skeletal disorder that affects the development of cartilage.

Neither breed has issues with hip dysplasia, something common in many other dogs, so rest assured there’s little to no chance you’ll have to worry about this prevalent issue in pups.

On average, with proper care the Corgi Beagle mix is expected to live 12-15 years.


Grooming needs for a Corgi Beagle mix are pretty straightforward. The mix does shed, so the best thing you can do is give them a good brushing every few days and use a de-shedding tool once a week to get ahead of the problem.

Other than that, it’s just the run-of-the-mill maintenance: regular baths, nail trims and ear cleanings.

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Corgi Beagle Mix


Proper training is essential for a Corgi Beagle mix. Each part of this mix – the Corgi and the Beagle – is known for a stubborn streak, so you’ll want to get this dog on the right track ASAP.

Training that is firm yet patient and positive is key here. Don’t wait. Hire a dog trainer, enroll in a group class or at the very least, spent one-on-one time working with your pup. (We highly recommend reading up beforehand.)

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Another thing you’ll want to work on: socialization. As mentioned before, the Corgi Beagle mix can be a bit apprehensive about meeting new people and pets. The best thing you can do is expose them to new experiences.

Exercise is also important. The Corgi Beagle mix needs at least one or two walks a day. This helps with behavior and also their weight.

Corgi Beagle Mix: Is It Right For You?

If you’re looking for an adorable family dog that isn’t a typical breed, the Corgi Beagle mix is for you.

The breed does well in any sized home. It doesn’t matter if you have a small apartment or huge house. With the Corgi Beagle mix, you have the flexibility to live anywhere.

On the other hand, this isn’t the most easygoing animal. By now you know about their stubborn streak. And they do require a good amount of dedication, between training, exercise and general quality time together.

If you have the time and energy, we say go for it!

And if you need more convincing, this video will put you over the edge.

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  1. Shelly B.

    Just put down my adorable corgi-beagl mix dog after 18 years! She was a complete joy to my family and me. Never had any health issues until old age, a little stubborn, but easy to train, had tons of energy and loved taking me on long walks. A great travel companion and friend. She will be greatly missed. She had the smarts of a corgi and the energy of a beagle.

    • Ann

      I’m so sorry. They are one of life’s greatest treasures.
      I’m about to find out if my rescue truly is a Beagle/Corgi mix, whuch I call Corgle. So much love and sweetness…and energy even for a boy of 12-14 years. How you must miss yours.

  2. Thomas Brown

    So sorry! We rescued Willow corgi b mix
    @ 6 mos
    She a deformed leg turned in

    She runs and plays and handles it well!
    She is 3 now
    And is a blessing! Very loyal

  3. Lizanne

    I adopted a senior beagle a year ago as it says in her passport, i never thought she was purebred but hadn’t thought of this combo! Now i bet she is a beagi and i might test it someday. But the traits really do overlap here and how she is built as well. Supersweet and affectionate from the start!

  4. Bri Robinson

    Hi! My name is Bri and I have a beagi named Jake. He is an old man and is about 10 years old. Yet he still acts like he’s a puppy. About 6 or 7 years ago, my parents were given Jake by our next door neighbor who abused him and didn’t want him. Sadly this still impacted Jake as he doesn’t like lighters, loud noises, loud people or other dogs. Over the years we had Jake, we never knew what he was. We tried for hours to find a dog that looked like him but failed. While I was growing up, Jake strayed away from my parents and grew very attached to me. In October of 2021, I moved out of my parents house and took Jake with me, officially making Jake my dog. It wasn’t until a few months ago where I found out Jake was a Beagi! I love Jake so much and can’t imagine another dog like him. Sadly I know that in the next few years Jake will pass away. He is my old man after all. After a few years I plan on getting another dog just like him!

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