Boston Terrier Price – How Much Does This Adorable Breed Cost?

Looking for the Boston Terrier price? We’ve got the answer.

We’ll take you through the initial Boston Terrier price and then explore all the other costs associated with owning this breed.

But first, a bit of history.

The Boston Terrier was developed in 19th-century England when (unfortunately) blood sports were all the rage. That led to the crossing of Terriers and bull-type breeds to produce dogs fit for pit fighting and ratting contests.

The breed got its start in Liverpool when a Bulldog was bred with a now-extinct white English Terrier. Later, the offspring of this dog were interbred with one or more French Bulldogs, providing the foundation for the Boston Terrier.

So where does the Boston part come in?

Well, the breed was first shown in Boston in 1870 and became quite popular in the area. A few decades later, enthusiasts formed the American Bull Terrier Club, which was subsequently renamed the Boston Terrier Club.

In 1893 it was admitted to membership in the American Kennel Club, making it the first U.S. breed to be recognized.

Today the Boston Terrier is the 21st most popular dog breed in the United States.

Boston Terrier price

The initial Boston Terrier price

It’s important to know the Boston Terrier price ahead of time. On average, the Boston Terrier price usually ranges from $600-$1,200. According to NextDayPets, the median price for all Boston Terriers sold is $800.

That number increases for dogs with superior lineage. A top-quality dog with exceptional breed lines can cost $1,500-$4,500.

When purchasing a Boston Terrier, always make sure to do your research on where it’s coming from. Never buy a dog when you suspect it may come from a puppy mill. Here is how to tell.

Of course, you can always adopt a Boston Terrier. Pet adoption usually ranges from $350-$550 AND it includes registrations and vaccinations. You’ll certainly save money, and better yet, you’re providing a wonderful home for a dog who really needs one.

Boston Terrier price

The cost of feeding a Boston Terrier

With any dog, we recommend you look into how much it will cost to feed them since that is a reoccurring expense you’ll have every month.

Weighing between 12-25 pounds, the Boston Terrier generally eats between 1-2 cups of food a day, depending on their size and activity level. Consult with your vet to see what’s right for your dog.

On average, quality dog food is about $2-$3 per pound. Say you get a 30-pound bag for $55. That’s approximately 120 cups of dog food. Let’s estimate your Boston Terrier eats 1 1/2 cups a day. That means the 30-pound bag would provide 80 days of food. So that’s nearly three months of food for only $55.

Ultimately, it’s safe to say the cost of food likely won’t be an issue when looking at the full Boston Terrier price.

And don’t forget about the treats. A bag of quality treats usually costs between $5-$10 and will last a few months for the Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier price

How much are vet expenses?

Another important factor to note in the Boston Terrier price is how much vet expenses will cost.

As with all dogs, the Boston Terrier is prone to certain health issues based on their breed.

The first thing to watch is their eyes. The Boston Terrier has beautiful, large eyes, but their prominence and protruding nature can cause issues. You should check them daily for redness or irritation. Some pup parents even carry eye drops to flush out dust and debris.

Other eye issues include cataracts, corneal ulcers and glaucoma. You also have to watch for deafness and patellar luxation.

And because it is a flat-faced breed, the Boston Terrier can experience difficulty breathing in excessive heat or humidity. In these conditions, make sure they don’t stay outside for too long and that they get adequate shelter.

According to Embrace Pet Insurance, the most common serious issues for the Boston Terrier and the cost to treat them are:

  • Patellar Luxation – $1,500-$3,000
  • Craniomandibular Osteopathy – $500-$2,000
  • Mitral Valve Disease – $500-$2,000
  • Legg-Perthes Disease – $1,000-$3,000
  • Cataracts – $1,500-$5,000
  • Cushing’s Disease – $3,000-$10,000

Don’t let this list scare you, however. This is just a word of caution about potential concerns and tips to keep your pup in the best health possible.

Boston Terrier price

Consider other costs as you factor out the Boston Terrier price

To calculate the full Boston Terrier price, let’s look at everything else that goes into dog ownership.

First off, there is grooming. Fortunately, the Boston Terrier is a pretty low maintenance dog. Their coat sheds, so you don’t have to worry about grooming other than trimming their nails, giving them baths, brushing their fur and other basic grooming steps, all of which you can do at home for a fraction of the cost.

Training is also important. On average, group lessons range from $50-$125 for 4-8 weeks of one-hour sessions.

Fortunately, the Boston Terrier is an obedient breed that’s eager to please, so training should be a straightforward process.

Then there’s the cost of supplies. To start, dogs need a collar, leash, some toys, water and food bowls, a brush and a bed. To help new dog owners, we’ve compiled a shopping list that notes everything you’ll need for your new bundle of fur.

See the new dog shopping list

Your first temptation might be to run to the pet store and buy everything in sight for your new furbaby, but for the sake of your pocketbook, resist the temptation. In reality, your dog doesn’t need a million new toys, collars for every day of the week or the fanciest dog bed you can find. Buy the basics at first, and then you’ll slowly find out what your dog likes and needs.

In a survey, the American Pet Products Association found that it costs $1,641 per year on average to take care of a dog, between veterinary care, food, treats, boarding, grooming, vitamins and toys. If you can afford the initial Boston Terrier price plus the ongoing expenses, go for it!

Why should you get a Boston Terrier?

The Boston Terrier is a lively little companion. Although he’s small in size, he’s sturdy and strong with a sporty attitude.

Weighing no more than 25 pounds, this breed is great for apartments and houses alike. You certainly don’t need much space for the Boston.

Physically, this breed is downright adorable, from the large, soulful eyes to the pointy ears to the compact little body. Plus, you can’t forget about the beautiful tuxedo coat.

When it comes to personality, the Boston Terrier is one of the most well-mannered dogs out there. The breed loves people and other pets and is a pure delight to be around.

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