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5 Must-Have Dog Toys to Keep Your Active Dog Busy

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You’re exhausted beyond belief and your lovable but very active dog keeps whining at you to play. You just went on a walk a little bit ago, however. How in the world do they have that much energy?, you’re wondering. And why can’t I have some?

It’s times like these where you need a clever dog toy to keep your pup busy. Not something they’ll chew on for 90 seconds and then get bored with. A real brain teaser that will make them think and keep them occupied for hours.

Here are five awesome dog toys that will keep even the craziest canine super busy and out of your hair.

The Kong

Millions of dog owners swear by the Kong. The classic Kong looks almost like a snowman with three balls stacked together. It is made of a durable rubber and the inside is hollowed out so you can add any of the Kong treats or spreads OR your own assortment of yummies like peanut butter, dog food, cheese, treats and whatever else you can think of. Your dog will have to work hard for their reward!

The idea for the Kong came about in the 70s when creator Joe Markham saw his German Shepherd chewing rocks, obviously very damaging to his teeth. His dog also enjoyed chewing on a hard rubber Volkswagen Bus suspension device – much easier on his chompers! Markham played around with different materials and eventually created the Kong.

In addition to the traditional Kong, the company now has many different products like the Jumbler Ball Toy and Wubba Dog Toy.

OurPets Buster Food Cube

So simple, so genius. The Buster Food Cube is a brilliant way to keep your dog busy mentally and physically. On the outside it looks like a big plastic square. To get started, you simply remove the cylinder, fill the cube with treats or dog food, and reinsert the cylinder, adjusting the level level of difficulty depending on your dog’s energy level. Your pup then has to push the cube along with his or her snout to release the treats!

With the Buster Cube, your dog has to keep moving and working hard for their treats. In the process, they’ll have a ton of fun! OurPets also offers a ball-shaped toy for faster, smoother play for your pup.

Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Puzzles

Nina Ottosson is the queen of creating interactive dog toys that keep pups mentally sharp and physically occupied. A famous dog trainer in Sweden, Ottosson specializes in designs that exercise your dog’s mind and body, reduce behavior problems, help with weight control, fight boredom and strengthen the bond between you two.

The puzzles, all made of durable, easy-to-clean plastic, involve brain-scratching challenges where treats are hidden and the goal is to uncover them using their paws and nose. Popular puzzles include DogTwister, the Dog Brick Interactive Game and the DogCasino.

Rag Rope Ball

If the interactive puzzles have too many bells and whistles and you’d prefer a simpler toy, try out the Rag Rope Ball. Is a rope chew toy? Is it a ball? It’s both!

The Petstages Rage Rope Ball keeps dogs engaged by providing many different rope arms they can chew on. Made of strong rope and denim, this toy keeps dogs busy and also helps with their dental health. You can throw it and use it as a ball for fetch as well!

Jolly Pets Monster Mouth Dog Toy

Last but not least is the Monster Mouth Dog Toy by Jolly Pets. The Monster is a plastic, disc-shaped toy with an opening that looks like a monster mouth, complete with scary teeth. Those teeth have an important purpose. The point of the toy is to insert treats and your dog has to work to get reach them. The challenge is the angle of the toy, the slight opening, and yes, those pesky monster teeth that make the food difficult to reach. Pop in a few treats and your dog will enjoy extended play time.

If you’ve tried any of these toys or have recommendations of your own, chime in below!

Bonus: BarkBox Subscription

barkbox with dog

You’ve probably heard of BarkBox before. If not, here’s the lowdown: It’s a subscription service where every month a box full of cool dog treats and toys is delivered to your doorstep. The box includes 4-6 items curated from their current collection.

When you get started, you can pick your dog’s size so all the treats and toys fit your pup just right.

What we love about this is that it’s a fun surprise for dogs and pup parents alike. Getting a delivery every month is exciting and sure to keep your dog busy with all the new variety! And it’s also a convenient way to try out new treats and toys that you probably never would have heard of.

Check out BarkBox

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