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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs

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Keeping your dog healthy and happy is a top priority for dog parents. And good dog grooming tools are an essential part of that. Things like regular baths, nail trims and ear cleanings keep your dog’s hygiene and health in check.

But what exactly do you need to make this happen? Don’t fret, we’ve got the the top 10 dog grooming tools we recommend every pup parent have on hand.

1. Brush

dog slicker brush

Every pup parent needs a good brush to keep their dog’s hair looking nice and groomed. After all, no one wants a mangy-looking pup.

Regularly brushing your dog’s hair eliminates tangles and matting and helps cut down on shedding. It also stimulates hair growth and keeps your dog’s hair looking healthy and shiny.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs2. Nail clippers

Another part of keeping your dog well groomed is by cutting their nails regularly. Not only does it look good, more importantly, it prevents health and safety issues. Long nails can scratch and hurt others, and if they break off, your poor pup will be in serious pain.

Trimming your dog’s nails is actually easier than you’d think, especially when you invest in a good pair of clippers.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs3. High-quality shampoo

Giving your dog regular baths is also important. A good shampoo cleans and moisturizes, leaving your dog’s hair shiny and strong. But what exactly constitutes a good shampoo?

For starters, make sure you get a shampoo that is 100% safe with only non-toxic, natural ingredients. If you don’t, the shampoo could irritate your dog’s skin or even cause a reaction.

Another recommendation is to get a shampoo that fits your dog’s breed and specific needs. For example, we get one that helps with shedding.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs4. Dog drying towel

After the bath, dogs are sopping wet yet have an extra burst of energy after getting released from the water. If we’re not careful, Toby will run around the house after a bath, shaking off the excess water everywhere and rolling around on the carpet. It’s a wet, sloppy disaster.

But, the best way to prevent this mess is by immediately wrapping a towel around your dog and trying them off. A nice, thick, comfy towel works wonders! Just wrap it around their bodies and give them a big ‘ol hug.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs5. Deshedding tool

This is one of our favorite dog grooming tools. For dogs that sheds, it can seem almost impossible to stay on top of the hair situation. Toby falls into this category. He is a huge shedder, and at his giant size, he just has a lot of fur in general.

What has helped us immensely is buying a deshedding tool. The steal comb pulls out loose fur that is close to falling out so you can get ahead of the issue.

Believe it or not, Toby loves when we use this on him. He sits calmly and lets us gently comb him. In the end, we’re left with a giant pile of fur that kind of looks like a baby animal, but it’s much better to have that in one place than all over the house.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs6. Dog hair clipper set

Some dog breeds, like the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Schnauzer and Poodle, don’t shed. While this does make your house and clothing a lot cleaner, the downside is that your dog needs regular haircuts.

Taking them to the groomer can really add up, so instead, a wise idea is to buy a dog clipper set. It includes a cordless clipper with different blade sizes plus a comb and scissors for trimming delicate areas.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs7. Toothpaste and toothbrush

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is so important. Sadly, it’s something that often gets neglected, which could lead to serious issues like periodontal disease.

To keep your dog’s oral health in check, regular brushings are recommended. In fact, they actually make toothbrushes and toothpaste just for dogs!

We try to brush Toby’s teeth at least once a week. He loves the taste of the toothpaste and constantly tries to lick it off the brush, so it’s a little bit of a struggle, but with patience, persistence and a lot of toothpaste, we make it work.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs8. Grooming wipes

Dogs always seem to have goop in their eyes, drool on their face, mud on their fur or some other cleanliness issue. Giving your dog a full-fledged bath is a lot of work and effort, especially when the spot is small. But you also don’t want to leave the goop on their face.

A solution: grab a pack of pet deodorizing bath wipes and have them on hand. They’re gentle yet effective and perfect for everyday use.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs9. Ear cleaner

Dogs have crazy long ear canals, like 5-10 cm in length. Wax, dirt and other elements can build up in there, and for dogs that like to swim, it’s not uncommon for the ear to become infected.

To stay on top of things, a good idea is to clean out your dog’s ear with a liquid cleaner and a cotton ball. How it works is that you soak the cotton ball with cleaner, then gently insert it into the ear and move it around to dislodge the gunk. Cesar Millan has a tutorial that will help.

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10 Dog Grooming Tools Every Pup Parent Needs10. Treats!

And finally, we highly recommend having a handful of treats on hand anytime you groom your dog. Think about it: your poor pup certainly doesn’t enjoy being poked and prodded, splashed with water or in an otherwise uncomfortable position. Treats, however, can really help. I always use a few treats to coax Toby into the tub, and then I give him another one afterward to signal that he’s been a good dog. The same goes when I use the deshedder or brush his teeth. Treats are definitely a must-have when grooming your beloved furbaby!

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