10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Dog

As dog parents, we all love spending time with our beloved furballs. To us, they aren’t just dogs, they’re full-fledged members of the family. So naturally, we want to include them in holiday festivities.

Halloween is right around the corner, so here are 10 ways you can include your pup in the fun.

Two sweet dog -Yorkshire terrier and Pomeranian Spitz sit with Halloween pumpkin and trick or treating.

  1. Dress them up

    What better way to get your dog in the Halloween fun than to dress them up in the paw-fect costume?

    There are so many fun ideas for dog costumes these days. And more options for dogs of all sizes.

    Of course, if your dog’s not feeling it, don’t push them. But many dogs don’t mind the chance to dress up for the day, and may even like the added warmth.

  2. Get help handing out candy

    This isn’t for every dog. But for some, they prefer to be in the know and see what’s going on at the door versus sequestered away. So, you can enlist the “help” of your dog to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.

    How does this work? Well, you can either have your dog on a leash next to you. Or if you have a screen door, you can drop the glass down and hand out candy through there if possible. If that doesn’t work, instead open the door just slightly so your dog can’t wiggle out.

    Having your dog close to the action is fun for you and lets the kiddos see your cute furball. Just make sure your dog has the right temperament for this as well as a collar with emergency contact info just in case they get out.

  3. Go to a pumpkin patch

    Many local orchards allow dogs, as long as they are well behaved and on a leash. Check local listings and see if there is a pumpkin patch in your area where you can bring your pup.

    It’d be such a fun way to include your dog in the fall festivities and enjoy a nice autumn day outside together.

  4. Host a pup-friendly party

    If you’re having people over on Halloween, why not invite their dogs as well? That way the poor pups don’t have to sit at home alone while there is lots of commotion and confusion outside.

    It’s kind of a win-win. The dogs can play together and keep each other entertained, all under the watchful eye of pup parents.

  5. Find local activities

    Check out your local newspaper or community social media groups to see if there are any fun fall activities going on where you can bring your dog.

  6. Play in the leaves

    For many regions, October means changing seasons and falling leaves everywhere. If you own a home, you know the struggle to keep up with raking. And many people tidy up their yard hurriedly before Halloween trick-or-treaters come romping through.

    How in the world can you make this chore a little more fun? Well, it involves your four-legged friends.

    This may set your progress back a little bit, but it’s so much fun to invite your dog out to play with you in the piles of leaves. The joy on their face is so heart-warming! And it’ll give you added energy to keep going with your fall chores.

  7. Participate in a dog costume contest or a pet parade

    So this is totally a thing. Many communities now hold pet parades where residents bring their dressed-up dog and they walk together in a parade. How freaking adorable is that?

    Or you can also find local dog costume contests. Pup parents bring their furballs together for the chance to take home the award for best costume. And honestly, while it is cool to place in a competition, the real fun is to see all the adorable dogs together and watch your dog having such a good time.

  8. Have a scary movie night

    Nothing gets you in the Halloween mood faster than a scary movie. Make some popcorn, throw on a spooky show and cuddle up with your dog for a fun, relaxed evening.

  9. Enjoy a fall getaway

    Another fun way to celebrate the season is with a fall getaway that includes your pup. Head over to Bring Fido, an awesome website that lists pet-friendly hotels, resorts, restaurants and more, and see if you can find any cool ideas for a beautiful fall vacation with your furball.

  10. Treat your dog to a pet hotel stay

    Let’s face it, for some dogs, Halloween is a really scary time. Kids running up and down the streets yelling and ringing doorbells. Strangers in your yard. Spooky decorations. Crazy costumes.

    The best way for your dog to ring in the holiday may be far away, in the comfort of a doggy daycare or pet hotel. They can romp around, blissfully unaware of the surrounding chaos. That may just be exactly what they need.

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