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10 Things Your Dog Needs This Summer

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Summer is such a glorious time of year, especially for those of us who live in cold climates where we have to wait for warm weather for months on end. It means we get to spend more time outdoors with our beloved dogs, soaking up the sun and enjoying even more playtime together.

Of course, that’s not to say it’s a carefree time. Summer brings a host of things to worry about regarding our dogs, like heat stroke, dehydration, ticks, and sunburn. Keeping your dog healthy is a top priority for us pup parents, so to help your dog have a fun, safe summer, we’ve gathered 10 things to help them have the best summer yet.

Frozen Dog Treats

summer pup treat toy

Dogs love frozen treats, especially on scorching hot days. That’s why the Cool Pup Dog Toys are so perfect for summer. You simply fill up the container with water and freeze, then your dog also gets to enjoy an “ice cream” treat.

A ChuckIt! Launcher

chuck it launcher

The ChuckIt! Launcher is simply brilliant. Not only do you get to play fetch with your dog for hours while saving your arm, you also have a tool to pick up those slobbery balls without getting dirty. Guaranteed you’ll put it to good use this summer.

Flea & Tick Prevention


Are you up to date on your dog’s dose of Frontline? Ticks come out in full force during the summer months. Make sure your dog is up-to-date with their flea and tick treatment before it’s too late.

Pet Pool

Pet pool with dog in it

How fun would it be to have a pet pool for your pup to romp around in during the dog days (pun intended) of summer? If you don’t have access to a body of water, or you’re not sure you want your dog swimming there, this is such a fun, refreshing treat instead.

Special Dog Towel

dog towel

And if your dog is playing in  water, they are going to get super wet and likely shake it off all over you – which is never fun! Instead, it’s a good idea to have a super absorbent towel ready.

Waterproof Dog Shoes

Dog shoes

Your puppy’s poor paws take a beating during the summer. Hot asphalt, sharp objects (especially in water!), muddy terrain, the list goes on. A nice pair of waterproof dog shoes can be a big help.

Pet Shedding Tooldeshedder

Ah, the shedding. Most dogs lose their winter coats around spring time, getting replaced with a lighter, shorter summer coat. But did you know dogs also lose their summer coat? It’s true. Near the end of the season, dogs shed this lighter fur in favor of a thicker, winter coat, wreaking havoc on your house. Get ahead of the mess by using a pet shedding tool.

Cooling Dog Mat

Chilling pad

Summer is a time for picnics, trips to the cabin, camping and lots of other outdoor activities. In these settings, however, our dogs don’t always get a break from the heat. The good news is you can help them feel cool and comfortable with a cooling mat.

Portable Dog Bowl

portable dog bowl

Dogs are always in need of high-quality H20, so if you’re spending time outdoors, consider a portable dog bowl to help keep your pup hydrated and healthy.

Dog Sun Protection

Dog nose sun protection

Dogs have fur covering most of their body, but their poor noses are bare and front and center. Luckily, you can protect their sensitive sniffer with specialized sun protection for canines!

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