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Oh, technology. How would we live without you? If you love technology you’ll absolutely love these cool dog gadgets!

It is amazing how much our lives have changed in such a relatively short period of time. At dinner the other night, our friends were debating when they would get their daughter a cell phone and if they should wait any longer. She’s six years old.

Times have certainly changed. I lamented how I didn’t get a cell phone until the middle of college. My husband shared that all he ever wanted growing up was a pager like all the cool kids in school. It is certainly a different world today.

But a much easier world in many cases. After sports practice when I needed a ride home, I had to find a payphone, rustle up a quarter and hope that my mom was by the phone when I called. If not…ugh…you’d have to do it again. Now you can simply send a text. That’s it.

Technology has also made things easier when you have a dog. When Toby was a puppy, my husband and I bought a camera to keep an eye on him while we were at work. This was awesome because we could see if he was getting agitated and run home to let him out if he was in distress.

Many new high-tech dog gadgets are designed to make life simpler for pup parents, and if they help make life a little easier, why not give them a shot?

Here is a look at some of the coolest options out there.

Petcube Camera

Top High-Tech Pet Gadgets - pet cube camera

In a nutshell, the Petcube Camera lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone. You can watch your dog while you’re away and also chat and listen using two-way audio. The built-in laser also allows you to play with your pup.

The price is a little steep, but for all the features you get, I’d say it’s well worth it.

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Tile Mate Finder

tile mate finder

The Tile Mate finder is a must-have if you have a dog who likes to dart outside and run. The small Tile Mate chip easily slips on to your dog’s collar, kind of  like a dog tag, to keep track of their location. You can set it up to buzz every time your dog gets out of range, and if you can’t find your pup, the free app allows you to look for the last-known location.

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FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

dog gadgets - the fitbark

Now this one of the cooler dog gadgets! If you’ve ever had a dog with weight problems, you know how frustrating it is to help them take off the extra pounds. (This was a struggle with Toby.) Or if they have other health issues, you definitely want to continually check up on their overall well being.

Like the FitBit does for humans, the FitBark allows you to monitor your dog’s everyday activity 24/7 and set health goals for their health. It’s an extra tool to help keep them healthy and happy, which is the goal as a dog parent, isn’t it?

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LED Dog Collar

led dog collar

Walking your dog in the dark can be treacherous, especially if their coat is a dark color. Drivers don’t always see them and the last thing you want is for your dog to be hit.

Wearing an LED dog collar can help. The bright color is hard to miss!

Also, this is great if you take your pup to the dog park late or during the dark winter months. A glowing light makes it much easier to spot them!

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iCalmDog Portable Speaker

Top High-Tech Pet Gadgets - dog noise machine

If you have a dog with separation anxiety or one who gets startled easily, the iCalmDog Portable Speaker will be a huge help. When you’re away, the speaker can step in to help settle your dog. The system comes with 4-hours of bioacoustically-designed music that is clinically tested to calm and relieve canine anxiety.

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Wireless Doorbell Chime with Smart Pet Training Door Bell

dog doorbell

Teaching some dogs to signal when they have to go to the bathroom is harder than others. Or, if they’re younger or older in age, they likely have to go NOW. Even when you’re not right by the door to see them.

This Wireless Door Chime from is perfect for these scenarios. All you have to do is teach your dog to push on the pad when they have to go out and the gadget will emit a noise to alert you. The best part is, you can play around and pick out your favorite chime sound from the 38 options.

> Check out the dog doorbell

iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

Top High-Tech Pet Gadgets All Dog Moms Should Have

Have you ever met one of those dogs who just doesn’t know when to stop when it comes to playing fetch? My brother’s little dog, Theo, is one of those pups. It’s adorable for the first 20 minutes and obnoxious for the next hour.

But with the iFetch, your dog can play fetch with no assistance from you. They drop the ball in the machine and out it pops for a real-life game of fetch. As far as dog gadgets go, this is simply brilliant!

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Dog Harness for GoPro Camera

go pro dog mount

This one definitely falls in the “nice to have” versus “need to have” category. But if you have a GoPro – or are interested in getting a GoPro – and have a dog, this is a must-have accessory. With this tool, you can take videos from your dog’s point of view and check out how they see the world. Prepare to be entertained!

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Dog DNA Test

dog dna test

Have a mixed-breed pup and want to learn more about them? A dog DNA test can get you results of what your dog’s composition looks like so you can learn more about them and what you might be able to expect from a health and behavior perspective.

> DNA Test for Breed Mix
> DNA Test for Breed Mix + Health

Roomba Robot Vacuum

roomba vacuum

Roomba has been a life saver for us. It makes it super easy to vacuum up all the pet hair that finds its way all over your home. Just pick up the floor and push a button and it’ll clean it all up. You can even set an automated schedule to vacuum.

> Roomba 675

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