Are you going to let your dog take a big bite out of your budget?

I knew dogs were expensive. My mom had drilled that into my head from a young age when we used to beg her for a second dog. With that in mind, I waited until the responsible age of 30 to get my first dog, Toby. Things would be smooth sailing, I thought.

Everything was great at first – until I took a look at my bank account.

I was burning through hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month without even realizing it!

It wasn’t like I was buying anything extravagant. Just basic supplies and food, plus a couple vet visits and two days at doggy daycare a week. But it all added up in a hurry.

I had to make a change fast, so I scoured the internet, talked to as many fellow dog owners as I could, and got resourceful.

Before you know it, I was cutting out $100-500 from our dog budget each month.

And the best part is Toby never knew the difference.

When I met a fellow dog owner who was struggling with the cost of a dog, that got me thinking: There should really be a budget survival guide for all new dog owners. Turns out, no such guide existed…until now.

dog budget book

With The Dog Owner’s Budget Survival Guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get dog supplies for free or at a discount
  • Buy the very best dog food and treats for cheap
  • Save on basic health care and prevent emergency budget disasters
  • Cut down costs at the groomer
  • Train your dog effectively at a fraction of the regular cost
  • Protect your house from doggy damage (and discover the tip that could have saved me $1,600)
  • And much more

For $5, you get 200+ easy tips that add up to monthly savings of $100-500!

These tricks worked for me and my puppy parent friends, and they can work for you, too.

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