Refreshing Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Perfect for Summer

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Summer is almost here! I’m so excited, I could shout it from the rooftops. (Cheesy, I know, but very true.) Winters get so darn cold here in Minnesota, and the thought of spending time outside with Toby in warm, sunny weather sounds pretty amazing.

Aside from our usual routine of trips to the dog park and long walks, our favorite thing to do in the summer is take Toby to our family cabin on the lake. He loves to run around the yard, chew on sticks, chase animals, and his favorite, jump in the lake and play fetch in the water.

Toby gets so busy running around in the hot sun that he often doesn’t stop to drink water like he should. On more than one occasion, this has led to mild dehydration and excessive panting. After this, we’ve made sure he always has something cool to drink nearby.

The trouble is, he doesn’t always want to drink it. We’ve tried giving him ice cubes thinking he’d like the crunchy texture, but that doesn’t always work, either.

How do we get him the hydration he needs?

Well, I think I might have found a solution: refreshing frozen dog treats made out of chicken broth. Toby will get the hydration he needs, and the chicken broth is a lot more enticing than plain old water.

Refreshing Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Perfect For Summer

To get started, I grabbed a container of chicken broth, although beef and vegetable broth work, too.

We happened to have silicon baking molds in fun dog shapes. They were designed for baking but also work as an ice cube tray.

Here’s the link to view these dog treat molds on Amazon.

Of course, you could simply use a regular ice cube tray.

And now for the easiest homemade dog treat recipe ever:

  • Grab the mold or ice cube tray.
  • Carefully pour in the broth (it can be a bit stinky).
  • Pop the container in the freezer and let it set for a few hours.

That’s it!

Refreshing Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Perfect For Summer

The best part of the mold is that the treats pop out easily. Oh, and that they’re an adorable bone shape.

Seriously, this frosty DIY dog treat couldn’t be more simple. A blend of refreshing and savory, it’s such a good way to keep your pup hydrated and healthy when the weather starts getting scorching hot.

Refreshing Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Perfect For Summer
Toby got to test it out today, and as you can see in the image above, he was quite excited. I mean, he was literally licking his lips in anticipation!

Refreshing Frozen Dog Treat Recipe Perfect For Summer

Here he is a little more focused. We gave him the treat after he sat down nicely, and he happily gobbled it up. In fact, he ate it so quickly we couldn’t get a photo!

The Takeaway

As we head into summer, I highly recommend making this for your pup. (If they can eat it of course. Always consult your vet.) It’s super simple and provides much-needed hydration for furbabies.

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