Find the Best Thanksgiving Dog Sweater for Your Pup

Looking for a Thanksgiving dog sweater for your beloved furball?

We’ve got you covered.

The idea of dressing up your dog for Thanksgiving is so much fun. Your dog will get a chance to show off their new outfit in front of family and friends, AND it keeps them warm as the weather cools.

Below are the best Thanksgiving dog sweaters out there.


Thanksgiving Dog Sweater


Thankful for Family Dog Coat

Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to enjoy good food and good company. This Thanksgiving dog sweater hits home what many of us are thinking at this time: We’re thankful for family.

And, it gives your dog extra brownie points if they’re being naughty and getting into things they shouldn’t be, like leftover food. Who can be mad a dog with such an adorable sweater and thoughtful message?

This sweater is awesome if:

  • You have a big family and want to show some love.
  • Your dog needs a little extra warmth (gotta love fleece!).

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Thanksgiving Dog Sweater

Gobble til you Wobble Shirt

We are all guilty of gobbling up food at Thanksgiving, sometimes to the point of wobbling! Adorable and funny at the same time, this Thanksgiving dog sweater is made of fleece to keep your pup nice and warm, which is always a good thing in chilly November.

This sweater is awesome if:

  • You’re looking for a humorous outfit for the holiday.
  • Your pup has a big appetite! (Because they gobble up food. Get it?)

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Thanksgiving Dog Sweater

Gobble Gobble Tank Top

Keeping up with the turkey theme, you can’t go wrong with this lovely little Thanksgiving dog sweater. It’s so cute, so simple, so fun.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come in sizes for dogs of larger stature. So if you have a Labrador or larger, you’ll need to look for a larger option.

This sweater is awesome if:

  • Your dog is smaller in size.
  • You’re looking for something cute and simple.

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Thanksgiving Dog Sweater

Growler Gobbler Shirt

Any beer connoisseur will tell you how important the growler is. This glass jug helps transport the latest brews to you home. So, imagine our delight at finding this Thanksgiving dog sweater that combines good beer with an awesome holiday.

As an added bonus, this get-up is easy to wash and dry, which is good if your darling doggy likes to get into things he shouldn’t. The easy pullover design is also great if your dog doesn’t like being poked and prodded.

This sweater is awesome if:

  • You’re a beer lover! How clever is this?
  • You’re looking for something unique that no one else has.

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Thanksgiving Dog Sweater

Weekender Fall Jacket

If you’re wanting a stylish Thanksgiving dog sweater, look no further. This number looks like it could be part of a fall fashion collection.

A few things we love about this one: 1. It comes in a wide variety of sizes. 2. There’s a leash/harness hole for outdoor activities. 3. It’s extra warm for chilly fall days.

This sweater is awesome if:

  • You’re stylish and on trend.
  • Your dog needs a little extra warmth.

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Happy Thanksgiving T-Shirt

This Thanksgiving dog sweater goes all in for the cute factor. Pilgrims and indians? Check. Colorful turkey? Check? Pumpkins and corn? Oh yeah.

We love that it comes in a huge range of sizes, with options for a tiny Chihuahua up to a massive Great Dane.

This sweater is awesome if:

  • You have young kids. They’ll love the adorable design.
  • You have a big dog. Sizes are available up to 3XL.

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Reversible Puffer Jacket

This vest is so cute, a human could wear it. But don’t even think about, this was created especially for pups.

We love how this vest is completely reversible. Wear it in orange one day and brown the next. Both colors are great in the fall!

It’s also heavy duty and water repellent. And, you can machine wash, which is extra fab knowing how goobery dogs can get.

This sweater is awesome if:

  • You’re stylish AND your dog has swagger.
  • You live an active lifestyle and your dog needs a little extra warmth to keep up.

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Word to the Wise

Of course, not all dogs will like wearing a sweater. If your dog’s not digging the outfit, don’t force it. It’s not worth it.

Or, if they can only tolerate it for a little bit, put it on when company is over so they can see it and then you’re done.

However, if your dog doesn’t mind wearing clothing (most dogs don’t) and it gives them a little extra warmth, go for it. We love this idea for the holiday!

Speaking of warmth, for many dogs, especially those smaller in size, the late fall gets colder in temperature than they can handle and they need the warmth and protection of a sweater. Veterinarian’s orders! A Thanksgiving dog sweater is perfect then to help your frozen furball stay warm.

Even though they have a sweater on, however, that doesn’t mean they can stay outside for extended periods of time. Always check to make sure they’re OK.

What Thanksgiving Dog Sweater is Right for Your Pup?

There’s good news and bad news with this one. The bad news: There just aren’t that many Thanksgiving dog sweater options out there. But, on the flip side, this is good news. You’re not going to be overwhelmed with 800 options like you are with Halloween costumes and Christmas sweaters.

So, that brings us to the most important question. Which one is right for your dog? Hopefully we helped you narrow down options and you have an idea of what sweater is just right for your sweetheart.

Got a favorite? Let us know below! We’d love to hear what you think.

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