25 Brilliant Gifts for Dog Lovers

Looking for gifts for dog lovers? You’re in luck.

At My Dog’s Name, we know a thing or two about gifts for dog lovers because, after all, we’re the target audience.

Gifts can range from funny and entertaining to useful and practical. The route you go really depends on the recipient. The list below includes all different types of gifts for dog lovers so you’ll definitely find something that fits their personality.

25 Brilliant Gifts for Dog Lovers – Ideas List

Ideas range from free up to $100, so there’s something in every price range.

  1. A subscription to BarkBox, starts at $35

    Each month your your loved one receives a box with 4-6 curated dog toys and treats. Even better, everything is unique and all natural. What makes this gift so great is that it’s a fun surprise for both the dog and the pup parent.

    Gifts for Dog Lovers

  2. Dog breed DNA identification test, $72.63

    If you know someone who adopted a dog and they’re not quite sure what breed (or breeds) their new furbaby is, this is a great gift. All they have to do is swab the inside of the dog’s cheek, send in for testing and wait 2-3 weeks for the results.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  3. Fetch throw pillow, $27.99

    When it comes to dog lover gift ideas, a fetch throw pillow is a cool idea. This cute, stylish throw pillow comes in six different colors so you can pick which one looks best with the recipient’s home decor. Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  4. Marley & Me paperback, $10.55

    The beloved novel has touched the hearts of both dog lovers and non-pet people alike. But for those with a dog, this is an especially touching tale.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  5. Dog mom coffee cup, $18.69

    For ladies who really love their dog, this coffee cup is quite fitting. The adorable details set it apart from other mugs.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  6. Pet seat cover, $19.99

    Dog hair is a major bugger for pup parents. It gets EVERYWHERE. The excess hair can be especially troublesome in the car, which is why a pet seat cover is a practical and much-needed gift for dog owners.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  7. Paw-shaped necklace, $11.99

    This simple yet sophisticated necklace is a great way for dog moms to show off their love of their four-legged friends.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  8. A coupon for dog sitting, free

    All of us pup parents need a dog sitter from time to time. A really helpful, thoughtful gift is to create a coupon for one free dog sitting session from you. This is a huge help to the recipient and all it costs is your time, proving that dog lover gift ideas don’t have to break the bank. Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  9. “I just want all the dogs” T-shirt, $16.97

    This super funny, self-deprecating T-shirt is a win for the biggest dog lovers. The shirt is available in women’s, men’s and children’s sizes with five different color options.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  10. Petco gift card, $25 or $50

    You can’t go wrong with a Petco gift card. Dogs are adorable albeit very expensive so a gift card for pet supplies is always appreciated.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  11. Doggie diner personalized treat jar, $13.95

    This adorable jar is designed especially for dog treats and can be personalized for your friend or family member’s dog. How cool is this?

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  12. A subscription to Dogster magazine, $19.99

    Another great gift is a yearly subscription to Dogster, a magazine focused solely on life with a dog. A subscription includes six issues over 12 months.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  13. Dog shaming 2017 calendar, $11.72

    Instead of getting mad at dogs when they misbehave, the website dogshaming.com has a little fun with these canine mishaps. And lucky for us, they’ve turned these funny photos into a calendar that makes an awesome gift for dog lovers.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  14. Adorable dog socks, $12.00

    You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of socks. They’re practical and on trend these days. And these adorable dog designs are a surefire fit.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  15. Dog wisdom wine glasses, $48.50

    The set of four stemless wine glasses is perfect for anyone you know who loves a good glass of wine as much as they adore their dog. Each glass has a paw print with a unique saying. How cute is that?

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  16. Canine all-purpose notecards, $9.98

    Everyone needs a set of notecards on hand to write thank you notes, thinking of you cards and other well wishes. These dog-themed notecards are a lovely fit for those dog lovers in your life who will be glad to show off their passion for four-legged furballs whenever they can.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  17. Black dog picture frame, $11.40

    For people with pets, their furbaby is like a child, which is why this adorable dog picture frame is such a good gift. Pup parents love to show off photos of their dogs!
    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  18. Playful pup wine bottle holder, $29.95

    How funny is this wine bottle holder? It’s available in several different dog designs, so you can find a breed that closely resembles that of your gift recipient. This proves dog lover gift ideas can be funny, cute and practical.
    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  19. Fleece blanket with paw print and bone pattern, $11.79

    Everyone needs a cozy, cuddly blanket, and this cute fleece blanket can be used by people and pets alike. After all, you can never have too many blankets, especially in the chilly winter months surrounding Christmas.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  20. Pawprint ornament kit, $19.49

    This complete kit includes everything you need to create a commemorative ornament featuring a dog’s paw print. Two come in a set, which is perfect for those with puppies since you can create an ornament when the pup’s paw is tiny and the later when it’s full grown.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  21. Dachshund beer opener, $9.99

    This cute and quirky beer opener makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Anyone with a dog will appreciate this gem of a gift.
    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  22. Buddy’s Line Paw Flowers Mat, $14.49

    We love this stylish mat and think it will go well in any home. It adds a touch of dog with a creative flare: the paws are shaped like flowers.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  23. Dog photo shoot, free

    You don’t have to be a professional photographer or even a budding photobug to make this happen. The problem: many people have lots and lots of photo of their dog alone, but few together with their furball. So, as a gift, you can arrange a photo session with your friend or family member and their dog. Check out poses and ideas on Pinterest ahead of time.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  24. Decorative dog plaque, $15.87

    Dog lovers agree that their life is more fulfilled by having a dog, so why not say it with this sign? It’s a sweet and simple way to add decoration to a home.Dog Lover Gift Ideas

  25. Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe paperback$8.91

    This hilarious collection of full-color photos and apologies from dogs to owners is a must-read for dog lovers. The best dog lover gift ideas evoke some soft of emotion, and the person you give this to will definitely laugh and commiserate.

    Dog Lover Gift Ideas

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