Miniature Bull Terrier

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Average size and lifespan

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Height: 1ft 9in - 1ft 10in
Weight: 18-28lbs
Lifespan: 11 - 14 Years


  • Affection3/5
  • Kid-Friendly2/5
  • Stranger-Friendly4/5
  • Dog-Friendly2/5
  • Barking Amount5/5


  • Grooming Difficulty1/5
  • Shedding Amount2/5
  • Easy to Train2/5
  • Can Be Alone4/5
  • Exercise Need4/5


  • Cold Tolerance3/5
  • Heat Tolerance3/5
  • Apartment-Friendly4/5

Miniature Bull Terrier Information

Miniature Bull TerrierThis breed is identical to the Bull Terrier in almost every way – except for size. The miniature is, well, miniature, weighing in at 20-35 pounds. Before 1991, the AKC classified both Bullys as the same breed. With the regular weighing between 50-85 pounds, there are clear differences today. They are predominantly white or white with colored markings.

Upbeat and humorous, the Miniature Bull Terrier adds a spunky spark to any family. They are fearless, courageous and comical. When training the Mini, make sure you are firm but positive.

All dogs have their own personality and unique training, causing them to differ slightly from these breed stats. However, please let us know if we made an error in the stats, we appreciate your help!

Breed FAQs

Can Miniature Bull Terriers be apartment dogs?

The Miniature Bull Terriers does fine in apartments. They don't need lots of spaces so they should adapt well to apartment-living.

Can Miniature Bull Terriers be left alone?

Miniature Bull Terriers do well when left alone for longer periods of time. They don't tend to have seperation anxiety issues. Just be sure to avoid being neglectful.

Are Miniature Bull Terriers good with kids?

Miniature Bull Terriers can be difficult to handle with the rowdy behavior of a child. They should be watched very closely.

Are Miniature Bull Terriers friendly with strangers?

Typically, Miniature Bull Terriers are friendly with strangers. They tend to be open and willing to trust those they don't know.

Do Miniature Bull Terriers get along with other dogs?

Miniature Bull Terriers aren't usually friendly with other dogs. They tend to not get along unless carefully socialized.

Do Miniature Bull Terriers bark a lot?

Miniature Bull Terriers are known to bark quite often. This can be irritating for owners who aren't expecting it and they may require some training to limit the amount of barking.

Do Miniature Bull Terriers shed a lot?

The Miniature Bull Terrier isn't a heavy shedder. Some limited brushing and occassional cleaning should help prevent much hair build-up.

Do Miniature Bull Terriers need a lot of grooming?

With a Miniature Bull Terrier you won't need to dedicate any extra time to special grooming. Their coats are easy to deal with.

Do Miniature Bull Terriers need a lot of exercise?

The Miniature Bull Terrier has a good amount of energy and will need to be exercised with some walks and play to keep them happy.

Are Miniature Bull Terriers easy to train?

Most Miniature Bull Terriers are stubborn and will take extra work to train. They can still learn trained behaviors, but will take more effort.

Can Miniature Bull Terriers handle cold weather?

Although Miniature Bull Terriers can handle the cold weather when out with you, they may not want to stay out for long periods of time.

Can Miniature Bull Terriers handle hot weather?

Although Miniature Bull Terriers can tolerate hot conditions, be careful not to expose them for too long.

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